He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/24/19

Prof: Let’s talk concerts. I’ve been to a few in my life, mostly gospel music. The best concert I ever attended was a Skillet concert in Madison, WI nearly ten years ago. What’s the best concert you’ve ever gone to? Is there a band you’ve seen live many times over the years? (For me, it’s Audio Adrenaline. I know our old pal Old Gator has seen Over the Rhine many, many times, usually during the holidays. Am I correct in this, OG?) Let’s talk about concerts – and a full scope of baseball – in the comments below.

Today’s music is the aforementioned Skillet. This first song, in particular, was amazing live. Imagine your friendly neighborhood Prof scream-singing the chorus of this one along with several thousand sweaty mid-to-late twenty-somethings.

Phillies 1, Nationals 4 (Game 1)Prof: Funny how The Team To Beat ™, the team that “had the division wrapped up by April”, the team that spent an ungodly amount of money to pick up tons of free agents, the team that ESPN, MLB Network, and numerous other outlets had going deep into the postseason…was eliminated in the first game of a Curly Dubs doubleheader. Funny how that works. Anyway, Anthony Rendon keeps going on his ridiculous ways by driving in the Nats’ first two runs and continues to lead the league in RBI.

Bryce Harper

Phillies 5, Nationals 6 (Game 2) Prof: The Treat Urner!!! A grand slam shut the door on the Phillies’ mad hope for a playoff berth, and was the impetus in Washington gaining a wild card spot. Hard to believe a few months ago, the Nats were on the outside looking in. Max Scherzer struck out ten. Bryce Harper still knows how to drop bombs at Nationals Park, though, with a huge solo dinger in the seventh.



Twins 4, Tigers 2Scouts: Jake Odorizzi threw a pretty good game, a feat that was slightly diminished by the fact that it was against the Tigers.  But nonetheless it lowered the Twins magic number to 2.

Brewers 4, Reds 2Prof: The Brew Crew is still out there scrapping, clawing their way towards the wild card. If they keep winning, they might just get there. They beat a strong Sonny Gray at Great American Ball Park, thanks to a Ryan Braun homer and the collective efforts of Milwaukee’s pitching staff – most notably Brent Suter and Josh Hader.


Red Sox 12, Rangers 10Scouts: The headline on MLB.com reads “E-Rod grinds through 5 in Texas for 19th win.”  I get that it’s the Red Sox and it’s MLB and it’s all Sox kiss-ass all the time, but good lord people, he gave up 7 runs on 11 hits in 5 innings.  That’s not grinding.  That’s just being horrible, but getting bailed out because your opponent was somehow worse than you.

its.a.walkoffMarlins 4, Mets 5 F/11Prof: Both teams were trying really hard to lose, and threw a half dozen pitchers out there, each, but ultimately the Mets gain the spoils of victory and hold onto playoff hopes by the thinnest of margins. The hero of the day was my guy, Michael Conforto, who went 3-4 and had four RBI. New York wins thanks to a Brandon Nimmo walk-off…walk. Yes, it’s a walk-off.

Yankees 1, Rays 2 F/12Scouts: The Rays are absolutely not giving up in their quest to complete their surprising run to the playoffs.  Ji-Man Choi homered in the 12th to give the Rays a walk-off win, and a half game lead over the land of Cleve for the final Wild Card spot.


Spiders 11, White Sox 0Prof: Sunshine would like to remind everyone that great pitchers in the AL aren’t all camped out at Minute Maid. Mike Clevinger is the new Cleveland ace that we all need to be watching, and he’s flying under the radar – just the way he likes it. Clevinger went seven innings and struck out ten. Jose Ramirez is back from injury and he didn’t wait too long to make his presence known. Ramirez hit a grand slam and then also jacked a three run homer.

Cardinals 2, Diamondbacks 3 F/19Scouts: Arizona tied things up with a Ildemaro Vargas homer in the 9th, then a Caleb joseph single in the 13th, and finally put this marathon game to bed with a walk-off single by once again, Ildemaro Vargas.  The Cardinals scored their only run in the first, so that was a brutal 18 shut-out innings that Arizona threw at them.  24 pitchers were used in total, the game lasted an official 6 hours, 53 minutes.

Rockies 8, Giants 5 F/16 – Scouts: Yet another super long marathon game, this one was finally ended by Charlie Blackmoon smoking his 31st homer, a 3 run blast to center.  Madison Bumgarner hit his first on the season, Trevor Story hit number 34, Evan Longoria reached 20 on the year, and Ian Desmond picked up number 19.

Cubs 2, Pirates 9Prof: No offense to any Bucco fans reading this, but how the heck do you lose to Pittsburgh right now? How? How do you let this happen, when you literally had the playoffs in your grubby little paws only a few weeks ago and now you’re on the brink of elimination? The Cubs are a disgrace. They committed five errors, and Chicago gave up seven runs in one inning. The only Cub worth talking about was recent call-up Nico Hoerner, who is basically out there trying to keep a job. Even the usually stalwart Ben Zobrist was lousy.

Orioles 11, Blue Jays 4Prof: Wonders never cease! Dylan Bundy won a game! He did a serviceable job, enough for the Baltimore bats to get warmed up. The biggest takeaway from this game was that Bundy was able to stymie Randal Grichuk, Vlad Jr., and Cavan Biggio. Trey Mancini went 5-5, while Dwight Smith Jr. went 3-4 with a home run and 3 RBI, and DJ Stewart also had a homer and three ribbies.


