He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/9/19

Prof: Sorry if I’m less than chatty, had a crazy busy day and evening, and I have an even more hectic day tomorrow. We haven’t had 30 Seconds to Mars featured, so that’s what we’re doing today! If you’re unfamiliar with 30STM, you might know their lead singer – Oscar winning actor and my generation’s male Manic Pixie dreamboat, Jared Leto. Unlike most movie star’s bands, 30STM is actually pretty damn good, and Leto has a perfect voice for this emo rock music. If you like My Chemical Romance, AFI, or Anberlin, you might enjoy 30STM.


Yankees 5, Red Sox 0Prof: Yesterday morning, Boston fired general manager Dave Dombrowski, a year after the team won a world championship. Now, granted, the farm is a mess and he orchestrated some big signings that, at least this year, didn’t pan out as hoped. However, that’s a mighty short leash to have a guy on. And one of those signings was Chris Sale, who may not have had the greatest year but is still poised to be a killer for years to come. But it doesn’t matter in Red Sox Nation. Can’t beat the Yankees this year? Ain’t comin’ back next year. Anyway, Romine and Urshela both homered, and James Paxton blanked Boston in Fenway.

Brewers 8, Marlins 3Scouts: Rookie Trent Grisham had a night to remember, picking up 5 hits and two RBI’s.  This game took approximately 19 and a half hours because the Marlins used 9, yes 9 pitchers, and still managed to give up 8 runs.  September is the worst month to watch bad teams play.


Athletics 0, Astros 15Prof: Houston can’t stop, won’t stop. Seven home runs and a solid performance from a guy who has built a career off of solid performances, Zack Greinke. In the first inning alone, we had a three run dinger from Alex Bregman, a solo moonshot, and a two run homer. Then, in the second, Jose Altuve mashed two runs in and there were two more solo homers. Finally, in the seventh, Robinson Chirinos decided that Orbit needed even more of a reason to go streaking and hit yet another multi-RBI dinger. Y’all, it’s not even fair how powerful this team is. I feel sorry for the teams that Houston buzz saws through on their way to the World Series.


Braves 7, Phillies 2Prof: Hey, remember what I said about the Phillies continuing to lose ground to the Mets? This didn’t help. A huge win for Mike Foltynewicz, who went seven innings and struck out the same. Your future NL MVP, Ronald Acuna Jr, hit a solo homer to start it off and the Braves never looked back. Josh Donaldson brought the rain with a three run homer in the seventh.

Diamondbacks 1, Mets 3Prof: What’s this? New York helping their own cause? Butter my biscuits and call me Sally. Super Rookie Pete Alonso had not one, but two dingers in this game. Jacob deGrom struck out eleven in seven innings.


Pirates 6, Giants 4Scouts: Now this is the San Franciso Giants we have come to know and love.  Up 4-2 in the 9th, they allow the Pirates to put up a 4 spot and completely blow what looked to be a surefire win for Madison Bumgarner.  I can’t say that doesn’t make me a little happy inside.

Spiders 6, Angels 2Scouts: Shane Bieber returned to his home town to pick up his 14th win, a 7 inning 1 run affair to remember.


Cubs 10, Padres 2Scouts: Nico Hoerner was the beneficiary of a very unexpected callup, and made his debut one to never forget.  3 hits and 4 RBI’s and even the San Diego crowd was chanting and cheering him on before the end of it all.



4 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 9/9/19

  1. Strap in sports fans, as the last 20 days of the regular season are upon us.

    Here in DC, we’re in uncharted territory, as we fans have to scoreboard watch in September for the first time since baseball returned, and we’ve got to pay attention to five teams plus our own in order to get the full picture. Why, just last night we saw a shuffling of the standings, as the Brew Crew nudged ahead of the Gritty Snakes for third place in the wild card chase, 2 back of the Cubs and 4.5 back of the Nats.

    Angst and agita abound all across the DC region, one that still doesn’t quite grasp the concept of the long season that is major league baseball, a sport where pretty much every team will win 60 and lose 60, and the other 42 games separate the haves from the have nots, and so every loss to a lesser team is met with wailing, gnashing of teeth, and rending of garments.

    Not me, boy; I’ve been through division races where there was no wildcard, ones that my team won and ones my team lost, so I’m prepared for whatever comes my way.


    1. I’ll trade places with you any old time. Here in Macondo, where the Brooze just clipped the Feesh for the latter’s 93rd loss of the season, we’re taking quarter bets on whether the Teal Terriors will lose 100 games this season (the smart change says ‘yes’). Two other points of speclation: (1) Will Jar Jar Baseball be back? The smart changes says ‘no.’ (2) Will Lewis Brinson be learning Japanese this weenter? The smart change says ‘yes.’ His options aren’t good. He can’t hit ML peetching. An alternative would be to go back to the minors and, what with the Feesh AAA team moving to (ugh) Wichita (think Cleveland with rattlesnakes), he’d have to learn Prairiebilly to communicate there.

      Japanese would better serve his long term innerests.


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