He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/17/19

Prof: I’m pulling back the curtain on how the blog works, a little. I always write my portion the night before (so, right now it’s nearly 8 pm on the 17th). I set everything up, and depending on the amount of games being played, or how tired I am (for example, if I have to work my second job that day), it determines how many games I cover. When I lived in the Frozen Tundra, this process was a little easier, because I could cover more west coast games. Now I’m nestled between Baltimore and Washington, DC, and that makes things weird. Thankfully, I can use my insomnia to my advantage.

Generally, when I post the introductory paragraph, I also choose the music. When picking out the tunes, I try to choose things that I like, but also that I think fit a theme, or at the very least I try to choose songs or artists that might be new to our blog family. Mostly, it’s because music is extremely important to me (it’s right up there with baseball and movies), and I like to share it with you.

Today’s music – unlikely collabs. Enjoy 🙂


Dodgers 7, Phillies 2Scouts: The Phillies just keep slipping, slipping, slipping, and the Dodgers just power their way through game after game.

Nationals 2, Orioles 9Scouts: I hear that the Nats are interviewing pitchers for the 5th spot.  Maybe they should also interview some relief pitchers.  The Nats bullpen gave up a total of 9 runs spread across the 7th and 8th innings.  While the O’s reminded everyone why Trey Mancini should have been an All-Star, homering in both innings.


Tigers 2, Spiders 7Prof: Mike Clevinger had a career night, matching his best with a dozen Ks in six innings. Delicious Francisco Lindor truffle hit a solo homer.

Blue Jays 4, Red Sox 5Scouts: The Sox almost let another one get away from them, allowing a run in the 8th and one in the 9th.  Good for them the bullpen was able to contain the damage.

Padres 3, Marlins 2Prof: San Diego’s Kirby Yates just keeps racking up saves. He’s at 31 now. And the starter? Why, that’s Chris Paddack, the right handed rookie sensation who had a no-hitter going into the eighth inning. The Padres are still under .500 and have absolutely no way of catching up with the big boys of the NL West, but play like this is what you build on for the next season.


Mets 14, Twins 4Prof: What the heck? How? Why? I’m at a loss for words, especially when the lowly New York Mets rolled up on the AL Central leading Twins at Target Field. Yikes. Double yikes. Super Rookie Pete Alonso didn’t let the Home Run Derby get him off of his groove, launching a 474-foot rocket into the third deck. Any of you who have attended a game at Target Field understands what a ridiculous accomplishment that is.


Pirates 5, Cardinals 6Scouts: The Cardinals won a back and forth affair, by the hair on their chinny chin chin’s.  Tyler O’Neill and Paul Goldschmidt went deep for the Cards in the win.

Braves 4, Brewers 5Prof: I hate when teams I like play against each other, because I get disappointed either way. Of course, my rooting interest is always going to be Braves first, every other team second. See? Disappointment all around. Let’s focus on some cool stuff: Christian Yelich hit yet another dinger and is now tied with Cody Bellinger for the home run lead this season. Josh Hader continues to be a star closer, shutting the door on the Braves with two outs and the bases loaded in the top of the ninth to secure the win. For Atlanta, Josh Donaldson was the star of the show – his home run and single contributed every run for the Braves. And people complained that they paid too much for him. Shaking my darn head.

Reds 2, Cubs 5Prof: A wild stat – Yu Darvish finally got his first win at Wrigley as a Cub yesterday. Yu Darvish has been a Cub for several years now, and this just now happened. Of course, he’s also been injured on and off, but it’s just wild. Darvish went six innings, only allowed two hits, and Craig Kimbrel came in for the save. Kris Bryant hit a solo homer in the first inning, and a guy who darkens the Friendly Confines by just being in pinstripes hit a solo homer in the second. I miss Ben Zobrist. That is all.


Giants 11, Rockies 8Scouts: Look out world, here comes the Giants.  The win completes a four game sweep and was the 7th win in the last 9 games for the Giants.  They still have some work to go, now 4.5 games out of the last Wild Card spot, but if they keep this up, they will end up right in the thick of it.

Mariners 2, Athletics 10Prof: You might not have heard, but Homer Bailey got traded to Oakland. This was his first start in an A’s uni. It started out rather poorly, honestly; but he found his sea legs and was able to stick it out for six innings, only giving up two runs. Of course, he got a lot of help from his new teammates, including Mark Canha and Jurickson Profar, who both hit two homers.

Diamondbacks 19, Rangers 4Scouts: Oh mama said there would be days like this.  What a pounding the Rangers took. 15 runs in the first three innings alone.  Eduardo Escobar and Kevin Cron had 9 RBI’s split between them while Nick Ahmed managed 3 RBI’s with just a single hit.

White Sox 5, Royals 7Scouts: The Royals are also a team on a streak, winning their 5th since the break.  Of course those wins came against the Tigers and the White Sox, but hey a win is a win right?

Astros 11, Angels 2Scouts: The Astros finally strike back.  After getting knocked around a bit in the second half, Houston finally reminded everyone why they are one of the most feared teams in the league, and that’s a combination of potent offense that will pounce, as well as a starting pitcher who can rack up 11 strikeouts and just make even the hottest of offenses look helpless.


Rays, Yankees – PPD (rain)



3 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 7/17/19

  1. Scouts, you’re being unfair; the Nats’ bullpen only gave up eight runs last night across the 7th and 8th, not nine.

    Starter Erick Fedde went six, and looked good in his audition for the 5th rotation spot, giving up only one run while throwing just 66 pitches. There was some head-scratching among some fans when he wasn’t sent back out for the 7th, with Davey Martinez opting to use Wander Suero to start that inning, and even more head-scratching and wailing and rending of garments and gnashing of teeth when things went pear-shaped. After Suero came a series of guys who were throwing batting practice, and O’s took advantage of their generosity.

    Suero, who’d been effective recently (and some say that’s due to a positive influence from Fernando Rodney) said after the game that he’d gotten some bad personal news before the game, and his head wasn’t in it. Of course, he didn’t share that information with the coaching staff prior to the game, because he didn’t want to appear weak or something, but that seems to be the kind of thing that he should share in the future.

    At any rate, the Nats had a chance to get to Atlanta with just a 5 1/2 game deficit, and only four back in the loss column, and failed to capitalize. Fun starts tonight…

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    1. If it’s any consolation to you the Twins seem to be drifting back to mediocrity. Achieve your historical objectives but please at least delay your march until the Clevelanders leave town.


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