Designatedhitterball Wildcard Tonight

Two more teams about whom I couldn’t care less, playing a dumbed down version of baseball designed for the lowbrow set, collide tonight…er…someplace. I like Oakland but really haven’t paid that much attention to either team this season. My choice is based mainly on Oakland featuring Yoshi’s sushi bar and jazz club. It’s also not far from East Bay Vivarium, a terrific reptile store in Berkeley.

But the rest of you, go ahead and talk about it. Yawn.

8 thoughts on “Designatedhitterball Wildcard Tonight

    1. Me like Rays make ball go far too!

      Big grin on my face tonight of course. Part of me wishes it weren’t the A’s they had to eliminate though as they are constructed so much like the Rays it feels a little like having to take out a brother. Next up is the Astros, another team I watch pretty close because I got to see many of their key players in person when they were in AAA as OKC Redhawks.


  1. I didn’t get to see much of the game because it was the Blues’ season opener and there were trophy celebrations. I guess that was ok, considering the score here. I feel bad for Beane & Co. Sequals are never as good as the 1st film though.


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