Sunday Sermon Maudlin Edition

Them derned Indians have tied the Twins for first place. Today’s game, set to start in about a half hour as I type the beginnings of this post will determine who is in sole possession of it come tomorrow. Twins fans and Indian fans are much the same in that those years in which their team is top dog are few and special. Right now I see a storm approaching and we’ll see if the roof holds. And next week is Raphie’s last week here, the end of which, as O’Henry put it, ‘I see him never.’. So I will probably irrigate your shoulders next Sunday. But now is now so I’ll just warmup.

Hey – it’s a little after eight and the Twins game has finally started !!! May I stay awake long enough if the ending is happy.

Let’s hope this is premature.

Friday – Athletics 7 White Sox 0 | Saturday – Athletics 2 White Sox 3

It’s possible that the Twins will be reduced to competing with the Athletics for a wild card so thank you White Sox for not losing both games

Friday – Astros 3 Orioles 2 | Saturday – Astros 23 Orioles 2

Was that Saturday game the beatdown of the year? 25 hits, 6 dongs including 3 by Alvarez, all but one of the Astros score at least one run, all but two of the Astros drive in a least one run. Kudos to Oriole pitchers for only walking two.

Friday – Blue Jays 8 Yankees 2 | Saturday – Blue Jays 5  Yankees 4

In spite of this the Yankees are 8 -2 over their last 10 and even though the Rays are 8 – 2 over their last ten the Yankees lead them by 8.5 games.

Friday – Braves 8 Marlins 4 | Saturday – Braves 6 Marlins  7

The Braves might need to start worrying more about the Mets than the Nats. Will 500 ball the rest of the way do it for them? Maybe not if the Mets don’t cool off, but they will.

Friday – Red Sox 16 Angels 4 | Saturday – Red Sox 4 Angels 12

The Red Sox seem to come out of their funk on Friday and return to it on Saturday. Probably ain’t  going to be a game 163 for the world champs.

Friday – Reds 5 Cubs 2 | Saturday – Reds 10 Cubs 1

Good for the ill stared Reds. The Cubs better watch out, the Brew Crew is on a streak.

Friday – Tigers 5 Royals 2 | Saturday – Tigers 0 Royals 7

Nice to see that the kids are taking turns and sharing the fun.

Friday – Mets 7 Nationals 6 | Saturday – Mets 4 Nationals 3

A win today would pull the Mets ahead of the Nats.

Friday – Brewers 6 Rangers 5 | Saturday – Brewers 3 Rangers 2

The Brewers pull to within 1.5 games in the NL Central 500 Club

It’s a bit after six on Saturday and the Twins game is rain delayed as I type this. I need to cheer up and that means I’m in a Stones mood.

Friday – Indians 6 Twins 2 | Saturday – Indians 1 Twins 4

After today either it will be back to a tie or back to exactly where it was at the start of the series. And to think that it was only a few weeks ago that I was hoping that the Twins could effectively put the division away in this series.

Friday – Cardinals 6 Pirates 2 | Saturday – Cardinals 3 Pirates 1

A good weekend so far for all the Cubs enemies.

Friday – Rays 5 Mariners 3 | Saturday – Rays 5 Mariners 4

Neither the Twins or the Clevelanders want to play the Rays in a sudden death wildcard matchup.

Friday – Diamondbacks 3 Dodgers 2 | Saturday – Diamondbacks 0 Dodgers 4

At least the Dodgers lost on Friday. Still they’re 8 -2 over their last ten and my small market envy knows no bounds.

Friday – Padres 7 Rockies 1 | Saturday – Padres 8 Rockies 5

The Padres lose ground in the battle for the bottom.

Friday – Phillies 9 Giants 6 | Saturday – Phillies 1 Giants 3

The Phillies got a little bit of a shot at the second wildcard and the Giants got a shot at finishing a meaningless second in the NL West

Baseball like life has as many disappointments as it does joys. Remember without sadness there is no joy.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon Maudlin Edition

    1. Hey Prof why didn’t you correct me when I misremembered (as Bush Jr. might put it) a high school reading experience that touched me. “I see you never” is not from O Henry it is from Ray Bradbury. I probably read it immediately after I read the O Henry story about the husband who sold his watch for braids for his wife’s beautiful hair at the same time she sold her beautiful locks for a chain for his beautiful watch.

      Golden Apples Of The Sun. Am I not insufferable? Next Sunday. I have the need.


    1. Somehow, thinking about your comment led me to realize the mistake I tell Gator about below. I’m still trying to figure out what you mean, but I am sure that you are right.


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