He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/28/19

Prof: How was everyone’s weekend? Trades and rumors of trades abound; I’m sure more will go down in the next few hours. I’m curious as to where some major pieces will end up. Guys like Noah Syndergaard, Will Smith, maybe even Ken Giles or Zack Wheeler. Marcus Stroman, Sergio Romo, and Eric Sogard have already changed their shirts. Who is next?


Yankees 9, Red Sox 6Scouts: The Yankees picked up a pretty decisive win against Chris Sale and the Red Sox as Domingo Germain increased his W/L to 13-2 despite having a 4.08 ERA.  Chris Sale on the other hand falls to 5-10 with a 4.26, and it’s starting to look more and more like the Sox will be sellers at this deadline.

Braves 4, Phillies 9Scouts: Philly keeps saying they are still in it, and are just one good run away from being back in the think of the chase, and despite being 6.5 out of the division, they are only 1 out of the Wild Card chase in an incredibly crowded field.  Atlanta’s not doing themselves any favors by no putting away Philly when they have the chance.  Kevin Gausman who’s still pitching, I assume because Atlanta can’t find any interns laying around with a live arm, gave up 6 runs in 6 innings raising his ERA to 5.97.

Rays 10, Blue Jays 9Prof: Ouch, this is the worst way to lose, in my opinion. Toronto had this one in hand, up by seven runs by the sixth inning…and then the Rays bounced back. Bang! Two run homer in the seventh. Pow! Two run homer in the eighth. Biff! Another solo home run in the eighth. In the end, tied up in the ninth inning, Tampa’s Joey Wendle drove in the winning run.

Pirates 7, Mets 8Prof: Funny that the Mets’ update is immediately after the Blue Jays, considering that Toronto just sent Marcus Stroman to New York for a pair of pitching prospects. The Mets started out super hot, getting six runs in the first inning alone (including a two run homer from Michael Conforto). Pittsburgh clawed their way back, slowly; cutting the deficit in half by the fifth inning, only to be felled by an error that led to a run being scored. Then Super Rookie Pete Alonso grounded into a fielder’s choice for another run. That was all the Mets needed to secure the win.


Diamondbacks 1, Marlins 5Scouts: Arizona’s not doing themselves any favors lately, losing to the Brewers, the Orioles, and now the Marlins.  Robbie Ray gave up 3 runs in 6 innings, and despite racking up 11 strikeouts, it wasn’t enough to stop the Marlins who suddenly look better than they have in a while.

Rockies 2, Reds 3Scouts: Alex Wood, who’s been dealing with lower back spasms all season long made his long awaited season debut with the Reds.  Woods looked pretty good, holding Colorado to a pair of runs across 4.2 innings.

Dodgers 4, Nationals 11Prof: Big mood in Washington as Stephen Strasburg and the Curly Dubs had to flex on Walker Buehler and the Dodgers. Stras went seven innings and struck out nine, only giving up one run. Buehler, on the other hand, went five and 1/3, had 6 Ks, but four earned runs. The Nats ace also drove in a run in the sixth inning, further helping his cause. Anthony Rendon continues to be the best player in baseball that is still an afterthought – 3-4 with three RBI.

Cubs 11, Brewers 4Prof: The second half of the season has not been kind to Milwaukee. Pitchers are dropping like flies (Brandon Woodruff, Gio Gonzalez, among others) and while Christian Yelich, Lorenzo Cain, and Ryan Braun are performing well, the rest of the team’s hurting for hits. This has caused the former runaway NL Central favorites to fall further and further behind. The Cubs have taken over as your NL Central overlords and it has a lot to do with the heavy lumber being swung by the Baby Babe Ruth, Kyle Schwarber. The Schwarbs had a heck of a grand slam in the second inning (473 feet!), then followed that tasty bit up with a three run homer in the fourth. It’s hard to come back from that.


Twins 11, White Sox 1Scouts: Are the Twins done, or are they just napping?  A team that at one point looked unstoppable, then started to show some crack, really needed a big win, and a big win they got.  The Twins took Chicago pitching deep 4 times, absolutely destroying the ball, and with any luck, any suggestion that they may not be who we thought they were.


Spiders 6, Royals 9Prof: Let’s talk about grown men playing a child’s game. Or, rather, one supposed grown man who acted like a child. The Noted Drone Enthusiast had himself a hell of a tantrum last night. Let’s set the scene: Bauer had been having a crap outing anyway; in the last four innings he had coughed up three runs and was well on his way to giving up even more in the fifth. In fact, he gave up a two run single with only one out recorded. Terry Francona came out to give him the ol’ Vaudeville hook, and then suddenly Bauer spun around like a madman and recklessly threw the ball over the center field wall, like a damned child. Wah, you giant baby. Of course, the N.D.E. apologized after the game, but he needs to apologize to his teammates and especially his manager. I don’t care how mad you are that things aren’t going your way. Don’t do that crap, man. You’re an embarrassment.


