He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/1/19

Prof: You’re all stuck with me today, as Scout is unavailable. It’s Girl Power Friday! Since I have to do the whole kit and caboodle today, some entries might not be as in-depth. Let’s go!

Reds 1, Braves 4 F/7 – This was shortened by a massive storm that soaked Atlanta and just wouldn’t stop. And no, it wasn’t from Josh Donaldson (the bringer of rain). The thunder came off the bat of Freddie Freeman, with  an early three run homer. The lightening was courtesy of Adam Duvall, hitting his own solo dinger in the sixth before the skies opened up. Part time GQ model, small child, and lights out pitcher Max Fried gets the win and is now 12-4.

Padres 2, Dodgers 8 – Clayton Kershaw passed Sandy Koufax on the Dodgers’ career strikeout list, and in less games. He also picked up the W. Congrats to Kersh! More cool things that happened – rookie Will Smith had his first career grand slam. There are so many Will Smiths in baseball right now. Oh, and Cody Bellinger hit another home run, ho hum.

Brewers 3, Athletics 5 – Matt Chapman hit a two run homer off of… Josh Hader? That’s right; the Brewers fireman has been struggling as of late, but Craig Counsell continues to trot him out there. I guess he really has no choice – the Brewers’ arsenal is a bit depleted. Even the mighty Yelich was only 1-5.

Blue Jays 11, Orioles 2 – What do we have here? ALL THE MLB SONS! That’s right – Bichette, Biggio, and Guerrero Jr. all had successful at-bats, with Vlad Jr driving in four runs and Bo knocking in an RBI of his own (Cavan was brought home by a Vlad RBI). As usual, the Orioles played to expectations, which is nothing. However, the criminally wasted Trey Mancini hit a home run. The Orioles have not given this man an extension yet. I guess if you’re going to tank, you might as well tank all the way.

Twins 4, Marlins 5 F/12 – Oh, brother. The Twins wanted to play with their shiny new toy and it broke. Their brand new reliever, Sam Dyson, gives up a three run lead in the ninth inning and pushed the game into extra innings. In the end, a Miami player you’ve never heard of (Harold Ramirez, I like to give credit where it’s due!) hit the game winning home run in the 12th.

Giants 2, Phillies 10 – Philadelphia has been rocking their throwbacks lately. This game, they went with that weird blue so popular in the 80s with the maroon accents. I love those uniforms, almost as much as I do the Rainbow Barf Astros ones (you know the ones!). Anyway, this game also was a throwback to earlier in the season, when the Phillies were mashin’ and smashin’ all game long. JT Realmuto was a triple shy of the cycle, and hit a three run dinger to boot. Two other Phillies went yard as well.

Mets 4, White Sox 0 – After months of speculation that he’d be gone, Zack Wheeler is still in New York. To make sure that people stop talking the foolish nonsense that they should have traded him, he gets a decisive win – seven innings, seven strikeouts. Robinson Cano drove in two runs.

Astros 7, Spiders 1 – Gerrit Cole is 13-5 (he won this game). Justin Verlander is 14-4. Zack Greinke is 10-4. Even their back of the rotation guy, Wade Miley, is 9-4. This is what you call “loaded for bear”. Sorry, y’all know how much I love pitching and this is the kind of rotation that makes me feel God in this place, you know? Anyway, this game wasn’t even about the pitching. It was the offensive prowess of Houston that got this party started. George Springer hit a lead off homer, because he’s George Springer and that’s what he does. Alex Bregman followed that up with his own home run, and the Astros never looked back.

Rays 9, Red Sox 4 – In an odd turn of events, Andrew Cashner leaves Baltimore (a team that can’t find victory with a GPS unit) for Boston (who was talked about for a World Series berth again this year) and suddenly can’t win. Tampa Bay is out here crushing and delivered the three game sweep. Mike Zunino and Austin Meadows both homered. After the loss, Sox skipper Alex Cora called for a meeting. One wonders if the Red Sox will find that fire going into the home stretch of the season.

Cubs 0, Cardinals 8 – While the Brewers are floundering, the Cubs and Cardinals find themselves in familiar territory – duking it out atop the leaderboard of the NL Central. As I previously mentioned, this is an odd numbered year and the Cardinal Devil Magic is as strong as ever. Matt Wieters was doing the dark bidding last night with a three run homer, while Jack Flaherty punched out nine in seven innings.

2 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 8/1/19

  1. LA Angels of Anaheim! The Angels broke out of the All Star break by beating the Mariners thrice, hanging tough to go 2up, 2down v. Houston, then taking two of three from Seattle at home. They took a road trip up I-5 to beat LAD twice. Things are looking good, no? Local paper says they need one good arm at the trade deadline, which had the roommates laughing out load. But hope springs, with Baltimore and Detroit coming to visit Disneyland and play a few games. With just a little luck against struggling teams the home nine might be in the hunt. But the Orioles, taking 3 of 4, followed by the Tigers taking 2 of 3 plummet the Angels back into mediocrity.

    There are 10 games (10!!) remaining v. Houston, 7 v. Boston, 6 v. Cleveland (sorry, I mean 5, the Native Americans beat the Angels last night), 5 v. Oakland, and 3 each v. NYY, Tampa, and Pittsburgh. Oh, and Texas six times as the only even fight based on today’s won-lost records, and precious few against the likes of the White Sox and Cincinnati. Things don’t look good for the not-really-from-LA-Angels.

    But all is not lost. Upcoming promotions include Tie Die Shirt night (not the correct spelling, but the picture I keep getting in my email looks like something from the old Dexter TV show) and Trout Bobblehead Duck Night. Yes. Trout, wearing a Duck uni and holding a hockey stick. That’s cross-promotion genius, home grown here in Orange County! Sometimes I’m so proud I think my chest will burst. I usually take an OTC antacid like Tums.


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