He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/8/19

Scouts: Holy Mackerel guys and gals!  I just saw this post that I hit PUBLISH on twice this morning never went live!  I’m deeply sorry for the mega late post.


Prof: YouTube has begun showing live games during the week. I didn’t have to close at my second job so I am at home enjoying the Phillies vs Giants. I’m excited to be able to watch baseball, even if it’s on my laptop. My small son Scooter Gennett will be standing sentry at second base. It’s a Girl Power Friday, so let’s celebrate one of the coolest ladies of all time. My witchy heroine, the beautiful Stevie Nicks. Fun fact – this first song was the very first cassette tape I ever purchased.

Yankees 12, Blue Jays 6Scouts: The Yanks have finally decided to stop embarrassing the Orioles and have moved on to damaging relations with Canada.  Bo Bichette homered and tallied in a total of 3 RBI’s but that wasn’t enough to slow down Gio Urshela (Who went 3-4 with two homers and 4 RBI’s) and the Yanks, who picked up their 9th consecutive win.


Angels 0, Red Sox 3Prof: Chris Sale went eight innings and struck out 13 against the sad Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Southern California of America. Sandy Leon, who I always end up calling “Sandy Lion”, had a solo homer.


Royals 8, Tigers 10Scouts: Detroit caped off a rare win with an even more rare walk off homer.  The ball was certainly flying back and forth, with 8 homers on the night split evenly between the two squads, but the Tigers got the last laugh when Jordy Mercer homered in Travis Demeritte to send the crowd home happy.

Braves 2, Marlins 9Prof: Hey, remember yesterday when I talked about how we should give the Mets credit for winning like 13 out of the last 14 games and said that even the most garbage time teams can beat a good team at any given opportunity? Exhibit A, this game. Brian Anderson, who looks like the soccer dad down the street who works at a mortgage broker and calls every little kid Slugger, sure did love hitting opposite Dallas Keuchel. Anderson homered twice and ended up 3-4. For Atlanta, not much good happening but Ronald Acuna Jr. did hit his 30th home run of the season.


Cubs 12, Reds 5Prof: The Cubs got hot and stayed hot. New additions to the team Nick Castellanos and Jonathan Lucroy were both important cogs in the wheel, while old friends Baez, Rizzo, and Bryant were their usual selves.

Spiders 7, Twins 5Scouts: The team from Cleveland seems to be streaking now that they removed Trevor Bauer from the clubhouse, and Minnesota better wake up soon.  The loss drops the Twins division lead down to 1 and suddenly we have ourselves a playoff race.

Phillies 0, Giants 5Scouts: Another key game the Phillies are unable to pull an important win out of, this time allowing Madison Bumgarner to shut them down over 7 innings allowing just a single hit.  Bryce Harper for all his money and fanfare is batting .249 with just 20 homers on the season.

Rockies 3, Padres 9Scouts: I think it’s pretty safe to say the Rockies are officially done.  They are now 7.5 games back of the wild card with 8 teams ahead of them.  They can’t seem to get a win anywhere, and they just seem defeated.  It’s a real shame too, I was really pulling for them.  They have a pretty exciting lineup and some decent pitching, but they just can’t seem to put it all together.




6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/8/19

  1. The Twins lead in the AL Slumtral is melting faster then store brand ice cream left on the front porch. Happy, what’s with your boys?

    Break up the Tiggers, that win pushes them above the .300 mark on the season. I’ll steal inspiration from Gator and call that the Historically Awful Attractor.

    Our only position player hope for the future, #5 over all pick Riley Greene, made his debut in low A ball last night in Grand Rapids and ended up with the #4 and #3 top plays on SportsCenter this morning. Not bad for a kid that just finished playing high school ball this spring.


    1. Man, was that game bad. I’ve seen college games that were better. At least Gibby returns tonight. And, it’s Friday, so with enough wine, even Mercer (Oklahoma!) may seem fun and exciting. #sleepitoff


    2. What’s happening is that the very good but not great top two teams of the AL Central are at each other’s throats. Enjoy. Basebally.


  2. F’ing Chris Sale. Last three games:
    7/28 v NYY 5.1 IP 6 ER
    8/3 @ NYY 3.2 IP 8 ER
    8/8 v LAAoA: 8 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 13 SO!
    To think I was looking forward to seeing the Angels face Chris Sale…


  3. The Feesh return to their losing ways and are back to 29 games under the strange attractor. Tomorrow, I fully expect them to be thirty below.

    Meanwhile, I’m going to crowdfund Japanese lessons for Lewis Brinsn, who has returned from AAA and flopped yet again. Lewis: always address the umpire respectfully as: コックサッカー、先生 (Kokkusakkā, sensei.)


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