Feesh Sign Corey Dickerson to Two Year Deal

I confess to feeling a bit like tiptoeing through a graveyard here, so quiet have things been lately, but since I’m not taking anything back to my laboratory
I figgered I’d let you know the Feesh have signed free agent, former Pirates, Razed and Feelies outfielder Corey Dickerson to a two year deal to patrol the newly shrunken artificialized outfield at Macondo Banana Massacre Field.

Dickerson hit .304 in limited service with the Feelies last season due to a fractured foot and shoulder strain. The deal is pending a physical and should be announced tomorrow. The Feesh wanted a left handed hitting outfielder with the proverbial impact bat, and it looks like they got him for $17.5 million.

Yasiel Puig had been rumored to be close to a deal with the team but he took orf for a Japan vacation instead of staying put and helping his agent put a deal together. Maybe he overplayed his hand; maybe he wanted too much. We might find out in the future but for now, we got a steady, solid player instead of an exciting one.

One thought on “Feesh Sign Corey Dickerson to Two Year Deal

  1. Subtracting out Puig’s first two seasons, Dickerson has been both the better hitter and better fielder. Puig is younger, but I’d pick Dickerson if he’s healthy.

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