Domingo German Suspended 81 Games

Okay, he never got charged, but…

Domingo German of the Yankees was suspended 81 games for violating the MLB domestic violence policy.  It’s a record length for someone who wasn’t charged.  It’ll cost him all of spring training and 63 games of this coming season after also sitting out the last 18 games last year and the postseason last year.  He’s not appealing, meaning he knows he’d lose.

Not even going to include his 2019 stats because right now I don’t care how good a player he is.

When are the idiots going to learn it’s not okay to beat up women?


6 thoughts on “Domingo German Suspended 81 Games

  1. When they unknowingly pick on a woman with a brown belt in Tai Kwan Do and get the living shit beaten out of them, I would think.


    1. I sincerely wish that’s all it took. My daughter is a black belt, but it did not prevent her from getting her nose broken a couple years ago by an athlete ex-boyfriend. She won the lawsuit though, so any future employers that do background checks will see that. Maybe that at least gives that one particular a-hole pause before abusing someone else.

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      1. I do hope she connected for a few good shots in the process. And heavy suspensions like this one won’t hurt either. The problem, of course, is that guys who lose it during an argument (or a bender) aren’t really anticipating the consequences, just the catharsis.

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  2. He’s probably shocked and annoyed that it would impact his employment. Someday, teams may get that fans don’t want to cheer for abusers, and they might stop hiring these losers. Idk if I’d support or mock teams sending guys down for DV incidents. I’m sure their contracts wouldn’t allow it anyway.


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