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Starting next weekend I’m going to post the weekend edition on Sunday instead of Saturday. There are several reasons for this, the first one being that it’s getting harder and harder for me to get it up on Saturday by a reasonable time. My first order of business on Saturday is to sleep in. The next orders of business are to get this post up and to get the weekly Walmart trip over with before it gets too hot and/or the start of the Twins game. Secondly, we’re only  talking about half the weekend’s games. No, I’m not going to do a recap on 30 games, but I will be able to talk about the outcomes of the first two games of each three to four games weekend series, and perhaps often on the impact on the respective divisional / wild card races. I might summon the energy to point out whose been up and who was down in the preceding week as we enter into the steadily increasing excitement of the season’s approaching completion. BTW the Twins are going into Cleveland next weekend to I hope deliver the death blow. To defend the honor of the
AL Central we need Brad Hand!

Most importantly it will I hope help me to write from the heart about non baseball basebally things more than I’ve been able to do recently. Come Saturday evening is when I tend to become reflective and a little bit (sometimes more than a little) drunk. When that happens for me it’s when the beans spill. So you will be treated to the work of a drunken writer whose work is cleaned up and completed by a hung over editor. I hope you enjoy.

Today’s featured performer.

Royals 7 Nationals 4 (F/11)

The Nationals tie it in the ninth, The Royals win it in the eleventh. The Royals are now sporting a one game winning streak.

Brewers 7 Pirates 6 (F/10)

Another overtime heart stopper. The Pirates tie it with 5 runs in the ninth. Lorenzo Cain wins it for the Brewers with an RBI Single in the tenth. The Brewers move into first, while the Pirates who are three games under 500 and tied with the Reds for last are only four games behind them. I sure hope whoever wins that division with about 86 wins shocks the Dodgers in the playoffs.

Orioles 4 Blue Jays 1

Chris Davis homers and drives in three. Dylan Thomas allows only one in 6 2/3 and Fort McHenry still stands.

Red Sox 9 Tigers 6

Bogerts put this one pretty much out of reach with a three run dong in the 8th. Even with the win it looks like the Red Sox are limited to playing for a wild card – probably the second one which they’re two games off.

This as good a spot as any.

Yankees 8 Rays 4

Those doggoone Yankees. They’ve won three straight, eight of their last ten, and are 8.5 games ahead of the Rays. I hope whichever 86 win NL Central team that shocks the Dodgers humiliates them in the world series. Judge goes yard twice, ho hum.

Phillies 7 Mets 2

This one was tied 2 -2 going into the ninth. Philly puts up a five spot. It must suck to be a Mets fan.

Braves 1 Marlins 0

I hope this 1 – 0 walk off win at home makes up for a 1 – 0 walk off loss on the road they suffered some years ago. Both starters throw six scoreless. Brian McCann wins it with a bases loaded single in the ninth.

Angels 5 Astros 4

Another one run game? Cool. The Angels go yard four times including Mr. Trout’s 26th.

Twins 15 Rangers 6

This one was delayed by rain and of course I fell asleep waiting for it to start and woke up this morning not even knowing if a game had been played let alone what happened. What happened is that the clouds parted and the Twins hit four dongs and nine doubles. Twenty hits altogether. Kudos to the Ranger pitchers who only issued two walks.

Diamondbacks 8 Rockies 0

Zack Greinke is 10 – 3 with an ERA of 2.73. Last night he threw seven scoreless with nine K’s. Christian Walker goes yard twice and drives in five.

And now we get to the west coast

Padres 3 Dodgers 2

It is not often my pleasure to report to you a Dodger loss. Kershaw keeps it tied 2 – 2 through the seventh but as soon as he leaves Hunter Renfroe hits the winning dong in the eighth

Athletics 5 Mariners 2

The Mariners get a good start from Kikchui – 7 innings 2 earned runs, but their bullpen and defense don’t quite cut it. Which is what I saw in their games with the Twins.

Cardinals 9 Giants 4

The Cardinals get three dongs are only 1.5 games back in the egalitarian NL Central.

Hey, behold the splendor of alcohol. I just thought of a cool nickname for the NL Central – The 500 Club.

Bonus: Saturday Scores

Twins 7 Rangers 4

Orioles 8 Blue Jays 1

Stopping now so I don’t have to report the Indians score.

Do you like to singa?



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