Sunday Sermon Edition SMonday Edition

This coming trade deadline week will be a telling one. Hope will grow for some and die for others.

This week’s featured artist

Well, this final trade deadline week might tell whether or not the Twins are going to go all in and finally either get it all together or at least go out with guns a blazin before I’m dying on a respirator.

Prof, what do you hope your Braves do this week? Someguy what do you hope your Nats do? @Stex have you moved on, what about your Astros? @badhair, I have no idea what happens after my (non)  designed by evolutionary trial and error happenstance body inevitably declines into total non functionality, but I hope to meet you.

Friday – Cubs 6 Padres 5 | Saturday – Cubs 6 Padres 5

Same same.

Friday – Orioles 11 Red Sox 2 | Saturday – Orioles 6 Red Sox 17

Surprise on Friday back to boring reality on Saturday

Friday – Phillies 6 Pirates 1 | Saturday – Phillies 1  Pirates 5

Let’s move on.

Friday – Yankees 12 Rockies 2 | Saturday – Yankees 11  Rockies 5

Life isn’t fair.

This one depicts the lyrics with pictures. Literally.

Friday – Cardinals 12 Reds 11 | Saturday – Cardinals 2 Reds 3

Life in the NL 500  Club

Friday – Indians 10 Royals 5 | Saturday – Indians 0 Royals 1

Are not your rare wins all the sweeter Royals when they come against the Clevelanders?

Friday – Blue Jays 12 Tigers 1 | Saturday – Blue Jays 7 Tigers 5

That’s right Tigers, save it for the Clevelanders.

Friday – White Sox 9 Rays 2 | Saturday – White Sox 2  Rays 1

The Rays don’t deserve this. Save it for the Clevelanders White Sox.

NL East Showdown

Friday – Braves 4 Nationals 3 | Saturday – Braves 3 Nationals 5

Toe to toe in the center of the ring for the title!

Friday – Astros 4 Rangers 3 | Saturday – Astros 6 Rangers 1

The Astros have won four straight.

Friday – Athletics 5 Twins 3 | Saturday – Athletics 5  Twins 4

Shut up.

Friday – Diamondbacks 10 Brewers 7 | Saturday – Diamondbacks 3 Brewers 8

The Brewers and Diamondbacks have close to the same record but are in very different situations. See below.

Friday – Dodgers 2 Marlins 1 | Saturday – Dodgers 10 Marlins 6

When I first typed this I accidentally typed “Godgers” instead of Dodgers. I should have left it that way.

Friday – Mariners 10 Angels 0 | Saturday – Mariners 6 Angels 10

Revenge for Tyler Skaggs day on Friday, revenge for Friday on Saturday.

Friday – Giants 1 Mets 0 (F/10) | Saturday – Giants 4 Mets 11


One thought on “Sunday Sermon Edition SMonday Edition

  1. Whelp, the Bums got tired of diddling around with the Feesh in the bottom of the eighth last night (past my bedtime), put up a quick four spot, put the upstarts down in order in the ninth and went out for a beer. The Teal Terriors drop to 24 south of the Strange Attractor and send Pearl Harbor’s own Jordan Yamamoto (the irony just cooks, don’t it?) to face the Blue Angelinos today.

    Glad you aksed.
    I just got back from a few days in Houston, where I dined at the incomparable Uchi Sushi on Westheimer and Montrose, watched the glorious Michelle Brangwen Dance Ensemble (on whose board I happen to sit) premiere their beautiful new progressive ballet, “Dancing the Blue Hour” at MATCH – then the next morning repaired to Goode’s Tacqueria on Kirby at Westpark, the only place I’ve ever been that serves quail and eggs (any style) for breakfast. How was the quail? Not only very tasty but adorable. So good, in fact, that it enthused me to fantasize a B horror movie in which a dozen or so random travelers are trapped in an abandoned Stuckey’s in the middle of Texas nowhere, thrown together by fate (and pissant screenwriting), surrounded by giant man-eating bobwhites. In Washington, the regulation clueless DEP bureaucrats are puzzling over a fragment of a note they have received from a nearby field research station: “Upon word from you will take in feedbox. We think that’s why they hang around here.”

    Okay, it’s not Nico Giacabone and Gonzalez Iñarritu. But it’s got a better chance of hitting the screen than the Feesh do of climbing out of the grease trap this season.


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