He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/23/19

Scouts: The horrible heat wave that gripped the East Coast has finally broken and it’s safe to go outside once again.  What’s your favorite Summer outdoor activity that’s not baseball related?


Yankees 14, Twins 12 F/10Scouts: This is one of those games that’s incredibly difficult to write up, because just so much happened, and I know I just can’t quite do it enough justice.  Please watch the video below for a proper recap, as it’s one of those games you have to experience to really get.  The Yankees took an early 2-0 lead, but that didn’t last very long as Minnesota end up storming back to take a 8-2 lead by the end of the 4th.  The Yankees and Twins would battle back and forth scoring multiple innings along the way to the 9th.  When Minnesota’s Jorge Polanco tied it up with a sac fly in the 9th, you just knew it wasn’t enough to deter the Yankees.  Gleyber Torres singled in Didi Gregorius to kick off the 10th, and the final run came as part of a Wild pitch by Kohl Stewart.  Minnesota threatened in the bottom of the frame, with Max Kepler stepping up to the plate with two down and the bases loaded.  The outcome you can watch below:  


Rockies 1, Nationals 11Prof: Wow, you guys, we might need to call the police because the Rox just got murdered. Stephen Strasburg had another strong outing, but it was the Nats offense in the seventh inning that was overpowering. Starting with Matt Adams’ RBI single, Colorado had two throwing errors and just overall poor pitching to cause the Curly Dubs to loop all the way back to Anthony Rendon.


Cardinals 4, Pirates 3Prof: Paul Goldschmidt, you’ve done it again. Hit a homer, that is. St. Louis handed Chris Archer his seventh loss of the season.

Spiders 1, Blue Jays 2 F/10Prof: This was free to watch on YouTube today, but I had some personal things going on and didn’t get a chance to watch it. Looks like I missed out on a Smoak Show. haha, see what I did there? That’s because Justin Smoak hit a ninth inning homer to tie it up, and then had an RBI single to win it in extras.

Phillies 3, Tigers 2 F/15Scouts: This was your more traditional extra inning game, where both teams scored most of their runs early, then went on a long grind of 0’s.  Finally Rhys Hoskins singled in Schott Kingrey and everyone was finally allowed to go home.

Padres 2, Mets 5Prof: Go, go, Robbie Cano! The Mets’ veteran second baseman had himself a night, hitting three homers and contributing every run the Mets scored. For the last two homers, he drove home Super Rookie Pete Alonso, who was given the ol’ Barry Bonds treatment.


Royals 5, Braves 4Prof: As I said to SomeGuy the other day, when Atlanta is great, they are fantastic, but when they are bad, they are dreadful. And getting beaten by the sadsack Royals is dreadful. What’s really bad is that it’s ALWAYS the former Braves that do it to them. This time, it was Lucas Duda, who spent a brief stint in the ATL. Duda hit a pinch-hit homer and that put KC over the top. Atlanta attempted to come back with RBI singles in the eighth and ninth innings, but it was too little, too late.

Reds 14, Brewers 6Scouts: Not a great game for Zach Davies who allowed 7 runs over 4 innings and watched as his team got absolutely blown out by a Reds squad that’s 7 games below .500.

Marlins 5, White Sox 1Prof: These Feesh did not go bad. The Grandy Man proved that he still can with a two run homer in the fourth inning, while left fielder Harold Ramirez hit a solo dinger of his own.


Athletics 4, Astros 3 F/11Scouts: Another extra inning game, this one was one that almost wasn’t.  Houston coughed up a 2-0 lead in the 9th thanks to a Matt Olson three-run homer.  Skip ahead to the 11th, where Ramon Laureano doubled in, guess who, Matt Olson to score the winning run.

Orioles 7, Diamondbacks 2Scouts: The Orioles have been winning a lot lately, and I really wish they would knock it the hell off.  On the one hand it’s nice to get a win on occasion and they have a few possible trade chips that are getting a little exposure, but on the other, the real prize is that top pick, which they no longer have a firm grip over.  Anyways, one time can’t miss kid Dylan Bundy returned from the DL and actually didn’t look completely horrible for a change.

Red Sox 5, Rays 4Prof: Listen, I know Boston won but I want to ask a very important question. What alien abducted Travis d’Arnaud and changed his DNA into a home run hitting machine? Because that’s obviously what happened. Anyway, the Red Sox were led to victory by a 10K outing from Chris Sale. Andrew Benintendi went 2-4 with two RBI.

Cubs 4, Giants 5 F/13Scouts: Apparently it was the day of extra frames, as yet another team played bonus ball.  The Giants continue their tear through the league taking another one from the Cubs.  The winning run came on a walk-off Pablo Sandoval homer.


Angels 5, Dodgers 4Scouts: Mike Trout showed off both his arm and his bat, continuing to prove why he’s the best player in baseball.  LA threatened in the 9th, but was unable to come up with the big hit needed.

Rangers 7, Mariners 2Scouts: Texas finally got that win they’ve been struggling to hard to see recently, and it didn’t come due to Mike Minor or Lance Lynn, but rather a group of rookies in a bullpen event. Of course it wasn’t all pitching as the bats made their presence with a pair of homers by Rougned Odor.  Sin-Soo choo and Nomar Mazara also went yard for the cause.

9 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/23/19

  1. My favorite outdoor activity, non-baseball division, is playing golf. I’m borderline obsessed with the game, mostly because I’m not nearly as good at it as I want to be. But I’ve got time.

    As the accompanying video shows, Treat Urner went for the cycle last night, for the 2nd time in his career, both against the Rockies, one in Denver and one in DC. He’s the 26th guy to ever have two cycles, and only Adrian Beltre has three. Anthony Rendon’s favorite player is pretty good at baseball in his own right, when he’s not dealing with broken bones caused by HBPs.

    Good musical selections today; I’ve been a fan of Johnny Cougarcamp through his many name iterations. I was once involved in a weeks-long argument with a woman over the lyrics to Cherry Bomb, as she would not believe that the line is “That’s when a sport was a sport”. Now, in her defense, he sang it as “That’s when a spote was a spote”, but what the hell is a “spote”, anyway? She would spend many quarters playing the song over and over again on the jukebox at the bar where I worked, until I finally brought in the LP, which had the lyrics printed on the cover, to convince her.

    Nats have a split DH with the Rox today, and are calling up a third catcher as their 26th man, which is… interesting.

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    1. Turns out that the beat reporter for the Nats made an incorrect assumption regarding the 26th man.

      See, minor league catcher Raudy Read was not on the active roster in Fresno last night, so it was presumed that he’d be the 26th man for today. However, the Nats have announced that it’ll be utility infielder Adrian Sanchez, which might mean that Read is part of a brewing trade for bullpen help?

      /Arte Johnson voice – Verrrrry interesting….


    2. I thought it was “spoke” for the longest time, which might be a result of mentally blurring it with Breaking Away.


  2. I guess my favorite non-baseball related summer outdoor activity is outdoor concerts if there’s a good band playing a local venue or walking the dog if there isn’t. I’d like it to be golf but I don’t play well enough to enjoy it. I’m now in summer # 2 of not coaching my son’s travel baseball team I and I thought for sure I would have joined a league by now. I’m planning to retire in the spring of 2023 and I’m pondering the idea of becoming an umpire for the Little League that I coached in for years or maybe returning to coaching because nothing beats being on a baseball field.

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  3. Dactyloidae daze: I like to sit out in my gazebo and count the different species of anoles that turn up on any given day. They appear, as if magically, out of the foliage surrounding the pool deck:


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