He Said, She Said – ALCS Game 2 Edition for 10/13/19

Prof: We’re at game two of a best of seven series featuring the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros; two teams that have been the cream of the crop in the AL, so it’s fitting that they are the ones to go head-to-head for the honor of fighting for the crown. The Yankees won game one. How did they fare in game two? Read on!

Yankees 2, Astros 3 F/11 (ALCS Game 2) – Prof: WE WILL DEFINITELY HAVE A GAME FIVE NOW. The Astros win a marathon at home on the strength of a Carlos Correa homer in extra innings. No one remembers who started the game; it was the bullpen that made the difference for both teams. New York even brought out CC Sabathia as a LOOGY. Scout will discuss a little more about the game below.

Scouts: The game lasted damn near 5 hours, which I guess it a good thing that it started at 8:09 PM EST on a Sunday, virtually assuring MLB that over half their fan-base would not be awake to see the thrilling conclusion.  But I guess we have to ensure we aren’t competing with football.  I mean it’s only the playoffs, not that it’s important or anything.  Anyways, Carlos Correa not only hit the homer that won the game, he also made a pretty darn good play in the sixth to throw out DJ LeMahieu at the plate, saving a run, and probably the game.

Justin Verlander lasted 6.2 innings, allowing 5 hits and a pair of runs, while striking out 7.  Both of the Yankee runs came off an Aaron Judge homer in the 4th.  James Paxton didn’t last so long for the Yankees, exiting after 2.1 innings, allowing 4 hits and a single run in the first, forcing the Yankees to dive deep into their bullpen, which eventually cost them tremendously.

New York was able to escape Houston with a series split, and now gets to head home for the next three games.  Gerrit Cole will face off against Luis Severino in game 3 on Tuesday afternoon, starting at 4:08 PM.

6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – ALCS Game 2 Edition for 10/13/19

  1. Yesterday’s game was about as good as designatedhitterball ever gets but, again, all the scoring on home runs….snooze.

    In other news, I bought meself a very nicely priced ten-game season ticket plan at Macondo Banana Massacre Field. I suspect these have to be the best buy in MLB right now, especially for real baseball, but of course we understand it’s a buyer’s market, yes? The charming young woman who sold it to me tailored it to my professional travel schedule, with a built-in no cost game transfer option. Hell, it’s as good as flying Southwest Airlines. So, yes, I can be charmed, but it requires marshmallows:

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    1. Unwatchable. How crazy stupid is someone who thinks it’s cool to play with a easily foolable not evil, but mindless, predator who inflicts on its prey a physically tortuous death.

      Best case scenario (just because of you), gators good crocs bad.


  2. I had to wait for the impact of my cognitive disabling nightly consumptions to make this comment. Sometimes love is a pain.

    In memory of Stex


    For my GRAND – SON (a Yankees fan – damn Gods)



  3. The Nats up 2 – 0 now at home for the next three up 4 – 0 with Strasbourg cooking, up 4- 0

    Bryce who?

    And just maybe @someguy…


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