Weekend Edition Midway Edition

Let’s listen to the Chairman today.

The Twins have played 81 games and everybody else has too or is right around that number. The regular season is exactly half over. What will this year look like if the second half goes like the first half?

The Twins, Mariners, Brewers, Yankees, and Dodgers will all surpass the single season team home run record set by the Yankees last year

Orioles 13 Indians 0

Wonderful Wonderful. Clevinger only went 1.2 innings while giving up 7.  Of course that means the Indian bullpen had to pitch 6.1 innings (no bottom of the ninth), but unfortunately they only used three relievers as they made some guy named Plutko pitch 4.2 innings while giving up five runs. Oriole heroes – Sisco five RBI / Santander four RBI.

Blue Jays 6 Royals 2

The Blue Jays get their 30th win the Royals get their 54th loss. “Reid – Foley” started for the Jays. Is “-” his middle name? Nope, his name is Sean Reid – Foley and he has a brother named David Reid – Foley. Anyways Sean is 23 and just getting started – 5.1 innings / 2 runs, pretty decent. We wish him well.

Reds 6 Cubs 3

The Reds are 37 – 42, are in last place, but are only 5.5 games behind the Cubs. Their numbers indicate that they are better than their record. They have a positive run differential of 43 and have allowed the fewest runs of any team in the National League. They’re opening a ten game home stand the results of which will probably determine whether they take a run at it this year or become sellers. Best of luck to the unluckiest team in baseball. I have to mention Joey Votto got his 1,800 hit. Enjoy Reds fans.

There are four teams on track to win a hundred or more games

Marlins 6 Phillies 2

I read an article yesterday saying that Bryce Harper is still a good hitter but not a really good hitter because pitchers have figured out that you need to start him out with off speed / breaking stuff and finish him off with a high fastball. I guess that’s what happened last night as he went 0 for 3 with 2 K’s. Marlin first baseman Cooper goes 3 for 4, drives in 2 and scores 1.  I was hoping that the Marlins would get their 50th loss so I could write that at the season halfway point there are five teams on track to lose a hundred or more games.

There are four teams on track to lose a hundred or more games


Rangers 5 Rays 0

Both participants in Thursday’s 18 inning game lost on Friday. Anyone surprised. The Rangers have won six straight and might be sneaking up on the Astros. Lance Lynn threw eight scoreless with 10 K’s. So why did he suck so bad for the Twins last year? The Rays are now seven games behind the Yankees which sucks.

Nationals 3 Tigers 1

The Nationals climb above 500 with their 6th straight win and are only 1.5 games off the wild card. The Tigers are…having a character building year. Former Tiger Anibal Sanchez holds the Tigers to one run over six innings.

Braves 6 Mets 2

The Braves win on Prof appreciation day and have the second to best record in the National League. Alonso hits his 28th dong for the Mets who have lost six straight even though they’re paying Robinson Cano around a billion dollars a year. It must suck to be a Mets fan right now but I suppose it always sucks to be a Mets fan. Go Braves Go!!! 1991 1991!!!

There are three players on track to hit fifty or more home runs

Astros 2 Mariners 1 (F/10)

Walk Off! Like the Twins tried and failed to do ten times on Thursday. Reddick tied it for the Astros in 8th with a solo tater. Gurriel wins it with a solo walk off in the tenth.

White Sox 6 Twins 4

As usual I fell asleep around the seventh inning. The Twins are on the west coast next week so maybe I’ll wake up around the seventh inning. Sano went yard for the Twins twice but I don’t like him so I’m not going to mention it. Some of the White Sox players got hits and stuff and that’s how they got six runs. If the Twins lose today it’ll be the first time this year that they’ve lost three in a row. Can’t happen.

Pirates 3 Brewers 2

Whadda ya know, the Pirates are 8 – 2 over their last 10 and are only 4 games behind the Cubs. The National League Central – The Isle of Hope. The comeback kids from Pittsburg trail the Brewers to the 8th inning when they tie it and then score the winning run in the 9th.

Rockies 13 Dodgers 9

This one must have been fun to watch. Thirty eight hits, four dongs, ten walks, ten pitchers used, five errors and the underdog comes off with the win at home. Arenado went four for five, drove in two and scored two. Blackmon went three for four with a walk, scored thrice and drove in uno. A lot of the Dodgers did stuff too but since they’re too damn good for their own good we don’t care. The Rockies shave the Dodgers  lead down to twelve.

Athletics 7 Angels 2

Olson hit his 15th and 16th smashed taters for the Athletics. Mr. Trout had an O’fer but Ohtani went three for four. The Angels did the opener thing and wound up down two by the time the opener left.  Fiers pitched 6.2 innings allowing only one runs showing that good starting pitching can be helpful. Both the Angels and the Athletics have been doing okay lately and are still sniffing the wild card.

Padres 3 Cardinals 1

The Cardinals are 40 – 40 but the Padres are 41 – 40 so there. Lauer goes four and allows the Cardinals their only run and the Padre bullpen throws goose eggs the rest of the way,

Giants 6 Diamondbacks 3

In the battle for last the Diamondbacks shave a game off of the Giants lead. But that’s not very nice of me because the Giants are the only team in NL West that’s below 500. The division is 217 – 195. You had to know.

There are 15 players on track to hit forty or more homers

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