He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/29/19

Scouts: I’m going to try something a little different with today’s musical selection.  Now, I’ve never been the biggest anime fan.  I’ve sure tried, but nothing I’ve watched has really been able to grip me.  Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball Z, Ghost in the Shell, Attack on Titan, One Punch Man, Death Note, I’ve tried all the ones that have come highly recommended.  There is one sole exception however, Fullmetal Alchemist.  FMA is often regarded as one of the best, if not the best Anime, and it’s one that even most non-anime lovers can really get behind.  It doesn’t hurt that the English dubbing of it was incredibly well done, and the show had a long run on Cartoon Network back in their big heyday.  There are actually two series of FMA, one that was loosely based on the source material, and one that almost strictly followed it.  One of the things that helped my love for the show was the fantastic music behind it.  I’ve found it’s quite an interesting exercise to listen to music that’s entirely in a foreign language, as you get to really focus on more than just the lyrics and it’s a very interesting experience.  You get a special appreciation to the flow of the music, the way the vocalist uses their voice, the ebbs and flow of the tones.  So today, I’m going to invite you to sit back, and give something different a try and let me know what you think!  And if you want to check out FMA, it’s streaming on Netflix.  I would recommend you start with FMA proper, and then if you like it move on to Brotherhood.

Braves 3, Nationals 6Prof: Curly Dubs struck first, then the Braves got on the board thanks to an Anthony Rendon error. However, Rendon made up for his mistake by blasting a grand slam in the sixth and breaking the tie. Atlanta could never quite catch up, even with Charlie Clutch hitting a solo dinger in the ninth. Patrick Corbin got his ninth win of the season.


Diamondbacks 6, Marlins 11Prof: The Feesh are on a hot streak and the Gritty Snakes are falling further and further behind. Not that there was any doubt who would win the NL West, but it’s pretty much a slam dunk now. The second and seventh innings were the big ones for Miami. Wanna know something fun? The winning pitcher, Caleb Smith, went 2-3 with a solo home run to boot.


Pirates 6, Reds 11Prof: Second verse, same as the first! This time it’s Cincinnati going double digits. You thought the Marlins’ second inning was big. Honey, you don’t even know! The Reds had ten in their second inning. Now, of course, the Pittsburgh starter wasn’t supposed to be the starter – the Bucs traded Jordan Lyles to Milwaukee earlier in the day. Pittsburgh didn’t stand a chance, I guess. The second inning began with a Scooter Gennett double and ended with a Jose Iglesias grand slam.

Blue Jays 7, Royals 3Scouts: Did Toronto just fill their entire roster with the offspring of former MLB stars or what?  Toronto’s drafting requirements seem to be a simple yes/no check box.  “Did your dad play in the show?  Yes/No”  Bo Bichette, son of Dante Bichette joins Cavan Biggio and Vladimir Guerrero on the Blue Jay roster, and participated in his first MLB win.

Dodgers 1, Rockies 9Scouts: Colorado’s been fading fast for a while now and really needed a win against LA to help right the ship.  Jon Gray did his part, holding the potent LA offense to just 3 hits and 1 run over 8 very strong innings.  Kenta Maeda continues his recent struggles.  Maeda is now 0-4 with a 4.97 ERA in his last 7 starts.


Tigers 7, Angels 4Scouts: Look at that, the Tigers actually won a game!  Way to go boys!  Not only that, but Jordan Zimmermann won his first game of the season (Yes, really), breaking a 0-8 streak.

Orioles 1, Padres 8Scouts: Now this is the Baltimore squad I’ve come to know so well.  David Hess reached the 10 loss mark by allowing 4 homers in 4.2 innings pitched, and Dillon Tate came in to close out a blow out loss by allowing one more for good measure.  Eric Hosmer picked up a pair of homers, and Fernando Tatis, Franmil Reyes, and Luis Urias each picked up solos of their own, with Urias picking up his first on the season.  Just for good Measure, Chris Davis came in to pitch hit in the 9th with the bases loaded and struck out, because of course he did.

8 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/29/19

  1. Happy Trade Deadline Eve y’all! Or as Tigger fans call it, Al Avila Drops His Pants Eve.

    OK, this is weird. Until 24 hours ago I had never heard of Fullmetal Alchemist. Yesterday my nephew posted something about it on Facebook, now it shows up here.

    Not mentioned in the Tigger recap, the former feared power hitter known as Miguel Cabrera went Boom for the 6th time this season to move up to 9th on the worst offensive team in baseball. There was a time if he was 9th in the league he would be having a bad year.

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  2. I was rather a bit indisposed during the Nats/Braves game last night. Once we get to a certain age, there are recommended routine medical procedures for us, and some of those procedures require preparation the day before, and last night was that preparation session. The upshot was that I didn’t get to sit and watch all of the game, but rather had to catch snippets of it between trips to the loo, so I wasn’t able to get engrossed in the full flow of the game. I did get to see the Rendon grand slam, though.

    For some reason, Gerardo Parra has chosen/been stuck with the children’s song “Baby Shark” as his walkup song; if you know it, I apologize for the earworm, and if you don’t know it, don’t go looking for it. The song is A Thing for the Nats, not just with their fans who all stand and do what was heretofore known as the (University of Florida) Gator Chomp while the song is playing, but also with the players, who celebrate every hit with different versions of said chomp, running from index and forefinger for a single to full-on Chomp for a triple (home runs are celebrated with a dance line in the dugout). Anyway, the other fun thing I got to see last night was Freddie Freeman’s reaction to his first exposure to all this silliness, as it wasn’t A Thing last time the Braves were in town. Freddie was somewhere between amused, bemused, and confused:

    Game two tonight, with Erick (not Max Scherzer) Fedde taking on Julio Teheran, and then a quick turnaround for a noon start on Wednesday to close the series. Nats are 4.5GB, and have a chance to really make this a race.

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  3. “Bo Bichette, son of Dante Bichette joins Cavan Biggio and Vladimir Guerrero on the Tampa roster, and participated in his first MLB win.”

    Tampa roster? I heard the rumors of the Raze moving to Montreal, but I didn’t know that Blue Jays were snowbirds.

    A little light on the caffeine this morning, Scouts?


  4. I guess happy was pleased with new acquisition Sergio Romo’s debut tonight – a scoreless inning and a hold vs. his former Feesh teammates. Hell, he should’ve just taken a nice suite at a hotel on the beach and waited a couple of days for his new team to show up. What a waste of a coach-cramped backside.


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