Tigers World Series: Game 1

99b716b5-81b0-4613-ab91-57aa1aa67008-tigersWhat if I told you the Tiger’s aces found a way around our shitty bullpen and are playing October baseball? Scoff not! The World Series kicks off tonight, and at the end, a (former) Tiger will emerge as champion.

It’s the closest Tigers fans are going to get to WS win before I get my AARP card, so we’ll take it.

Are you watching? Hecks, yeah!!! Put your hopes and dreams in the comments, and root, root, root for the Ti-gers because it’s 1-2-3-4567 and we win!!!!


7 thoughts on “Tigers World Series: Game 1

  1. Thank you. I was just about to rush up a post for the start of the WORLD SERIES (!!!) and I didn’t have nothing.

    Except – new baby started today and she had an oostie day. For some weird reason this is what it occurred to me to sing to her – appropriate for Tigers and Twins fans alike


  2. My first desire for this series was for multiple great pitching duels, which it can certainly still deliver.
    I have a secondary rooting interest in the Astros as their AAA club used to be in OKC, so I got to see a number of them as minor leaguers.


  3. The Nats take game one. As a father of four and a grandfather of six, and as a son of an Iwo Jima and Okinawa MAUHRINE, I hope that the spirit of D.C. equals that.

    But I doubt it,

    Late evening. This shit makes me cry.


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