He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/25/19

Scouts: I was talking to Prof earlier about how particularly grinding this season has been for me as a writer.  Part of it is that my favorite team has been so dreadful it’s sucked a lot of the fun out of it.  I mean I love baseball as a whole, but I’m 100% more invested when my team that I’m used to watching day in and day out is at least borderline competent.  I just don’t get as emotionally invested in other teams as I do my hometown squad.  Part of it as I mentioned in a previous post has been that there just hasn’t been much drama this year.  No arguments over one particular player being a dickhead.  No scandals over juicing, or rule arguments, or anything that really gets people talking.  It’s been a good season, a lot of young talent has emerged, but overall it’s been a pretty mundane season.  We don’t even have historically losing franchises like the Cubs to root for to break 100 year long losing streaks.  I think looking forward in a year or two, the 2019, while a perfectly fine season will be mostly forgettable.  It’s given me a new perspective for the people who actually do this stuff for a living.  So help me out here.  What’s your favorite moment of 2019’s baseball season?


Red Sox 10, Rangers 3Prof: The Luckiest Man in Baseball actually pitched very well last night, in what could have been his last start in a Beantown uni. He gets the win against a green Kolby Allard, who did not fare nearly as well. For Boston, there were home runs from Christian Vazquez, Mitch Moreland, and Rafael Devers.

Rockies 1, Giants 2Prof: Not a lot going on here, but San Francisco wins thanks to right fielder Jaylin Davis’ first career homer. The Giants used roughly a half dozen pitchers; Will Smith gets the win.

Athletics 3, Angels 2Scouts: The A’s are basically in emergency win mode, where they can’t afford to throw away any games.  They almost lost another one last night, before Matt Chapman hit his 35th homer on the season, a two-run shot off Hansel Robles.  Oakland is just barely hanging on, and they need to get very hot, very fast or it’ll be an early exit for them.

Dodgers 6, Padres 4Scouts: Another day, another Dodger win.  They are up to 102 wins now.  Joc Pederson hit homer numbers 34 and 35, and Kenley Jansen picked up his 300th career save.

Astros 3, Mariners 0Prof: Zack Greinke, I appreciate you. Not only for what you mean to those of us who are neurodivergent (remember, ZG is on the record as having social anxiety and takes medication for it), but because you are one of the finest pitchers of my generation and you make everything look so effortless. Witness this game, where you dragged the living hell out of Seattle with a smile on your face. Greinke lost a no-hitter with one out in the ninth inning, but it didn’t matter. He gets the win (8.1 IP, 9K, 1BB)


Cardinals 7, Diamondbacks 9Prof: The Gritty Snakes came from behind and how, with a seven run sixth inning. Before then, St. Louis was decidedly in charge, even had a Redbird steal home. The same player (Randy Arozarena) hit a home run later in the game. While Arizona isn’t anywhere near the playoffs, they can play spoiler. And they are relishing in it:

Twins 5, Tigers 1Prof: This win solidifies Minnesota’s postseason – the Twins are your AL Central champions! Good ol’ Eddie Rosario was stellar at the plate and in the outfield, with a beautiful barehanded catch and a two run homer.

Brewers 9, Reds 2Prof: Meanwhile, as the D’backs are passing out Ls to their closest rivals, Milwaukee is out here launching grand slams every week now. Last night’s big bopper was the one time king of Wisconsin sports, Ryan Braun. I still can’t forgive him for his transgressions so many years ago, but I will say that Braunie has always been and probably always will be the ultimate big game guy. Eric Thames and Keston Hiura also hit home runs in the win.


Yankees 0, Rays 4Prof: The Trop strikes again. Avisail Garcia’s home run hit the catwalk, which always adds a little bit of that Sea Creature flavor to a game. Charlie F’n Morton struck out nine – NINE! – of that mercenary bunch in pinstripes. Tampa keeps their lead in the AL wild card with this decisive win.

Phillies 2, Nationals 5Scouts: With a playoff berth secured, and nothing much left to play for, the Nats give most of their starters some time off to rest up.  Guess what?  Didn’t matter.  They still beat Harper’s Phillies.  Drew Smyly struck out 10 in 6.1 innings and the Nats used homers by Howie kendrick and Brian Dozier to further kick Philly while they are down.

