BBHOF Tracker Up

Once again, Ryan Thibodeaux is tracking and posting every HoF ballot as it’s made public.  Just go to to see it.  So far 19.7% of the available votes are in.  Of those, 100% have selected Derek Jeter.  Curt Schilling and Larry Walker are at 87.7%.  Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are at 76.5%.  Typically the, shall we say, more curmudgeonly voters’ ballots are announced late (although there are 5 ballots so far with 3 or fewer names on them), so don’t expect Bonds and Clemens to remain above the 75% threshold.  I’ve previously posted a prediction that Schilling will have to wait until next year and that Walker won’t get in in this, his final year on the BBWAA ballot, either.  I hope this is a sign I’ll be proven wrong, especially for Larry Walker.

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