He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/25/19

Scouts: San Diego Comic Con just happened, so it’s officially Trailer season, and the one I’m most excited for is Star Trek: Picard.  When the series was first announced I was very apprehensive as I feel the Trek property has been mismanaged a lot lately, and has gotten away from the core fundamentals and values that make Trek so special and loved.  They are pushing action and “twists” more than good old fasioned morals, values, and human ingenuity that we saw in TNG, DS9, and even Voyager (Although I had a hard time getting past season 2 of Voyager).  I didn’t care for most of the JJ Abrams universe, and I really didn’t care for season 1 of Discovery at all.  But man, after watching the trailer for Picard, I am HYPE.


Spiders 5, Royals 4 F/14Scouts: Clearly not content enough to let the rest of the league have their extra inning fun yesterday, the Spiders and Royals  went scoreless for 7 innings, beginning with the 7th before they finally decided to end the marathon thanks to a Jose Ramirez homer and a Jake Bauer single.


Orioles 10, Angels 8 F/16Scouts: Speaking of marathon games, the Orioles and Angles effectively played a double header that only counted for one.  LA tied things up in the 9th after Baltimore took a late lead, and then once again tied things up in the 15th after the O’s took another 3 run lead.  Finally Jonathan Villar homered in the 16th, scoring two and the O’s were in their third attempt to close out the game.  The only problem is they were out of pitchers after both Paul Fry and Tanner Scott blew the game earlier.  So they turned to outfielder Stevie Wilkerson, who because this is Baltimore, entered the game with 3 innings pitched from two separate occasions.  Well old Stevie was on fire this night and was able to get Brian Goodwin to fly out, Kole Calhoun to ground out, and Albert Pujols to fly out to end the game.  And thus Stevie Wilkerson ended the game going 1-7 with a RBI, 3 strikeouts, one inning pitched, and his first save on the season.


Rangers 11, Athletics 3Scouts: The Rangers haven’t been doing to well lately, so it was a much needed win, thanks to Ariel Jurado’s recovery after giving up 3 runs in the first.  The next six innings he shut out the Athletics and bought Texas time to get their offense rolling to the tune of scoring 5 runs in the 5th and 5 in the 6th.

Tigers 2, Mariners 10Scouts: Detroit needs to start winning games, because they are stealing away the number one draft pick from Baltimore.  We didn’t suffer this long terrible season to have you waltz in there and take that away from us!  Tim Beckham hit a grand slam for the Mariners in the 3rd and they never looked back.


Padres 0, Mets 4Prof: In the midst of some major trade rumors, the Mets came out swinging. Todd Frazier and Michael Conforto helped pour on the runs in the first inning, which was all they needed. Jacob deGrom went seven innings and struck out nine.

Cardinals 6, Pirates 3Prof: Goldy can’t stop, and he won’t stop. The Redbird first baseman has hit a homer in four consecutive games. Kolten Wong and Dexter Fowler also went yard.


Rockies 8, Nationals 7Prof: This was Max Scherzer’s return from the IL, and it could have been better. The game was all around messy anyway, as both teams have bullpens with arms made of jelly. The Rox hit four home runs and an inspired outing from Wade Davis (who got the save for Colorado) made all the difference.

Yankees 3, Red Sox 19Prof: X(ander) gon’ give it to ’em! Bogaerts hit a three run homer and a solo dinger- bookends. In the meantime, he was helped out by Jackie Bradley Jr (3-4, 2 RBI) and Mitch Moreland (2-3, 2 RBI) among others. New York’s Tanaka was beat up for 12 runs in 3.1 innings.


Twins 10, White Sox 3Scouts: The White Sox continue their miserable stretch, getting walloped by the Twins, who bashed 5 homers.  In doing so, the Twins became the first team in history to have 9 games of 5 or more homers.  Nelson Cruz his three of the 5 himself, while Max Kepler and Miguel Sano picked up the rest.

3 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/25/19

  1. Max wasn’t sharp yesterday, but he hadn’t pitched in almost three weeks, so some rust was to he expected. He said he felt fine, but also said he was going to wait and see how he feels today before pronouncing himself fully recovered, so fingers crossed…

    This was a taxing series for the Nats pen, what with starters only going 21 innings in four games across the days, with all of the games being close. Doolittle wasn’t available yesterday, Suero was on his third day in a row, and Rodney should’ve been skipped, but he tried to gut it out, and it didn’t work out. Still, Nats took three of four, so can’t fuss too much.

    Dodgers this weekend, then three with the Braves leading up to the trade deadline. Fun times ahead…

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  2. Continuing on Prof’s theme from earlier in the week, I avoided watching the Tiggers’ West Coast disaster last night and instead went with a non-baseball summer outdoor activity to see Peter Frampton with Jason Bonham’s LedZep tribute as the opening act. Awesome show! Looking at the itinerary some future shows will be near some FI family so if you want a musical time machine back to the 70’s check it out.


  3. The Feesh got a terrific relief stint out of Greg Holland who, fortunately, was pitching for the Snakes. Nursing a one run lead, he filled the bases with Feesh in the bottom of the ninth on a single-walk-single, and then gave up two sac flies. I hope someone remembered to change his sheets last last.


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