He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/18/19

Prof: Girl Power Friday! I should have done this theme last month during Pride, but better late than never I suppose.


Athletics 3, Twins 6Prof: Well, it’s about time, Minnesota. It comes off a fine performance from Kyle Gibson, who pitched seven innings and struck out as many. The game got off to a goofy start in the third inning when Mike Fiers went wild and allowed Miguel Sano to score. I mean, he literally went wild; it was a wild pitch that brought Sano home. It was two home runs late in the game that secured the win for the Twins.

Astros 6, Angels 2Prof: SPRINGER DINGER!!!!! George Springer went yard, Alex Bregman did, too; the Astros was in firm control of this one. The guy getting the L hung on him was Matt Harvey. I forgot that the former Met phenomenon played for the Halos. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. Did I ever tell y’all about the time I cut a friend out of my life because of Matt Harvey? It’s true. My disgust knew no bounds.

Brewers 5, Diamondbacks 1Scouts: In his 100th career start, Zach Davies picked up career win number 41.  Which really is pretty darn good.  Davies is also sitting on 400 career strikeouts, which I’m sure I’m the only one who finds interesting at all.


Mets 2, Giants 3 F/16Scouts: There were a lot of zeros in this match-up.  Not just with the two teams playing, but on the scoreboard aswell!  Haha, I kid, I kid.  The Mets scored one in the first and one in the 16th.  Of course they immediately went out and blew the lead by allowing two in the bottom of the frame.  The Giants used 7 pitchers despite Bumgarner going 9 frames, and the Mets used a total of 8.  I hope everyone gets a lot of rest, because they are all going right back at it today!

Padres 3, Marlins 4Scouts: San Diego just can’t seem to get things going lately.  They scream of a team that’s close to being good, but not quite there.  They had to battle to come back and tie things in the 6th, only to watch Brian Anderson double in the winning run in a walk-off in the 9th.


Dodgers 6, Phillies 7Prof: In what feels like game five zillion in the series, the Phillies squeaked by Los Angeles thanks to Bryce Harper and Rhys Hoskins. Harper tied it up with an RBI single while Hoskins gave Philadelphia the lead with his two run single. Fun fact – Bryce rocked a Phillie Phanatic headband during the game. It was amazing. I want one.


Blue Jays 0, Red Sox 5Prof: It feels weird to remember that Chris Sale was really, really bad earlier this season, because he’s the complete opposite of that right now. The Red Sox ace struck out twelve in six, continuing to rack up double digit punchout games this year. Did you know he hadn’t won a game at Fenway in over a year? Hard to believe that all of his victories came on the road. Rafael Devers and Mookie Betts both went yard.

White Sox 5, Royals 6Scouts: Kansas City keeps the good times rolling by completing the sweep against the White Sox.  Brad Keller was able to make the most out of a 5 run gift in the 3rd, just holding off the Sox enough to earn the win.


Rays 2, Yankees 6 (Game 1)Scouts: Tampa started things off right with a pair of homers in the first inning, but eventually Gio Urshela was just too much, lighting the spark that propelled the Yankees to yet another victory.

Rays 1, Yankees 5 (Game 2)Scouts: New York took a 8 game lead in the East thanks to a four run 6th inning and a rare doubleheader sweep.


Tigers 3, Spiders 6Prof: Yet another never ending series, this time featuring El Tigres and the Magical Land of Cleve. The Noted Drone Enthusiast struck out ten and gets the win. Jose Ramirez hit a two run homer in the sixth and had a fielder’s choice RBI in the eighth.

Cardinals 7, Reds 4Scouts: Tommy Edman’s Grand Slam in the 6th was the edge the Cardinals needed to get past the Reds who couldn’t hold onto an early 3 run lead.

Nationals 13, Braves 4Prof: Woof. SomeGuy, I’m sure you’re very happy at SomeHouse in VA. The hero of the day was the game winner, Stephen Strasburg, who went 5.1 innings, struck out seven, hit a three run homer, had a two run single, and ultimately went 3-3 at the plate. Yes, that’s right, the pitcher was the hottest hitter on the Nats last night. One thing you can’t say about Atlanta is that they do anything in half measures. When they are great, they are superb. When they suck, they are hot toxic garbage. Props to the Curly Dubs.





