BASEBALL FREE FOR ALL – Talk Amongst Yourselves for 8/5/19

Tell us what we missed in the comment section below. All the boneheaded plays! All the amazing catches! All the dingers and errors. I’ll give y’all some starting points. Thanks for your understanding, and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow! Today’s music is things created especially for fictional bands or singers on tv shows or movies. (I like the obscure themes, okay?)

Rangers 1, Spiders 0 – Former Braves great Mike Minor went seven and struck out as many, gaining his tenth win of the season. It makes me so happy to see him thriving in Texas.

Athletics 5, Cubs 6

Braves 3, Twins 5

Cardinals 0, Dodgers 8
Royals 5, Red Sox 7 – Boston stopped their skid, and who was there to get the victory? Only the luckiest guy in baseball. But I don’t want to talk about him, let’s talk about how the offense finally caught aflame. Sam Travis hit a two run homer in the third, Rafael Devers soloed in the fifth, and Sandy Leon was able to reach thanks to a wild pitch.

Yankees 9, Orioles 6 – I’m going to the game on Tuesday and no one seems to know who is taking the mound for New York (as of Monday night, when I’m writing this part). I guess it’s gonna be a surprise. I’ve never seen the Yankees play in person so this is another team down for me! But enough about that, let’s talk about last night. While the Orioles lost the game, they didn’t go down without a heck of a fight. Jonathan Villar went for the cycle, and his home run tied it up in the sixth. Alas, the Baltimore bullpen strikes again, giving up two homers in the eighth and allowing the Yankees to get back into it, because when you have to go up in late innings against Adam Ottavino and Aroldis Chapman, you’re in for a long couple of at-bats.
Brewers 9, Pirates 7 – Christian Yelich had a multi-homer game, including one that went out of PNC Park. Yeli now leads the league with 39 homers for the season.

White Sox 7, Tigers 4

Marlins 2, Mets 6 (Game 1)

Marlins 4, Mets 5 (Game 2) – The Mets are now at .500.

Angels 4, Reds 7 – The first inning was everything for Cincinnati. Could’ve just called the game right then. But Luis Castillo wanted to have his fun, and he did – seven innings, thirteen strikeouts (a career high). By the way, the sun rises in the east, babies are born, and Mike Trout hit another home run. Just another day.

Phillies 7, Diamondbacks 3

Nationals 4, Giants 0

Blue Jays 2, Rays 0 – What’s THIS? Charlie F’n Morton lost? Even after going seven innings and striking out nine. See, friends, this is why it’s so important for your team to show up. On any given night, on any other team, this would have won Morton the game. But he gets the L. The person who gift wrapped this L and delivered it to Charlie was Bo Bichette, yet another one of the MLB Second Generation players who are currently camped out in Toronto. He was driven in from Cavan Biggio in the first inning (speaking of…) and hit a solo homer in the third.

9 thoughts on “BASEBALL FREE FOR ALL – Talk Amongst Yourselves for 8/5/19

  1. Pale Hose vs Tiggers: The less said about a match up of 2 teams a combined 56 games under .500 the better. 3 hours and 41 minutes of time that the supposed 16,942 in attendance will never get back. The only good thing about this game was that it was played at Comerica rather than Comiskey (or whatever they’re calling that stadium now). The Sox play on the south side of Chicago and that’s the baddest part of town and if you go down there you gotta beware of Leroy Brown.


    1. I watched the better part of this turd nugget, and it seems that five years later no one in the FO has the least idea how to build a bullpen. Sheesus. I predict that next week’s family reunion will be replete with complaints about the failing constant reboot. Make Detroit great again. Anyone. Please. Help us, Obi Wan.

      I’m turning 50 next week. I was young and virginal the last time the Tigers won the Series. Just saying.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Well happy early birthday, hope 50 treats you well. A Tigger specific blog I follow may be of interest to you, it’s called Totally Tigers and they are starting a series tonight analyzing Avila’s work as GM. I think you’ll enjoy it.


