Sunday Sermon Edition Showdown Edition

Lots of late season divisional showdowns this weekend including your beloved Twins versus the Clevelanders. Baseball is so exciting.

This weekend’s drama requires hard rock, titanium hard.

Saturday – Michigan 24 Army 21

Did Michigan State play yesterday?

Friday – Rangers 7 Orioles 6 | Saturday – Rangers 9 Orioles 4

What can we say to cheer up the fans of these teams? The Rangers have won three straight.

Friday – Pirates 9 Cardinals 4 | Saturday – Cardinals 10 Pirates 1

It looks like 500 ball the rest of the way will be good enough to win the NL Central 500 club

Friday – Royals 3 Marlins 0 | Saturday – Royals 7 Marlins 2

Let’s spread some more good cheer. The Royals have won their last two games and the Marlins scored some runs  yesterday.

Friday – Red Sox 6 Yankees 1 | Saturday – Yankees 5 Red Sox 1

Late season showdown between the titans of the AL East! What would baseball be without the late season drama of this ancient rivalry? The Red Sox narrow the Yankee lead over them to 15.5 on Friday and the Yankees grab it back on Saturday! What will happen today?

Friday – Diamondbacks 7 Reds 5 | Saturday – Diamondbacks 2 Reds 0

The Diamondbacks are only a game and a half off the wildcard.

Friday – Rays 5 Blue Jays 0 | Saturday – Rays 5 Blue Jays 3

You got to admire the low budget Rays. They’ve won nine of their last ten are up a game and half for the wild card

Friday – Mets 5 Phillies 4 | Saturday – Mets 10 Phillies 5

Yet another late season divisional showdown as the Mets and Phillies battle for third. But I must have the scores wrong because the standings page at say that the Phillies have a winning streak of one and the Mets have a losing streak of one.

Friday – Braves 4 Nationals 3 | Saturday – Braves 5 Nationals 4

The Braves are taking it to the bank. Looks like it’s the Nats duty to ruin the Dodger’s season.

Friday – Astros 7 Mariners 4 | Saturday – Astros 2 Mariners 1

A lot of people think the Twins would rather face the Astros in the first round of the playoffs than the Yankees. I don’t know if I agree with that but  it looks like the Astros may be  messing that up.

Friday – Brewers 7 Cubs 1 | Saturday – Brewers 3 Cubs 2

It’s probably to late for the Brewers but it’s good for the Cardinals. Anybody besides me notice that the NL Central 500 club is the only division in which no team has been eliminated yet

Friday – Indians 6 Twins 2 | Saturday – | Saturday – Twins 5 Indians 3

The Clevelanders did scrounge up a win today so they’re not quite dead yet.

Friday – Angels 5 White Sox 4 | Saturday – Angels 8 White Sox 7

The Angels and the White Sox are dead.

Friday –  Athletics 7 Tigers 3 Athletics 4 Tigers 5 | Saturday – Athletics 10 Tigers 2

It is the Athletics mission  to ruin the Yankees year

Friday – Giants 5 Dodgers 4 | Saturday – Giants 1 Dodgers 0

Late season showdown between the titans of the NL West…if only

Friday – Rockies 3 Padres 2 | Saturday – Padres 3 Rockies 0

Knowing me you knew we were going to finish up with this.

Come for the scores stay for the comments.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon Edition Showdown Edition

    1. I know, let’s play “who isn’t going to be back next year for the rebuild.” I’ll go first: Harold Castro. Who? Some kid named Castro. Not the despot. I wish he was a baseball despot, but he’s not even a knight. He gone.


      1. Harold will be back, he’s versatile and cheap, the type of player the Tiggers prefer these days. And by versatile I mean “Jack of some trades, master of none” utility guy. Believe it or not, many people that comment on one of the Tigger blogs I follow see him as a bright spot in this season. Well, he is better than Jeimer Candelario.


  1. Sorry for the weekendly silence. Thursday found me in New Orlean, two cups of liquid pacemaker into sentience and none dare troubleth my mental dialysis units with spam, at least not so far. Good for Colin Moran, who made history by surviving nine years in the outer belt and emerged into the show just in time to strike out his little brother. This was historical, they tell me. If it had been my younger brother, I would have beaned the son of a bitch. Yeah, let’s see you take your base now, dipsquat.

    One can dream.

    Whither the Feesh? At 51-91 after going 1-2 against the equally pathetic Royals, and a weak stretch halfway through their September schedule (the Royals are struggling with their long history of inbreeding), they have a very slight chance of avoiding 100 losses, but if I were a betting man I’d probably put my money on Boeing stock. I read the Pirates ackcherley drew around 1,000 fans for the Reynolds walk-orf game a couple of nights ago though they reported 24,000 with a straight face. That’s 1000 more than commented on last night’s Feesh game here. Ah well. if you can’t beat the Teal Terriors on the field, beat them for worst single game attendance in MLB. The old St. Louis Browns woulda been pleased.

    Meanwhile: Magneuris (?) Sierra is batting .444 with a 900+ OPS. Small smaple size? Yeah, but hell, considering how many of our callups have gone into death spirals from the moment they sniffed the plate, I’ll take it. What do they do with Lewis Brinson if this keeps up? I reiterate my earlier recommendations: now that American, ANA and JAL are flying directly into Haneda, buy him a ticket to Japan (maybe he’ll get that yellow ANA 747 covered with Pokemon), pat him on the back and wish him luck. He’ll have a chance to get his career back on track, because he’s dying alive here and it literally hurts to watch.

    Sunday was Bark at the Park, and so far Tillie, our recently adopted Australian cattle dog, is the only one I haven’t taken to a game – but I won’t be home in time, consarn it. I’d like the Feesh to host a Slither at the Park day some time so we can bring our pythons, too.


  2. I have two comments regarding your post:

    The correct wording is “The Angels are dead, Jim”

    The Angels are dead? Well of course they’re bloody Angels! They are immortal!


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