Tigers World Series: Game 7

99b716b5-81b0-4613-ab91-57aa1aa67008-tigers-e1571876378459.jpgThis. Is. The. Night.

His Heterochromianess, y’all!

Tonight, someone will emerge champions, and we have our last chance at an HBPiD for the season. I’m sure you know why I’m watching.

I want Max and Anibal to get a ring, but I LITERALLY LOVE JOSE ALTUVE.

The night is sure to entertain, and let’s hope it’s no ump show.

Play ball!

10 thoughts on “Tigers World Series: Game 7

  1. Congrats to the Nats!

    Doug Fister is now the only member of the Tigers playoff run starting rotation who has not won a World Series.


  2. And now as I await which sports sports champion will be ostentatiously disinvited from a Whitehouse invitation I wonder and I hope….baseball


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