Sunday Sermon Edition Nostalgia Edition

Life is surreal for me right now. Things are coming and things are going, but mostly going. I had no idea what to say this Sunday until  a song with the line “try to remember…” went through my dazed consciousness. I couldn’t think of what followed “try to remember…” or who sang it but I knew that it was from my coming of age – the memories of which comprise an ever growing part of the scenes flashing across the screen of my internal big ass cheap ass TV. I did eventually recall what and who it was, but in the process of remembering I came across this. Spoiler alert – hint – I have three brothers.

This is from your 18 year old happy. It was the last ‘top forty’ song I paid attention to, or more accurately, the last time I paid attention to the ‘top forty’.  I was living with my fellow pot head brother in a one room frame house in Fairbanks Alaska. We had electric but no water and the only heat came from a cast iron wood / coal burning stove. It was on a fairly large lot with an outhouse in the back, and it was across the street from a strip mall. No shit.

Friday – Cubs 6 Brewers 2 | Saturday – Cubs 4 Brewers 1

The Cardinals are only half a game back of the Cubs but the Brewers are starting to slip back. Maybe they should have sold at the deadline.

Friday – Blue Jays 5 Orioles 2 | Saturday – Blue Jays 4 Orioles 6

One out of two is pretty good for both of these teams.

Friday – Pirates 8 Mets 4 | Saturday – Pirates 5 Mets 7

Both of these teams are 11 games out. Ho hum

Here it is. Try to remember…

Friday – White Sox 4 Phillies 3 (F/15) | Saturday – White Sox 2 Phillies 3

The Phillies still have plenty of enough time to catch the Braves.

Friday – Yankees 4 Red Sox 2 | Saturday – Yankees 9 Red Sox 2 Yankees 6 Red Sox 4

I suppose this is as good as life gets at Yankee stadium.

Friday – Indians 7 Angels 3 | Saturday – Indians 7 Angels 2

Did you know that The Indians have the fifth best record in MLB while the Twins have the fourth best? It pains and pleases me to say this but the AL Central might wind up being the best division race this year considering that it’s not just close but between two top five teams. Twins – Indians showdown at Target Field this coming weekend. Time to stock up on the cheap ice cream.

Friday – Reds 5 Braves 2 | Saturday – Reds 4 Braves 5

The Braves seem to playing about 500 ball and that’s all they probably need to do to hold off the Phillies and Nats.

Friday – Rangers 5 Tigers 4 | Saturday – Rangers 5 Tigers 4 (F/10)

Memories of better days below Sparty and Historio

Friday – Twins 11 Royals 9 | Saturday – Twins 11 Royals 3

Now that’s more like it. Nelson Cruz has been going bonkers lately.

Friday – Astros 10 Mariners 2 | Saturday – Astros 9 Mariners 0

And now they have Grienke too. Saturday’s game was combined no no.

Friday – Rockies 5 Giants 4 | Saturday – Rockies 5 Giants 6

Maybe if the Giants still had Sam Dyson they lose both games.

Friday – Nationals 3 Diamondbacks 0 | Saturday – Nationals 7 Diamondbacks 18

Zero runs one day 18 the next. What a game

Friday – Padres 5 Dodgers 2 | Saturday – Padres 1 Dodgers 4


Friday – No game | Saturday – Athletics 11 Cardinals 8

It sucks that the Athletics got Friday off because they who the Twins play next.

Friday – No game | Saturday – Rays 8 Marlins 6

The Rays need every win they can get…for the wild card.

Editors note: I was planning on putting this vid somewhere in the middle of the scores but Word Press is not letting me cut and paste and damned if I’m going retype them – hands to shaky today.

Before the Flood. I came of age just after the flood.

The Twins game was rain delayed last night so I listened to this instead, for the second time. If the Cardinals and Tigers don’t do to well tonight maybe Historio and Sparty can do the same.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon Edition Nostalgia Edition

  1. I was out of town over the weekend and American Airlines made sure I didn’t get home in time to watch today’s “Citrus Series” game between the Feesh and the Razed. In retrospect, I’m grateful to them. The Teal Terriors played the field like an outtake from Eight Men Out, undermining Caleb Smith like feral tegus undermine a seawall. A total pig’s breakfast of a game.
    For the Feesh, 25 under has become the new strange attractor.


    1. Actually I think I did see an option in the Word Press editing screen allowing me to delete comments in the blogs I post, but I’m not sure because I’ve never considered using it. What’s PBT?


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