Sunday Sermon Edition Dream Edition

I think I already told you guys about how a few a weeks ago about how I was running across my backyard and how it felt to so good and then I woke up. Well Saturday morning  the same  thing happened. Now I wonder if I should look forward to going to sleep each night hoping that I might wake up remembering how good it felt to be able to run around and jump. So I’m wondering if some of you are going through the same thing.

What is your morning stream of consciousness? Do you dream what you used to be?

Word press won’t let me paste anything here, and no way am I going to manually type in a Utube Url, so you’ll have to dream something up on your own.

Saturday – Wisconsin 35 Michigan 14

The 2019 NCAA college football season is officially over.

Friday – Cardinals 2 Cubs 1 | Saturday – Cardinals 9  Cubs 8

Dark  days for the Cubbies. They’re 3 back for the wild card with seven to go.

Friday – Mariners 3 Orioles 5 | Saturday – Mariners 7 Orioles 6

No, I’m not going to comment on every series. Not worth it.

Friday – Blue Jays 4 Yankees 3 | Saturday – Blue Jays 2 Yankees 7

Friday – Mets 8 Reds 1 | Saturday – Mets 2 Reds 3

Friday – Nationals 6 Marlins 4 | Saturday – Nationals 10 Marlins 4

Saving some winning for the Clevelanders Nats

I watched this movie waiting for the Twins game to start Saturday night. It made me cry. Lots of things makes me cry these days. What makes you cry?

Friday – Rays 5 Red Sox 4 | Saturday – Rays 5 Red Sox 4

Same  score in both games? I wonder if I screwed up.

Friday – White Sox 10 Tigers 1 | Saturday – White Sox 5 Tigers 3

Save some winning for the Clevelanders White Sox. Save some losing for the Twins Tigers.

Friday – Indians 24 Phillies 25 (F/25) | Saturday – Indians 4 Phillies 9 (F/25)

One of these two scores is a fib. Can you guess which one?

Friday – Braves 6 Giants 0 | Saturday – Braves 8 Giants 1

Mrs. Twins Fan and I began the rest of our lives with two new four month old babies this week in our family home day care. There is no better feeling that I know off then walking into a room with a baby squawking his head off that quiets down when she hears the sound of your voice. What makes you feel better than anything?

Friday – Brewers 10 Pirates 1 | Saturday – Brewers 10 Pirates 1

The Brewers are ahead for the wild card.  The dream of a Greyhound series lives on.

Friday – Astros 6 Angels 4 | Saturday – Astros 4 Angels 8

Friday – Twins 4 Royals 3 | Saturday –Twins 5 Royals 12

And they’re ahead right now by two in the third.

Friday – Athletics 8 Rangers 0 | Saturday – Athletics 12 Rangers 3

Species 8472 looks like they’re ready to play the Borg

Friday – Dodgers 12 Rockies 5 | Saturday – Dodgers 2 Rockies 4

Friday – Diamondbacks 9 Padres 1  | Saturday – Diamondbacks 4 Padres 2

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

What’s your stairway to heaven?

PLAY NINE !!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon Edition Dream Edition

  1. Paper and I had a fan ethics debate this weekend: would you rather the team you hate most in your division lose so they don’t have a chance at the wild card or do you want them to win so that the team they are playing won’t take the division lead from you? To which I say: f—- the Royals!


    1. In 1987 I got complimentary tickets from my then part time employer the Minneapolis Star Tribune to the game in which the Twins clinched the the AL Central division championship. I remember my then five year old son clamping both hands over his ears to protect them from the decibels of the Dome insulated Twins Yell.

      Tell Paper that I personally miss his intelligence and insight and even if him and Gator remember whatever it was that him and Gator were arguing about when Paper quit this site none of the rest of us can.

      This could turn out to be 1987 all over again, possibly in reverse, God’s will,. Life is short and life is long.


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