Happy New Year From Happy

The Twins are reported to have made a competitive offer to Zack Wheeler which he turned down so instead they signed Homer Bailey and Rich Hill. Maybe these signings will turn out to be as insightful as the Pineda and Perez signings last year and maybe they won’t. And maybe they will offensively regress next year and maybe they won’t. But the winter solstice has passed and the days are inching longer as the sun sneaks higher. They’re also reported to have a four year offer to Josh Donaldson on the table. Sounds like he’s likely to either go to Someguy’s, Prof’s team, or yours’s truly. Win, win, win. If either Someguy or Prof get him maybe the Twins will take on most or all of David Price’s 33 mill salary if they give him up for a bag of baseballs. A Red Sox get under the cap salary dump to the Twins, imagine that.

And…I discovered this morning that an anonymous neighbor had shoveled my back driveway when I wasn’t looking. Whoever they are (were) they also hit my front sidewalk after the first two substantial snows this year.

Aat least for now winter is a little less cold.

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year From Happy

  1. The Tweenkies look to be in good shape at the moment. The Feesh look…well…better. A number of teams have bulked up.

    Happy New Year to y’all too. On new Year’s eve, we find ourselves turning our attention to spring training. Goody.

    But scouts, long as you’ve returned from the dead for a moment, where’s Prof been hiding?


      1. She was trying to enter a football stadium carrying a bag bigger than allowed. Even though she did so out of ignorance and was being cooperative the security guards arrested and handcuffed her. Rich was with and got upset – trying to stop them from handcuffing his wife so they arrested him to. Security Theater gone amok.


  2. Well, my Jays went out and spent some money on improving the pitching, signing Hyun-Jin Ryu to a 4-year deal, as well as Tanner Roark and RHP Shun Yamaguchi. On top of this, they signed Travis Shaw to a 1-year deal.


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