Sunday Sermon Edition Americana Around The World Edition

Baseball is all around the world. It might even wind up being more popular around the world than it is in America. What else is the best part of America that might travel around the world? Music. If we collapse into a Jerry Springer Land mess, here’s the part I hope continues to travel around the world.

Minnesota Americana

Friday – Nationals 9 Cubs 3 | Saturday – Nationals 7 Cubs 2

The Nats keep wining but so do the Braves. The Cubs yield first to the Cards.

Friday – Rays 7 Orioles 1 | Saturday – Rays 1 Orioles 7

Saturday was the anti Friday.

Friday – Pirates 3 Reds 2 | Saturday – Pirates 14 Reds 0


Friday – Marlins 19 Phillies 11 | Saturday – Marlins 3 Phillies 9

Eleven runs weren’t enough to beat the Marlins? Don’t you love how weird baseball is

Friday – Braves 2 Mets 1 | Saturday – Braves 9 Mets 5

I hope the Braves are good enough to knock the Godgers out of the playoffs.

Okay this one is Britacana but they did invent cricket.

Friday – Indians 4 Royals 1 | Saturday – Indians 4 Royals 2

Come on Royals, this is baseball. Even you get to win once in a while

Friday – Astros 5 Angels 4 | Saturday – Astros 5 Angels 2

I hope the Astros are good enough to knock the Gankkees out of the playoffs

Friday – Brewers 6 Diamondbacks 1 | Saturday -Brewers 4 Diamondbacks 0

The Twins now lead our friends from Detroit by five.

I wasn’t sure if this one really fit in or not, but because, it’s sort of Britarcana (crickets) or World Arcana, and while I was listening to it Sexy Maxie led off the first with a dong, so in it goes.

Friday – Tigers 9 Twins 6 | Saturday – Tigers 5 Twins 8

And they just mentioned that the Clevelanders are tied with Royals in the eight.

Friday – White Sox 8 Rangers 3 | Saturday – White Sox 0 Rangers 4

I hate to say it but the White Sox aren’t actually that bad.

Friday – Cardinals 8 Rockies 3 | Saturday – Cardinals 6 Rockies 0

Happiness in Histrio’s house

Friday – Yankees 10 Dodgers 2 | Saturday – Yankees 1 Dodgers 2

I hope that this is the last time the Gankees and Godgers meet this year.

Friday – Mariners 7 Blue Jays 4 | Saturday – Mariners 5 Blue Jays 7

I may have already said this but I hope Blue Jay and Mariners fans find their team’s prospects entertaining.

Friday – Red Sox 11 Padres 0 | Saturday -Red Sox 5 Padres 4

Even so the Red Sox are six games off the wild card.

Saturday – Giants 10 Athletics 5

I guess they got rained out on Friday

This one is as Americana as you can get.

Well the Twins did wind up wining. Around the world we go again.

PLAY BALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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