Tigers World Series: Game 2

This is totally not creepy.

Last night, the Series kicked off with Mad Max, so tonight we go beyond the Thunderdome.

White Justin Upton aims to cleanse the current Astros news cycle and replace it with his veterany goodness.

Will the Astros even the score? Will they continue to put the ass in Astros thanks to a bro-y front office that has turned a minor car crash into a demolition derby? Will Houston have a 2-0 problem? Jose Altuve, our nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you.

Comment, root, vent, and vote.


5 thoughts on “Tigers World Series: Game 2

  1. That huddle in the Astros dugout after the Bregman homer, everyone looking furtive…

    Strasburg was tipping his pitches once or twice this year, and it’s possible that the Astros are seeing something.


  2. Two news items that caught my attention:
    Joe West accused of taking bribes for favorable Ball/Strike calls on Billy Wagner pitches by Paul Lo Duca. Groundbreaking, insane news! Except, you know, Paul Lo Duca, a Hall of Fame doofus. And that’s an insult to doofuses. (Doofusi?)
    Republicans storm opposing bullpen after repeated leaks of testimony detrimental to the Manager in Chief. Except they already have players in the same bullpen, merely lack anything to leak that isn’t detrimental. Oh, snap!


    1. I saw the Joe West story. They’ve already proven several times over that Paul Lo Duca is completely making the entire thing up. While I think Joe West is a terrible umpire more concerned with ego than getting the call right and has no place in the game, I don’t think he’s guilty of accepting bribes.


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