Braves 6, Royals 9Prof: The Braves are taking all precautions and resting or sitting down key members of the team to avoid serious injury going into the postseason. This means that a team like Kansas City, with the scrappy Whit Merrifield, will sometimes get the best of them. Freddie Freeman is already taking the series off, and then wunderkind Ronald Acuna Jr. played limited innings and was quickly replaced by Billy Hamilton. Julio Teheran went only 2.1 innings and gave up six runs during that time. Yuck.

Athletics 2, Angels 3Scouts: The loss drops Oakland’s lead over the Rays to a half game, with a 1 game lead over Cleveland.  We only have 5 games left, and this race could do down to the wire.  Oakland has one more in LA, followed by 4 games in Seattle.  Tampa has one more vs. New York, followed by three in Toronto, and Cleveland has one more vs Chicago, followed by three in Washington.

Dodgers 6, Padres 3Scouts: The Dodgers are on cruise control at this point, just trying to finish out the season without any injuries.  Rich Hill for example struck out 5 and gave up 0 hits, but was pulled after two for a guy who’s pitched in 10 games this year.  Most of their starters are getting rested, and the Dodgers still pulled out the win.  You know who didn’t sit?  Max Muncy who hit a grand slam for his 34th homer on the year in the 4th.

Astros 3, Mariners 0Scouts: With 5 games left and the Astros a game and a half over the Yankees for best record in baseball, Gerrit Cole’s final start on the season is up in the air.  He’s scheduled to get one more start on Sunday, but I gotta wonder if he won’t get skipped to ensure he gets that first start for the playoffs.  Anyways, Cole struck out 14 batters to tie an Astro season record, and sits at 19 wins on the year.



12 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/24/19

  1. Only 6 games of misery left for the Tiggers, and they need to win 3 of them to finish above the .300 mark. Things more likely to happen include: two parallel lines intersecting, the sun rising in the west, and me getting younger.

    As for favorite concerts, it’s a 7 way tie for all 7 times I saw Rush. But a close second was seeing Keith Richards solo tour in 1988. This was back in the day of paper tickets and somehow I was mailed 2 sets of the same 4 tickets. This was before barcode systems and other tech, so 5 of us decided to go, figuring that 1 seat in our row would be unsold and everyone would scoot to adjust. Didn’t happen so when it turned out the usher saw myself and a friend each with a ticket for the same seat, I told her I had ordered 5. To get everyone a place to sit, she took the 2 of us down right in front of the stage and had 2 folding chairs brought out for us to sit in. Can’t get closer than a row in front of front row.


  2. Back on May 15, I was in a Twitter discussion regarding the Nats, and I tweeted the following:

    “Teams that start 16-25 usually don’t have it in them to finish 74-47, so signs point to hockey in October.”

    I guess I was both right, because they usually don’t, and wrong, because these Nats did, after ultimately sinking to 19-31, assuming they go 2-3 or better the last five games, of course.

    So now, a team that was left for dead in May, one that has never won a playoff series, one that has in fact lost three NLDS Game Fives at home, gets to play the equivalent of a Game Five next Tuesday, either in DC or Milwaukee, for the right to face the Dodgers in the NLDS.

    Baseball is weird, man.

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    1. You would have been right had the Mets not Metsed and Philly and Chicago not crap the bed. Lol! Also they really went in a tear there.


      1. Head to head, the Mets were a better team than the Nats; for whatever reason it just wasn’t a good matchup for the curly Ws this year.

        The Cubs had too many injuries down the stretch, although the Nats did sweep them in Chicago in late August before it all went south for them.

        As for Phillies, their fans’ tears taste best when frozen into that regional concoction known as “Wooder Ice”.


        1. Obviously I like my guys, but if I had to choose another team to rep the NL East it’s the Mets. One of those occasions where they are being hurt by lack of leadership at manager. That’s a damn good team when it clicks together, and Pete Alonso and Michael Conforto are a two headed monster.

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  3. I’ve seen Flogging Molly probably 5 times. They are fabulous live and the Cain’s in Tulsa is a super venue. Every time was great, but I don’t think I would say any of those were the best concert I’ve been to. But i cant decide between 3 for best concert:
    1. Ben Harper (opening act = Tom Morello) — great show and an amazing crowd. Harper did 3 encores and the crowd wanted another. Harper came out to beg off saying they had to hit the road. The crowd milled around for a bit while they tore down. No one wanted it to end.
    2. Depeche Mode — this was the Violator tour and the crowd was so there. They played Clean and the crowd just kept singing it. They finally played it a second time. Thanks to some paper ticket shenanigans like Sparty’s, I was near the front for this one. Again, the crowd just made the whole thing.
    3. Blue October — I’ve seen them multiple times too, but the best time was at a festival in Tulsa. The crowd was very into them and they played long because of that. It was hot as hell and when they sang “let the rain come down” it started to rain. They were followed by the headliner (Cake), but that was a letdown in comparison.


    1. Both the tigers and the twins clinched tonight.The Twins clinched first in the AL Central and the Tigers clinched first for the first overall pick of the 2020 draft. Dunno, time to go to sleep. But maybe not this year. Or maybe so.


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