He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/14/19

Scouts: A super big thanks for Prof for filling in yesterday last second.  I ended up getting rushed to the hospital on Tuesday evening due to some abdominal pain that thankfully ended up not being my appendix.  Everything turned out alright, but I ended up needing yesterday off to rest up.  I’m back at it, so let’s get into the good stuff ok?

Cubs 1, Phillies 11Prof: Whew, y’all, this was a beatdown in the City of Brotherly Love. JT Realmuto hit a grand slam, and Bryce Harper went yard twice. Cole Hamels got the loss for Chicago, but he still gets the love of Phillies fans. I know that the Phanatical Phaithful gets a bad rap for being bad fans, but I think they are some of the most devoted fans in all of baseball. They have a healthy appreciation for their former players, especially if they left Philly in good faith.

Mariners 2, Tigers 3Scouts: Edwin Jackson became the first Tiger to win back-to-back starts since Matthrew Boyd did it in the beginning of May.  Detroit took an early 3-0 lead thanks to some clutch hitting and rallies, and was able to hold off Seattle’s attempt at a comeback to pick up the rare victory.

Dodgers 9, Marlins 1Prof: Clayton Kershaw is here to remind you that he’s still one of the finest pitchers in all of baseball, so don’t forget it. Seven innings, ten strikeouts, no earned runs, no walks. A gem. His Dodger teammates did their part, too – Justin “JT The Red Panda” Turner, Corey Seager, and Edwin Rios all smashed taters.


Pirates 4, Angels 7Scouts: A big day for Albert Pujols who keeps setting records.  This time he became the all time hits leader among players born outside the U.S.  Pujols set the record with a RBI single to right, passing Adrian Beltre.


Cardinals 6, Royals 0Scouts: If you can believe it the Cardinals were getting no-hit until they busted out for 5 in the 7th, and ended up turning the tables on the Royals, who were unable to prevent the series sweep.

Rangers 7, Blue Jays 3Prof: In case you didn’t know, Kolby Allard was recently traded to Texas from Atlanta. He had been a highly touted prospect but just couldn’t find his place in the ATL. Allard started for the Rangers last night and got the win; he did well, too. 5 2/3 innings, five strikeouts. Only gave up three runs and helped the Rangers avoid the series sweep. Good on ya, Kolby. Oh, and Elvis Andrus went 4-5 with 2 RBI.


Orioles 5, Yankees 6Scouts: Just one more example of why the imbalanced schedule is simply unfair and uninteresting.  The O’s lost yet again to the Yankees, making it 16 in a row.  Yes, the O’s are absolutely dreadful, but it sure doesn’t help they play almost all their games against the Yankees, the Rays, the Red Sox, and the Blue Jays, where Detroit at least gets to face the Royals and White Sox.  I’ve never been a big fan of the imbalanced schedule, mostly because I get tired of seeing the same teams and players all the time.  I’d really like to see MLB try to even things out more so fans can get a more diverse look at the league.

Mets 4, Braves 6Scouts: In a tale of two teams with bullpens that can’t seem to keep it together, Atlanta decided to try something a little different and be the one to pounce first.  After giving up the lead in the 7th, Atlanta came storming back with a 5 run answer that sealed the deal for the Braves.


Red Sox 5, Spiders 1Scouts: It was a bullpen day for Boston, who didn’t have a pitcher last longer than 2.2 innings, but still was able to hold the Spiders to a single run.  Meanwhile, Xander Bogearts came alive smoking a pair of homers, driving in 4 of the teams 5 runs.

Astros 9, White Sox 13Prof: James McCann brought the lumber to the yard with a mighty grand slam in the eighth inning, putting Chicago up over the Astros.

Twins 5, Brewers 6Scouts: Oh boy Minnesota’s had it rough lately, they can’t seem to buy a win these days can they?  This one came down to a three run homer in the 8th, Trent Grisham’s second homer of his career.


Diamondbacks 6, Rockies 7Prof: Nolan Arenado had a two run walk-off dinger and the Gatorade went flying.

Rays 2, Padres 7Prof: This game was all Cal Quantrill (and maybe a little Eric Hosmer). The Canadian hurler gets the win, struck out four, and even knocked in a run. Meanwhile, Hosmer hit a home run.

Athletics 9, Giants 5Prof: Matt Chapman went mammo twice, and helped lift Oakland from the looming specter of a bullpen led collapse. Robbie Grossman had a two run homer, too.

Reds 7, Nationals 17Prof: What’s this? The Noted Drone Enthusiast coughed up nine runs in four and 1/3 innings? Couldn’t have happened to a better person. But let’s give credit where it’s due, and that’s with the Nationals’ offense. Getting ten runs in an inning is a ridiculous feat, and then to follow it up with six in the next inning is just as impressive. Anthony Rendon, Kurt Suzuki, and Adam Eaton all homered, and even Stephen Strasburg got a piece of the action with an RBI single.

6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/14/19

  1. Those sixteen runs the Nats scored across two innings all happened during a stretch where the Reds only recorded two outs.

    It was 1-1 in the bottom of the 5th, and the Nats first hitter made an out. It was 17-4 before the Nats made their first out in the 6th, and all that was left after that was for Javy Guerra to eat three innings, saving the bullpen from any work, and getting credited with a save for his efforts, because the save rule is dumb.

    In other news, Max says he’s ready to come back, so there may be a Scherzer sighting this weekend, albeit in a pitch-limited, quasi-opener role.

    Day off today after finishing the sweep of the Reds, then three with the Brewers.


  2. If not for Caleb Smith pitching tonight I don’t know if I’d be able to bring myself to watch this game after what the Bums have laid on the Feesh so far, but like Bill Murray in Little Shop of Horrors, I probably will anyway because these Feesh are something special.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well sunnava beach, the Feesh and Caleb Smith prevailed! A 13-7 comparative romp, even if the boolpen did its best to blow the game anyway. Back to a mere thirty below the strange attractor, with an excursion into the thin air coming up. I’ve always enjoyed the games between the Feesh, even these comparatively larval feesh, and the Rocky Mountain Oysters.
      Incidentally, I’ve been offering Lewis Brinson (.193, as usual) Japanese lessons, to ease the transition to sushiland. I sure hope he appreciates them.


  3. Hubby and I went to see the Yard Goats last night, and I can confirm that the Rockies farm system sucks.

    Hope you are ok, scout.


  4. Hope things work out, Scout. Abdominal pain is no picnic, take it from one who was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease some 33 years ago. Abdominal pain was my life until they figured out what the hell was going on. Proper medication is wonderful.


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