Astros 6, Cardinals 2Scouts: Houston’s on a roll again, looking like a team that can do some damage come playoff time. George Springer, Yordan Alvarez, and Jose Altuve provided the fireworks while Wade Miley kept the Cardinals to 5 hits over 5 shutout innings.

Orioles 4, Angels 5Prof: The Orioles nearly won. I mean, they kept up pretty decently with Los Angeles of Anaheim of Southern California, and it took a walk-off to keep the Halos from getting swept at home by one of the worst teams in baseball. Player of the game was Matt Thaiss (who?), who hit two homers including the winning run. Special shout-out to Albert Pujols, who hit home run number 650.


Rangers 5, Athletics 6Prof: Earlier, I thought that the worst way to lose was to wet the proverbial bed against a team and let them bounce back after what should have been a decisive victory. However, I reserve the right to change my mind and now I think the worst way to lose is on a walk-off walk. That’s right; your bullpen is so corrosive that they walked in the winning run in the bottom of the ninth. How sad is that? How much does that suck? Well, that’s what happened here; Marcus Semien homered earlier in the game and then was the recipient of the walk-off walk.

Giants 7, Padres 6Prof: MadBum gets the win after going seven innings with six strikeouts (but four earned runs). Will Smith gets his 26th save of the season. Little Yaz, Mike, had four hits and 2 RBI. MadBum and Smith are two of the biggest pieces of dangling trade bait out there, but who knows if San Francisco would ever get rid of Bumgarner.

Tigers 2, Mariners 3 F/10Scouts: Man, Detroit is sure making a play for that number 1 draft pick aren’t they?  The Tigers haven’t won in precisely 3,528 days, and managed to allow a J.P. Crawford walk-off single to lose their 6,398th consecutive game.



4 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/28/19

  1. Nats had their chances to take two of three from the Trolley Dodgers this weekend, but didn’t quite get there.

    Friday’s game was 1-1 in the 8th, and the Nats had squandered a few opportunities to score by then. Nonetheless, Javy Guerra retired the first two men he faced in the top of the 8th, and then Tony Sipp, alleged LOOGY, was summoned to face left-handed hitters Joc Pederson, whom he walked, and Alex Verdugo, to whom he yielded a single. That brought on the just reactivated from the IL Kyle Barraclough to face Justin Turner, and after a wild pitch moved the runners to second and third, Turner hit a 3-1 pitch so far that the damn thing should’ve have flight attendants. They still managed to load the bases in the 9th against Jensen and even score a run, but couldn’t make it all the way back.

    By Saturday, Barraclough had been dispatched to AA Harrisburg, and the Nats tried an opener strategy, with Matt Grace pitching two effective innings, but he was replaced by Joe Ross, and that didn’t go well.

    Sunday’s win might’ve come at the cost of Matt Adams’ services; he was hit in the foot with a pitch and left the game in the 4th. X-rays were inconclusive due to swelling, but the Nats are now looking at a possible Howie Kendrick/Gerardo Parra platoon at 1B for some unknown period of time. Also, Max Scherzer’s back is still iffy, so he’s not likely to take his next turn in the rotation, so (insert ThisIsFine.gif here)

    The Braves, who are also banged up, come to town for three games starting tonight, and the Nats try to inch closer to the division lead, maintain their grasp on the wild card, and find pitching in the trade market.


  2. So I had a bunch of old partial cans of paint that had been accumulating so I bought kitty litter to absorb it so I could dispose of it. While waiting for the mixture to dry up, I decided to completely veg out and watch the Tiggers. After Joe Jimenez got the first 2 M’s out in the 8th the crack production team put up a graphic showing that in his last 3 appearances he hadn’t given up a hit or a run. Right on cue, he serves up an 0-2 fastball that missed it’s spot and ended up in the seats to tie the game. This pretty much sums up this season – Tigger baseball: You’re better off watching paint dry.

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    1. I bet I’ve watched maybe 5 entire games all season. Fyi, you tuned in when I tuned out. Also right on cue, I told paper that we would have to listen to Jack’s blathering about Jiminez’s problem being mental. And Jack started right in on his confidence. Oh, well, at least we didn’t have to hear Jack’s rant against strike outs again. Man, that broadcast puts me to sleep.

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