He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/30/19

Prof: TRADE DEADLINES!!!!!! A small trade involving the Braves and the Rangers, but there was a big, huge one. San Diego, Cincinnati, and Cleveland got together and played a little switcheroo. It’s ok when it’s in a three-way, as Lady Gaga sang. Who went where? The big moves were Yasiel Puig to the Land of Cleve and the Noted Drone Enthusiast himself getting sent off to the Reds. I don’t like the idea of Bauer in the NL now. He’s going to be pissed off and he might be lights out now, I don’t know. But then again, he was in the NL once before, with Arizona, and wasn’t as good as he could have been. Who knows? I guess we’ll see; Bauer joins Cincy and will probably make his team debut against my beloved Braves this weekend.

There were so many late games last night. Felt like I had to stay up all night just to do my part of the post…


Braves 11, Nationals 8Prof: Speaking of the Braves, they went up against SomeGuy’s Nats and this time, they take the W from the Curly Dubs. Not that I doubted, since Erick Fedde was going up against old stalwart Julio Teheran. And since I wasn’t watching the game, I knew that Julio would win. (Did I tell y’all about my superstition?) Adam Duvall is taking over for Nick Markakis and he put the Braves on his back, hitting two home runs. Even Teheran got into the act with an RBI single. After Julio left the mound, the pathetically sad Braves bullpen came out and promptly gave up three home runs. No lead is safe with these bozos. Anyway, Atlanta was able to hold on and get a much needed win against their division rivals.

Diamondbacks 4, Yankees 2Prof:  Christian Walker hitting his 20th homer of the season and Archie Bradley got his first save of the year. Gritty Snakes are now .500.


Giants 2, Phillies 4Prof: Not the most exciting game, but Rhys Hoskins hit a big homer to center and drove Bryce Harper in, so there’s that.

Astros 2, Spiders 0Prof: Justin Verlander vs Shane Bieber…it’s a showdown! It seems unfair to saddle the Biebs with the loss since he did go seven innings and struck out eight. However, JV also went seven innings, and he struck out thirteen, and didn’t allow a run. Sorry, Biebs. I probably would have loved this game because it felt like it was a battle of wits between an old master (JV) and a new pup (Bieber).


Rays 6, Reds Sox 5Scouts: Things are looking pretty bleak in Boston, while Tampa got a much needed win to keep hopes alive.  If the Rays are going to go anywhere this year, their bullpen, which has already blown 8 saves in July needs to step up big time.  This was their first attempt at redemption after Charlie Morton exited the game in the 5th, and they were able to stem the tide.


Twins 2, Marlins 1Prof: Jake Odorizzi has been such a quality pickup for Minnesota. He’s currently 12-5 and kept the Twins in the game. Byron Buxton hit a solo homer.

Pirates 11, Reds 4Prof: So. Um. Remember when I told y’all that Puig was traded to the Magical Land of Cleve? Well. He gave the Reds fans one last Wild Horse moment, but boy this was a good one. And you can’t even blame him for starting it! Chris Archer, who has devolved so far, so fast, went head hunting. The Pirates were less than apologetic. Reds pitcher Amir Garrett wasn’t having it. He literally threw down and ran to the Pirates dugout to bust heads all by himself. It’s one of the most shocking things I’ve seen on a baseball field in my life, but to be perfectly honest, I’m here for it. Puig got in on it – I guess to get his one last good scrap in a Reds uniform – and he, Garrett, Archer, and a few other Pirates were ejected. Wild, just wild. Oh, and Corey Dickerson had himself a NIGHT – 3-4, five RBI with two home runs.


Orioles 8, Padres 5Prof: Surprise! Chris Crush Davis went yard and it actually meant something! The Orioles played spoiler and rallied in late innings to defeat the Padres at Petco Park. Fernando Tatis Jr and Manny Machado homered early, but it was multi-run singles that won the game for Baltimore.

Mariners 8, Rangers 5Scouts: There’s been a few whispers about Mike Leake leaving Seattle, but so far that appears to be nothing more than sports talk gossip.  Leake allowed 5 runs on 10 hits across 5.2 innings, and yet the Mariners were able to prevail, thanks to a Rangers pitching staff that was somehow worse.