  2. This may have been covered in earlier posts, but I’m extremely gratified that Aaron Sanchez got traded to a team that’s actually in the hunt. That he did well in his first start is maybe small sample size/coinkydink makes no nevermind. He actually seemed pleased during the postgame interview (which I normally never watch). If he winds up starting any postseason games on the WC, I might be tempted to splurge on some tickets.(which I normally never consider)


  3. The Nats last four games have been started by, in order, Joe Ross, Stephen Strasburg, Patrick Corbin, and Erick Fedde.

    The Nats are 2-2 during that time, as one might reasonably expect given that lineup, and the starter and bullpen have combined for shutouts in both wins.

    Naturally, the wins were started by Ross and Fedde, because baseball is weird and nothing makes any sense.


  4. Feesh vs. Mutts, Feesh vs. Mutts: a double drubbing.

    The Mutts dumped the Feesh on both ends of a doubleheader, 6-2 and 5-4.

    Yesterday saw the much ballyhooed callup of EYP Isan Diaz, the “second baseman of the future,” as well as a couple of pitchers and the perpetual Lewis Brinson.The latter has been working down in Nawlins most of the season to patch the holes in his swing and ease his ridiculous 34% K rate. Diaz was the “throw-in” in the infamous Christian Yelich trade to the Brooze and his success is about all the front orifice has to count on at the moment to make the trade seem less disastrous than it does to this point.

    Brinson won’t help. He went 0-8 with a walk yesterday, and it’s indicative of how far gone folks think he is that the walk was ackcherley a hopeful sign. Diaz went 1-9 with a home run. The two pitchers, Duggar and Brigham, got sheschmettered, Brigham especially, pounded for three home runs in one inning of, uh, work.

    Time for a reality check, since diehard Feesh fans believed the new callups were going to be a bunch of Don Quixotes riding errantly to the team’s rescue. They really have no one to blame for the deflated expectations of yesterday’s double-decapitation except themselves. Some of these kids will probably become terrific ballplayers but right now, they’re green, untried at the higher levels, with more enthusiasm than polished skills. Some of them may blossom right away, while others may get smacked around or bamboozled by experienced big league pitchers until they find their footing. Some may find it quickly. Others may ride the MiLB shuttles a few times as the holes in their attacks are exposed and demand refinement. As Ned Kelly famously noted, such is life.

    I recall how Willie Mays went 0-12 against the Phillies in his first major league series, and we all know how that finally turned out. Ask Warren Spahn if you doubt me. In any case as we awaited the entrance of our larval saviors into the New Jerusalem of Feesh futurity, they really all hyped themselves and each other up unrealistically. No, these guys aren’t going to compete next season, or maybe even the season afterwards though I’d be pleasantly surprised to be wrong. This is going to take patience, and, I think, a psychological (I could say spiritual) shifting of the gears to stop dreaming coconut cream pies in the sky, and put our love of the game first so we can enjoy the spectacle on the field, even when it tests our enthusiasm the way yesterday did.


    1. Eloquent as always. As a Mets fan I wasn’t disappointed in the recent doubleheader sweep of your Marlins. But I’m disappointed to be a Mets fan! Any chipped beef, lately? How was mango season? Take care.


      1. Hola, Jimee. Long time, no trade recipes. I haven’t done chipped beef in a while, come to think of it, but I should whup up a batch for auld lang syne, maybe this weekend. Mango season went very well, with a couple of mango cheesecakes and mango jackfruit pies to my credit, as well as a newly formulated mango butter with a hearty dose of ginger.

        Tonight was a throwboack to my Italian peasant incarnation, with a big batch of cannelini and escarole (heavy with garlic, oregano and a shot of sesame oil) slowly taking shape at low termperature on the Shabbos burner. You scoop and eat it with chunks of garlic parmesan bread. Then, it’s back to the fields to pick grapes. You can leave your shoes on for that phase of the process.


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