I Can’t Even With Pat Williams


Let’s not talk about how insanely stupid it would be to bring a third team to the state that already has the lowest two attended stadiums in MLB.  Let’s talk about who ever the hell designed this logo?  1999 Geocities would like to have a word with you Pat.


Seriously, what kind of clip art crap is this?  Did you just Google Baseball and Bat Logo?



4 thoughts on “I Can’t Even With Pat Williams

  1. Yeah, ain’t happening. Orlando is Tampa Bay turf, and no way the Rays allow it. OTOH, if Orlando were to build a stadium, the Rays would totally accept the gift in 2028. (The smart money is still on Tampa Bay Area bigwigs forking over public money for a new billion dollar playground sometime in the next decade.)
    Get the team away from a depressed area of St Pete with bad infrastructure and bad access, and attendance will rise.


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