4 thoughts on “No Like See Ball Go Far League Playoff

  1. Real Baseball Division Series Game 1 was a nail biter….the game went into the top of the 9th latched at 3, but the Cardinals roughed up the Barves’ boolpen and plated four runs on a pair of doubles, one by Marcell Ozuna. But the Barves were frisky; in the bottom of the ninth Ronald Acuna smacked a two run homer and Freddie Freeman smacked a solo homer to haul the NLE pretenders within one run, whereupon they fizzled and died like generic seltzer.
    The boolpen has been the NL East’s Achilles heel all season, though the Barves had perhaps the least objectionable staph infection, which is not to say it was a great one. The Cards took advantage as I suspect the Bums will take advantage of the Gnats’ stemtidemen later tonight.


    1. 1987 Cards or 1991 Barves, I’m agnostic, because I love both Prof and Historio.

      Stex ain’t here to tell us about his potentially historic 2019 Astros and slappy ain’t here to tell us about anything because they are probably dead.

      I’m Not quite dead yet and neither are you. Rick, I’d personally appreciate it you’d pass on a message through historio that you wouldn’t mind it if Paper came back here and that your friend, Rick, would really like that.


  2. A-a-annnnd the second real baseball game of the night ends with the Bums administering a potch im tuchas to the flat Gnats, 6-0. As I predicted the sunset siders inflicted most of their damage on the Gnats’ boolpen while the Capitolines managed only two hits. Pretty boring game.


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