Sunday Sermon Edition Scattered Thoughts Edition

I presume that most of you have heard that the Twins broke the all time team homerun record last night reaching 268. If they stay on pace they’ll finish with about 315. If the Yankees stay on pace they’ll finish with about 300. And it looks like the Astros and the Dodgers will also surpass or come close to 268. Wow.

Where did all the flowers go?


Friday – Cubs 7 Brewers 1 | Saturday – Cubs 0 Brewers 2

The chances of a Twins – Brewers Greyhound series are growing dim.

Friday – Mets 11 Phillies 5 | Saturday – Mets 6 Phillies 3

The Mets take two but like the Phillies it looks like a we’ll get em next year type season

Friday – Nationals 7 Marlins 6 | Saturday -Nationals 7 Marlins 0

Someguys Nats keep rolling along

Friday – Athletics 8 Yankees 2 | Saturday – Athletics 3 Yankees 4

The Athletics are right there with the Rays and the Clevelanders for the wild card.

Friday – Astros 7 Blue Jays 4 | Saturday – Astros 4 Blue Jays 6

The Astros are right there with the Yankees as to which division champion will be playing the wild card winner.

Friday – Rays 4 Indians 0 | Saturday -Rays 9 Indians 6

Battle for the wild card. Hee hee hee hee.

Hey today is September call up day. For those of you following teams with less than stellar playoff prospects I hope you enjoy looking at all the fresh faces. As for myself the Twins have El Tortuga back.

Bertolcht Bretcht – Mutter Courage und Iheri Kinder.

Friday – Braves 10 White Sox 7 | Saturday – Braves 11 White Sox 5

The Nats may be rolling along but so are Prof’s Braves.

Friday – Twins 13 Tigers 5 | Saturday -Twins 7 Tigers 10

The Twins are ahead of the Clevelanders by 4 1/2 and  since they’re playing a tough Rays team while the Twins are playing the… beatable Tigers there’s a good chance it grows to 5 1/2 before the sun goes down with about 25 left to play. Twins are ahead 5 – 1 in the fourth right now with no bombas. Yesterday six bombas but only seven runs and you allow  the mighty Tigers ten. Really? Come on boys lets take it to the bank

Friday – Ranger  6 Mariners 3 | Saturday – Ranger 3  Mariners 2


Friday – Reds Cardinals PP | Saturday – Reds 6 Cardinals 10 / Reds 2 Cardinals 3

The Cards and 8 – 2 over their last ten and just might pull away in the NL Central 500 Club

Friday – Orioles 14 Royals 2 | Saturday – Orioles 5 Royals 7

It’s nice to see that neither of them will be swept this weekend

Friday – Pirates 9 Rockies 4 | Saturday – Pirates 11 Rockies 4

The Pirates look to be on bit of roll, not that it will get them anywhere.

Friday – Diamondbacks 5 Dodgers 4 | Saturday – Diamondbacks 6 Dodgers 5

Too bad this won’t change anything

Friday – Giants 8 Padres 3 | Saturday – Giants 1 Padres 4

I imagine Padres and Giants fans are interested in these games

Saturday – Angels 10 Red Sox 4

Mr. Trout became the youngest player in the history of the universe to reach 200 stolen bases and 200 home runs. I got no clue on Friday

This morning I was trotting across my yard thinking boy this feels good. Just yesterday and every day before for quite a while the best I could manage was a jittery walk. Then I woke up.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon Edition Scattered Thoughts Edition

  1. Just got back from my trip to Texas two days earlier than planned to keep from having Banana Republic International Airport shut in my face over the unpredictable Dorian. We got bounced around pretty good by by turbulence on the descent and approach, so I was cranky as a shelter tomcat with herpes by the time I disembarked and checked my mental dialysis unit to discover the Feesh’s 20th shutout of the season.
    Today, losing again to the Gnats, they finally arrived at 40 under the strange attractor. Suck on it, Feesh fans!

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  2. Verlander with his 3rd no hitter today. Thisclose to a perfecto (1 walk). Meanwhile, Miggy is reduced to base hits. Well, it was quite a ride for awhile there. The bullpen still sucks. At least the volume on the radio is no good.

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  3. Terrible details about Tyler Skagg’s death. Now begins the search for who can be held accountable. I predict a long series of “He didn’t know..” “They aren’t responsible,,” “Of course he did!” “They clearly are…” The actual dead young man is about to become a mere lead-in to legal briefs and public accusations, and the lawsuits will be more revealing than the police reports.

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    1. Agreed. Young fella died because he made some mistakes that the rest of us were lucky enough to have survived. Can’t we just leave it at that.


    2. Awful way to lose a son. I can see the family wanting to hold the org accountable. I can also see the org throwing a trainer, or a gofer even, under the bus, then settling. Don’t like anything about this.


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