He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/15/19

Prof: Happy Friday, everyone! Last night I went to see a live performance of Rifftrax’s newest version of “The Giant Spider Invasion”, which was shown uncut. I had never seen the entire movie before – the MST3k version cut out certain scenes – so this was a real treat. I mean, if you enjoy truly horrible movies with terrible actors and the dull scenery of Northern Wisconsin. Of course, I do enjoy those things, so I was very happy.

I know that Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and by extension, Rifftrax) is very much a niche entertainment option, and I find that just as many people have never heard of it before as even know what it is. Even fewer have an appreciation for it. But it’s my all time favorite show, and kept me very much sane over the years. What type of cult classics do you enjoy?


Twins 13, Rangers 6Prof: Minnesota continues to dominate on the regular; this game was no exception. Big night for Luis Arraez (3-5, 3 RBI including a two run homer) and Marwin Gonzalez (4-5, 2 RBI).

Giants 7, Diamondbacks 0Scouts: Dereck Rodriguez made a pretty strong bid to say in the bigs last night, absolutely dominating Arizona, holding them to 3 hits over 7 shutout innings.  Meanwhile the offense continues to rake at a time where they need it the most.


White Sox 7, Angels 8Scouts: It’s pretty telling how dominant a guy is when people start to get worried about an 0-11 “slump”.  Trout reminded everyone who he is busting out of that “slump” with a 4-4, including a walk, four runs scored, and his 40th homer.  He became the fastest Angels player to ever reach that mark.


Astros 6, Athletics 7Scouts: Do you like homers?  Because we got homers.  10 of them to be exact.  5 from each team.  It was Oakland who ended up on top, but I think we can all agree the real losers were the two pitching staffs.  Matt Olson and Matt Chapman both had two homers each for the A’s.

Mariners 7, Tigers 2 Scouts: Detroit’s pitching struck again leading them on the way to their 82nd loss on the season.  I just can’t even say anymore about this game.

Dodgers 7, Marlins 13Scouts: No, this is not a typo.  Yes the Marlins put 13 up on the Dodgers.  And to make matters worse, they didn’t hit a single homer.  No, they just made the most of their 13 hits, including a 6 run 5th and a 5 run 6th.  Try to say that 5 times real fast.


Spiders 19, Yankees 5Prof: First of all, I’m shocked and amazed that the Yankees aren’t playing Baltimore. Secondly, I’m even more shocked that a team defeated them, and by such a huge margin. The Magical Land of Cleve went to town in the first inning, with a grand slam and two other home runs! That’s outrageous. Cleveland went on to hit three more home runs, and brand new American citizen Yasiel Puig had a two run RBI single as well.

Cubs 5, Phillies 7Prof: Yu Darvish went seven innings, struck out ten, and got a no decision because of the Cubs bullpen. Bullpen regression is a major problem in the league right now, and it’s terrible. It is a shame that his coworkers did him dirty like that, especially when it started out so great. Anthony Rizzo and Baby Babe Ruth both homered, and it was solidly Chicago’s game…until the eighth inning. Then it was all Phillies, all the time, capped with a walk off grand slam off the bat of Bryce Harper.


Cardinals 1, Reds 2Scouts: Sonny Gray who struggled to get along in New York showed his dominant form striking out 10 and allowing just a single hit over 5 very strong innings.  The bullpen held up the rest of the way and Cincy picked up a very close victory.

Mets 10, Braves 8Prof: I believe I’ve told y’all that I have never witnessed a Julio Teheran victory. I know he’s won a lot of games for Atlanta over the years, but I’ve never seen it. And had I watched this game instead of going to the Rifftrax show, I would have once again not witnessed a Teheran victory. In fact, he only lasted 1 1/3 innings, and gave up six runs. Ouch. For New York, it was the Super Rookie Pete Alonso show. Six runs, going 5-5 and a three run homer. He also broke his glove. The kid plays hard. It’s a real shame that Atlanta wasted a good night from Josh Donaldson and Freddie Freeman, both of whom homered twice.




5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/15/19

  1. Damn, can’t believe the Tiggers lost. I really thought they were primed for a 45 game winning streak to finish the season at .500.

    It’s been said that numbers don’t lie. If so, how is it that the Giants & Dbacks can both be 61 & 61 and 3.5 games out of the wild card when the Giants are -53 in run differential and the Dbacks are +67? Baseball Reference’s Pythagorean W-L stat shows the Giants should be 56 & 66 while the Dbacks should be 67 & 55. I hereby move that the word “Gritty” not be used in describing the Snakes the rest of the season, it’s obvious the Giants are much grittier.

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    1. I refer you to the immortal (though dead) Mark Twain who reminds us there are “lies, damned lies, and statistics.”


  2. The Feesh fell to the Rocky Mountain Oysters last night, 3-0, for what I believe to be their 17th shutout loss of the season (though admittedly, I’ve lost count and wouldn’t be surprised if Fangraphics and Baseball America have lost track as well). I don’t think anyone has so passionately embraced the zero since the Mayans invented it.


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