Mets 5, White Sox 2 F/11Scouts: Marcus Stroman made it pretty clear he was unhappy to be joining the Mets, not that anyone really can blame him.  Meanwhile, Thor may have pitched his last game as a Met, holding the Sox to 5 hits, 1 run, while striking out 11, over 7.1 innings and still getting a no-decision.  That’s because the Mets decided to wait until the 11th to hit a pair of solo homers that finally decided the game.

Cubs 1, Cardinals 2Prof: The Redbirds are in sole command of the NL Central, because devil magic. St. Louis traffics in the forces of darkness in odd years and this is 2019. I’m joking. Slightly. Anyway, a wild pitch from Yu Darvish caused the Cards to tie it up, and Paul Goldschmidt broke it open with a solo home run in the sixth.

Blue Jays 9, Royals 2Scouts: The Tampa Bay Blue Jays showed off their young talent once again, as Valdimir Guerrero Jr. smoked a grand slam in the 9th as part of a two hit, 5 RBI performance.


Dodgers 9, Rockies 4Prof: Four home runs (Pollock, Negron, Martin, and JT The Red Panda) and the Dodgers never looked back. They are currently 69-39 and are a National League buzz saw.

Tigers 1, Angels 6Scouts: Griffin Canning held off the pitiful Tigers across 6 shut out innings, while Matt Thaiss provided the offense, going 3-4 with 3 RBI’s including the game winning 2 run shot in the second.

Brewers 2, Athletics 3 F/10Scouts: Khris Davis finally breaks out of his homer drought, crushing one in the 8th.  The Brewers were able to come back in the 9th and tie it up, but it only delayed the inevitable, as Matt Olson walked it off on a fly ball in the bottom of the 10th.




13 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/30/19

  1. Every time the Nats fall into a large deficit, like last night’s 9-0 hole, the announcers start talking about the Dan Uggla Game:


    That one was an April, 2015 affair against the Braves in Atlanta (also started by Julio Teheran, ironically enough) where the Nats twice trailed early by eight, but managed to come back and win 13-12, with Braves’ castoff Uggla spearheading the rally with a triple and home run.

    Last night was not to be a repeat performance, however, as their rally from down 11-1 to close to 11-8 just didn’t get it done.

    Until Max returns, the Nats are staring at giving 40% of their starts to Erick Fedde and Joe Ross, and that’s no way to make the post-season. Not hearing many rumors that the Nats will make significant moves today, but there are still six hours as I write this till the deadline, so who knows.

    Rubber game of the series today at noon, then it’s off on a nine game road trip.


      1. Three arms, pending physicals:

        Anyone coming out of the bullpen this year who’s not named Doolittle, Rodney, Suero, or Rainey has been “cover your eyes, this might be bad”, so the three they got today will likely replace the ineffective “just a guy” guys, and hopefully be more than “just a guy”.


  2. If we can get some consistent pitching, this young Jays team is going to be a force to be reckoned with. The Jays now own the MLB record for most grand slams in a season by rookies, with 5… and it ain’t even August yet.


  3. Scouts, where did Stroman “make it pretty clear” that he was not happy with the trade to the Mets?

    Nowhere that I have seen.

    This is from his Twitter feed:

    NEW YORK! Where I was born. Where my heart lies. Where my family resides. Crazy excited for this part of my journey. Some things were meant to be! @Mets #HDMH pic.twitter.com/Z2H3GaxfLG

    — Marcus Stroman (@MStrooo6) July 29, 2019



    1. There were several news sources that claimed a major disturbance in the clubhouse immediately after the news broke, and the Stroman left the clubhouse none too happy. However, that’s just what we got down here.

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  4. So while JV does normal JV things against a team he has traditionally struggled against (career 21 -24 record with 4.61 ERA and 1.296 WHIP), the first of the suspects the Tiggers got in return for gifting him to the Stros made his MLB debut last night. Congrats to Jake Rogers on his 1st MLB hit.


  5. Gallen to Arizona? Good grief, just like in the old days. This will turn out to be the next Chris Paddack move.


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