Cubs 2, Pirates 4Scouts: The Cubs are officially in full on choke mode as they lose yet another game, this one to the Pirates who managed to both win and get eliminated from the playoffs on the same night.  Chicago is now 6 games back of the Brewers for the Wild Card (a game behind the Mets of all people), and 7.5 games behind the Cardinals for the division.  Stick a fork in them Cap, they’re done.


Orioles 2, Blue Jays 3Scouts: There were almost 14,000 people in attendance for this game, and I really have to wonder why.  Was there a sweet bobblehead or something?  Surly there’s a better way to spend you evening in Toronto than to watch the Orioles duke it out.  Rowdy Tellez homered twice for Toronto, a guy who I know I’ve never heard of before, because I’d 100% remember that badass name.

Marlins 3, Mets 10ProfScouts: : Super Rookie Pete Alonso has now hit 51 homers this season. He’s one shy of the rookie record. Jacob deGrom reminded everyone that he’s still one of the premier pitchers in the league, with a seven inning, seven K performance. Jeff McNeil and Michael Conforto did their usual stupidly good plate performance and the Mets won handily. Imagine if New York had a manager who didn’t handcuff them at nearly every possible turn. We might be talking about the Mets in the playoffs instead of sitting on the sofa watching it.


Spiders 3, White Sox 8Scouts: The Twins clinched the division with a win and a Spider loss, and the loss drops the Spiders to a game and a half behind Tampa for the final spot with four games to go.  The good news is that one of those games is against the White Sox, and three of them are against the Nats who have converted to rest and don’t get hurt mode, so it’s not over just yet.

Braves 10, Royals 2Scouts: Atlanta has nothing left to play for other than to not get hurt and to get people hot while they can, and they did a pretty good job of that lighting up the Royals for 10 runs.  Josh Donaldson is ready, picking up 4 RBI’s and three doubles.  Personally I really hope Atlanta goes far in the playoffs.


4 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/25/19

  1. The season highlight for the Tigger was the high drama of a fading superstar flashing one (last?) burst of glory and winning the Masters back in April. Oops, wrong Tigger. Shockingly, on April 14 when Tiger won the Masters, the less ferocious Tiggers were actually owners of a winning record at 8 – 7. Since that point, it’s been full bore #TankForTorkelson which they successfully completed with last night’s loss clinching next summer’s #1 overall pick after a season long battle with Scouts’ birds. To capture some of the current national drama, maybe Tigger fans can launch an impeachment inquiry to make Chris Ilitch fire Al Avila and then sell the team to someone who will bring in a more modern front office.


  2. The season highlight for the Nats is probably the comeback from down 10-4 in the bottom of the 9th to beat the Mets 11-10 on a Kurt Suzuki walk-off.

    As for last night’s game, their winning with a hangover lineup was a mild surprise, but it’s becoming necessary to win them all if they want to stay ahead of Milwaukee and play the wild card game at home.

    The bigger news out of last night is that Bryce Harper claims that the heckling he got from fans in the right field stands went too far, and now he’s permanently pissed off at DC. According to the Twitterverse, the comment that set him off was this:

    and it may or may not have been yelled by a Boston fan who is regretting his actions:

    On the one hand, a ballplayer’s family, especially his kids, should be off limits from heckling; on the other hand, the kid is four weeks old, and so there is humor to be seen in the absurdity of a being that young expressing an emotion like disappointment. All I know is that the Harpers are now displaying righteous indignation on Twitter:


    and Phillie fans are trying to lecture Nats fans on the finer points of acceptable fan behavior.

    Only twelve more years of this shit to endure…


  3. Best part of the season so far was honestly last night with the Rays win over the Yanks. Hope they do well in Toronto this weekend too because it’s be a bummer to win over 90 games and not get in the playoffs for a second year in a row.


  4. Favorite moment: Feesh outfielder Austin Dean decapitates a fan’s beer can pyramid with a throw from right field. Watch if you haven’t seen this yet; it’ll raise your follicles:


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