He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/19/19

Scouts:  I have been absolutely obsessed with the new Amazon smash hit The Boys.  It’s all I’ve ever wanted in a super hero show.  It’s smart, it’s funny, it’s dark, and within the first 15 mins you’ll say “What the fuuuuuu?”.  There are only a handful of episodes in the first season, so I’ve decided against binging it, rather saving one episode a day for the rest of the week, and I.  CAN.  NOT. WAIT.  to get home and watch today’s episode.  If you haven’t watched it, I can’t more highly recommend, although a word of warning, it’s very adult rated, so please don’t let your little kiddos watch with you thinking this will be another Marvel style super-hero series.  This is more like what the Watchmen movie should have been, but was too afraid to cross those lines.


Royals 5, Orioles 4Scouts: Official attendance to this game was 11,659, but I really can’t believe that 12 thousands people showed up for this game.  For one, the two teams have combined for 126 losses on the year, for another the city is embroiled in the middle of a heat wave that has pollen counts through the roof.  Personally I don’t anticipate being able to breathe again all week.  It’s absolutely miserable outside right now, the last thing I could think of when I think of fun is watching these two teams sleep walk while roasting in a city filled with fire air.

Nationals 13, Pirates 0Scouts: To say the Nats offense is hot right now would be a terrible understatement.  Trevor Williams took the brunt of the abuse allowing 8 runs, 6 earned in the first two innings and three of the Nat’s 4 homers.  For the Nats, Asdrubal Cabrera racked up 5 RBI’s, Matt Adams picked up 4, and Trey Turner followed along with 3.


Mariners 9, Rays 3Scouts: Tom Murphy is on a 7 game hit streak where he’s slashing .480/.519/1.200 with a double, a triple, five homers and eight RBI’s.  The Rays are less than thrilled with his sudden onslaught as they drop the opener to this set.

Padres 3, Reds 2Scouts: Kirby Yates gave up 3 hits and one run in an innings work, but still managed to record a save.  Trevor Bauer picks up his 10th loss on the year after allowing 3 runs in 7 innings.  Sometimes it’s really hard to tell who to root for.


Brewers 0, Cardinals 3Scouts: Milwaukee, my one time favorite to take the division is now hovering just 3 games above .500 after they lose another key game, this time getting shut out, and managing just a single hit against Dakota Hudson and the Cardinals bullpen.  It seems like teams have taken to just walking Christian Yelich and no one around him is helping carry the load.


Angels 7, Rangers 8 F/11 – Scouts: This 4 hour, 35 min marathon came to a conclusion as a result of a catcher legging out a few extra bases.  Jose Trevino walked with two down in the 11th, and then advanced to third thanks to a single by Shin-Soo Choo.  Once there he was able to beat out an infield chopper by Isiah Kiner-Falefa to score the winning run.


Tigers 4, Astros 5Scouts: Detroit actually had a 1-0 lead in the first, but of course that didn’t even last an entire inning as the Astros came out swinging, racking up 4 in the bottom of the frame.  That was enough to get Wade Miley and company back in the game and the Astros were able to cling to the narrow victory.

White Sox 6, Twins 4Scouts: Minnesota drops another game they really should be winning, this time losing to the White Sox at home for the first time in a year.  The win also snapped a 7 game losing streak by the Sox.

Rockies 3, Diamondbacks 5Scouts: Carson Kelly had been mired in a 0-17 slump where it seemed he was hitting lasers, just right at people, so it was nice to see him break out a little and slug a solo homer while rocking a 2-3 performance.


5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/19/19

  1. Just got home from an overnight trip to Pittsburgh, where SomeDaughterInVA2.0 and I attended the Nats/Bucs game. It was my first trip to PNC Park, and my goodness that’s a beautiful place to watch a game.

    The Nats are now 12 games over .500 for the first time this season, and all it took was going 49-25 since their low point to get there. At some point, you have to go from “this is an unsustainable pace” to “maybe they are that good”. Of course, if they don’t catch the Braves, it’ll all come down to the coin flip of a wild card game to see if their season is a success.


    1. PNC is my favorite park. Did you ride the ferry over? The food is good (wow, those sandwiches), and the views are so nice. The park has a really intimate feel. I loved going and am trying to convince paper to make the trip for a Pirates-Cards game sometime….if we ever have time.


      1. Didn’t ride the ferry. Splurged on a hotel room nearby (it’s about a four hour drive one way) and walked from the hotel across the “Robert Clemente Bridge”* to the game.

        (*Seriously. That’s what the desk clerk at the hotel referred to it.)


    2. PNC is my second favorite park outside of Camden. Of course I’m biased, but I still honestly think Camden is the best. The thing that really strikes me abobut PNC is how intimate it feels. It almost feels like a minor league park, but with a big league touch. They say the park was designed to have almost zero dead zones, where you can see the field from just about anywhere in the park.

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