He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 10/17/19

Scouts: Only one game on the books today, and it was a doozy!  The Yankees and Astros had to move their day off up to account for a storm that passed through New York on Wednesday.  With the day off, everything got shuffled around and it meant that Zack Greinke and Masahiro Tanaka got to face off for a pivotal game 4.  A Houston win puts them just one back from the W.S., where a New York win ties it all up with one game remaining in New York.  How many licks will it take to get to the center of this tootsie pop?  Let’s find out!


Houston 8, New York 3Scouts: New York struck first, with Zack Greinke walking three batters, and allowing a single.  The run came when Brett Gardner worked a bases loaded walk with two down.  Greinke was able to get Gary Sanchez to strike out to end the threat immediately after.  After that, things were a little quiet until George Springer smoked a three run homer off Mashario Tanaka in the third.  Houston padded their lead thanks to a Carlos Correa three run shot in the 6th that pretty much sealed the deal for the Astros.  By the time Gary Sanchez homered in the 6th, the game was already in the bag.


Now, down 3-1 with their backs against the wall, the Yankees will turn to James Paxton, and will have to take down Justin Verlander for the right to continue playing for a few more days.  If the Yankees do manage to win one more, games 6 and 7 are scheduled to play Saturday and Sunday in Houston.

8 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 10/17/19

  1. Assuming the Yankees get by the Astros tonight, it’ll be interesting to see if the Astros use a bullpenning game for game 6, keeping Cole in reserve for game 7 (hoping of course they win game 6 and can use him for game 1 of the WS). Otherwise it’s 4th starter time/bullpen day if for game 7 if there is a game 7. That would mean Greinke starts game 1 if the. Astros win, or Verlander on 3 days rest.

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  2. We should also take a little time here to tip our caps to CC Sabathia. He appeared in relief last night but had to leave with an injury, turned out to be a dislocated shoulder. He’s had to be replaced on the Yankees’ roster, which means he is ineligible to play in the WS even if his team pulls off the upset comeback. Since he announced before the season began that he was retiring after the season, his career is now over.

    I am sure his dream was to walk off into the sunset after pitching for the Yankees one more time in the World Series in Yankee Stadium. Instead he left the field visibly in pain. I doubt he noticed the applause from the fans or the Astros showing their respect. He will when he watches the replay though. He’ll hear Joe Girardi’s voice crack in the MLB Network post-game reporting. Once he gets past the pain, there is much there to make him feel good.

    His career, in sum:
    251-161 (251 wins is 47th all time)
    3.74 ERA
    3577.1 innings pitched
    3093 K (16th most all time)
    116 ERA+
    62.5 WAR
    2007 AL Cy Young
    6 All Star nods
    2009 ALCS MVP
    WS champ as part of the Yankees in 2009

    Folks will now also start debating whether his career is one that should see him having a plaque in the baseball Hall of Fame. If one looks at Baseball Reference’s HoF metrics, he shows up as below average for a HoF pitcher. However, by definition, half the pitchers already in the HoF are below average for a HoF pitcher; that doesn’t make him unworthy. Some like to compare players to the lower end of those who are in—is he better than Jack Morris and Red Ruffing? Yes, he is, but so are a lot of other pitchers not in the Hall. The threshold has to be somewhere in between those areas. I would vote for him. However, even if he is not ultimately enshrined (I believe he will be), he has still had a career of which to be proud. Again, he didn’t get his dream ending, but I bet when the pain of the injury is over, he’ll see the love and respect he was being shown and be happy with that.


  3. No “World Serious” post yet, so I’ll just put another comment here. I got my wish (well, secondary wish in that my first wish of course was for the Rays to get this far): the two best starting pitching staffs are going head to head. I’d love nothing better than seven games of amazing pitching duels.


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