10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/18/19

  1. Last night’s game had all the makings of a loss for the Nats, and if you’d told me beforehand that the final was going to be 13-4, I’d have chalked it up as a win for the Braves.

    The Nats got into Atlanta after 3:30AM on Thursday, thanks to having played a rain-delayed game in Baltimore Wednesday night, and the game didn’t start great for them; failed to score in the top of the first after having two on and one out, and then Strasburg struggled mightily in the bottom of the first, throwing over 30 pitches while giving up a run. However, they hung around long enough to explode in the 3rd (Strasburg had two hits in the inning and scored twice, including from first on a triple by Adam Eaton) and even though Strasburg ran out of gas in the 6th, the bullpen managed to get eleven outs with little drama and less stress.

    I had an “Oh yeah, that guy” moment last night regarding Austin Riley, who was inserted as a defensive substitute in the 9th (when Charlie Culbertson or Dansby Swanson was pitching; hard to tell them apart). Riley was tearing things up just a few weeks ago, but it appears that he’s cooled off considerably. Is that a fair assessment, Prof?

    Still 5 1/2 back, still not sure Max can go this weekend, but last night’s win didn’t tax the bullpen and eases the pressure on getting Max back, especially if the Nats can take at least one of the next two.

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    1. It was indeed Charles Clutch, he’s the closest to a Zobrist the Braves will get.

      Your take on Riley is accurate. I think pitchers are able to read him better and perhaps he’s gotten a bad habit. For our sake, I hope he talks to Chipper and Andruw to learn better plate discipline.

      Stras usually wilts in Atlanta so I was shocked that he was effective EVERYWHERE last night.


      1. I don’t know if you watched the game on MASN, but F.P. was legit concerned that the Nats extend the inning after Stras lumbered home from first on the Eaton triple. $DEITY knows what might’ve happened had the Nats quickly gotten out of that inning.


  2. I love Zach Davies, he’s got a good head on his shoulders, he’s still a puppy, and he was even injured during this period. I think he’s the best pitcher in Milwaukee when he’s healthy tbh.


  3. Less than 2 weeks until the new one and only trade deadline. I’d be interested in hearing from those whose teams are in the division or wild card race what trades they’d like to see their teams make to solidify or improve their chances. I miss the days when the Tiggers were buyers at the deadline.


    1. I saw a report today that the Twins have talked to the Tigers about Boyd and Greene. I definitely would like to see them get a good reliever or two but I wouldn’t like to see them give up a ton of prospects to get Boyd as all the starters they have now have been doing okay.

      You wouldn’t mind helping out an old friend would you?

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    2. I expect the Nats to be buyers of bullpen help, but only nibbling on the margins. The Nats don’t have much top-shelf minor league talent, and even less that they’d be willing to part with.

      Most intriguing guy they could deal would be Michael A. Taylor, who’s shown flashes of offensive competence to go with his great defense, but only when he played for Dusty. It just didn’t happen here for MAT, but maybe someone else can make something useful out of him.

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  4. Mariano Rivera is again in the news. USA Today states that “HOF Weekend Belongs To Rivera.” Yahoo Sports’ “Daunting task: Ranking Rivera among Yankee greats” leads with an unnamed ex-Yankee in the press box saying Babe Ruth leads all ex- Yankees but “As for the rest of them, good luck.”

    I can’t read a story that opens by implying that Rivera might actually be ranked above the likes of Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle. Speaking of Ruth, you all know he gave up an outstanding pitching career of six seasons to become a full time player. Babe Ruth posted an ERA of 2.28 in 1221.1 innings (includes 31 innings with NYY). Rivera has an ERA of 2.21 in 1283.2 innings.

    The argument that the innings pitched at the end of the game are more important is preposterous. I don’t know how to get the answer to some of my questions: How many times did Mariano finish a 6-2 or 9-3 game because he needed work to stay sharp? How many inherited runners scored with Rivera on the mound?

    I’m sure you all remember the unexciting, stupid invented stat known as Game Winning RBI? It failed to generate any real fan following because it might occur in the third, long before the game was actually “won.” The Save is in the same category of created stats that measure something but don’t really add meaning to the game. I simply don’t believe that the batters for a team down 3-2 or 9-7 have suddenly become much more dangerous than the same batters were in the sixth.

    I hope we have a lot more players gain an unanimous vote. I agree Rivera is great. In his group, he is the best ever. but I contend his position of closer is vastly overrated in importance.

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