Interesting Signing By the ChiSox

The White Sox have signed Luis Robert to a six year deal for $50M, plus two club option years at $20M each, or $2M buyout each year.  You’ve never heard of him, you say? That’s because he’s never played in MLB.  The contract is a record for a player who’s yet to play in the Bigs.  He hit .328 with 32 homers, 36 SB, and scored 108 runs in the minors last year.  This deal pretty much guarantees he’s on the Sox’ opening day roster.  He also will never face arbitration.

If I were him, would I sign this deal? Yep. He’s fully guaranteed generational wealth.  He could get hurt.  He could be a bust despite how well he played in MiLB.  On the other hand, if he’s great, it ends up a really good deal for Chicago too—he could end up worth far more than $90M over 8 years.  Chicago is at minimum risking $52M, not chump change.  Thus both sides are taking some risk, and both sides get security.  Sounds fair to me.

One thought on “Interesting Signing By the ChiSox

  1. I would gloat about how desperate the ChiSox obviously are, but I feel confident that the Tigers’ response to this will have the Sox holding our proverbial Schlitz.


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