He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 6/27/19 – Prof Appreciation Day

Scouts: I’ve given Prof the day off.  Lord knows she’s more than deserved it.  Most people may not realize that she does the majority of the heavy lifting around here.  I mostly just slap a video on it and paste a few links in.  So let’s all have a quick Prof appreciation day!

Mets 3, Phillies 6Scouts: This one was a big of a snooze fest until the 9th, where the Mets took a 3-1 lead, forcing the Phillies to wake up and score some runs.  They did indeed, thanks to a pair of homers, a two run shot by Maikel Franco that tied it up, and the final dagger, the three run shot by Jean Segura that walked it off in spectacular fashion.

Rangers 3, Tigers 1Scouts: I honestly did not realize that Texas was 9 games over .500.  Every-time I cover them it seems like they are struggling.  I guess I need to change my perception of the team.  They are actually pretty good!  Joey Gallo picked up homers 18 and 19, and Ariel Jurado threw 7 shutout innings.

Rays 5, Twins 2 F/18 Scouts: If you had fallen asleep 3 or 4 times in this one, well I don’t think anyone could have blamed you.  This one went 18 LOOOOOOOONG innings, with a 15 inning stretch where no one scored.  Finally, Tampa of Canada ended everyone’s misery and drove in a few runs in the 18th.


Pirates 10, Astros 0Scouts: Joe Musgrove was handed 4 runs before he ever stepped on the mount, and he made it 3 more runs than he needed.  Musgrove shut out the Houston offense for 6 strong innings, and his bullpen picked up the rest, dominating the usually potent Astros lineup.

Mariners 2, Brewers 4Scouts: The BrewCrew got things back on track after a few painful losses, thanks to a 4 run 4th, featuring Orlando Arcia’s 3 run homer.

Braves 7, Cubs 9Scouts: Craig Kimbrel did what he was hired to do and shut the door in the 9th, preserving a 2 run lead over the Braves, and ruining Prof Appreciation day.  Thanks jerk!


Nationals 8, Marlins 5Scouts: This isn’t someguyinva appreciation day, but the Nats went ahead and won anyways, and had quite a bit of fun in doing so.  Juan Soto, Matt Adams, Victor Robles, and Kurt Suzuki all homered in the game.  I’d say it was a contest, but let’s be real, they were playing the Marlins.

Dodgers 12, Rockies 8Scouts:  The Dodgers are on another one of their hot streaks, winning their 12 consecutive wins, and scoring 12 runs in celebration.  Pitching, was…let’s say not great in this one.  In true Dodger fashion, the Dodgers smacked 6 homers in the contest, to Colorado’s 1.


Diamondbacks 5, Giants 1Scouts: Alex Young held the Giants to just 1 run over 5 innings and the bullpen held the door shut.

Athletics 3, Angels 8Scouts: Would you believe that the Angels haven’t had their full lineup all season long?  Well, last night they did and they showed off exactly what they were designed to do.  Score runs in bunches.  Two in the second an 3 in the third and Oakland never had a chance.  Both Kole Calhoun and Shohei Ohtani racked up two-run homers.

9 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 6/27/19 – Prof Appreciation Day

  1. The Gnats spent the first five innings last night acting like they were in a hurry to leave Miami and get to Detroit for their next series, swinging at pretty much everything they saw, and it bought them a 4-1 deficit. Then came the sixth, and Matt Adams hit one damn near to Flagler Street, and Victor Robles followed up with a bomb that almost reached NW 12th Avenue, and lo, they did finally reach the .500 plateau again for the first time since April.

    These are heady times for this team; after getting swept by the Mets in May, they stood at 19-31, but since then they’ve gone 21-9. That makes them one of only a handful of teams to fall at least twelve games below .500 and make it back to .500 before July, although only the 2009 Rockies from that group made the post-season.

    Three in Detroit this weekend, and there’ll be lots of memories, what with former Tiger Anibal Sanchez pitching tonight, and former Tiger Max Scherzer pitching on Sunday against former National Jordan Zimmermann. After that comes a homestand leading up to the break, with the Marlins and Royals in town for three each, and anything less than 46-43 heading into the break is going to feel like a disappointment.

    Ryan Zimmerman is due back from the DL, but there’s a reasonable question as to where he might play and whom he might replace on the roster. He could definitely DH in Detroit this weekend, but after that, Matt Adams and Howie Kendrick are both better choices for first base than he is, and even Gerardo Parra is a better defender there. As for a roster spot, Michael A. Taylor is a lost cause at the plate, but his outfield defense makes it hard to see him getting sent down, because it would mean Parra would be the primary OF backup. The only other guys with options are pitches Tanner Rainey and Wander Suero, and they’ve been the most effective setup guys to date.

    If I had to bet, I’d guess it’d be Rainey so that they can run Rodney and Venters out there to see if they have anything left, but I don’t think that’s the best option.


  2. Scouts / Prof, do you guys get up at like three in the morning in order to put a post including 15 informed and funny game recaps along with the theme of the day (you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been having trouble just thinking up a theme a week), accompanying music etc. by seven or eight in the morning?

    The half assed game recaps I do on Saturday morning take me 5 – 10 minutes each, throw in the final formatting, proof reading, and finding a few vids to liven things up and it all adds up to at least several hours

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Typically Prof creates the post the night before. She puts together the shell and fills out her recaps. Then in the morning once I arrive at work I go in and edit in my part of the recaps. I’ll put in the links to the games and the highlights. Then I’ll do any formatting necessary and publish away. It’s a lot of work to do solo but thankfully having the two of us makes it a lot easier. I’m pretty sure if I had to do it all alone I’d have burned out ages ago. By far the most difficult thing is coming up with a topic of the day.


      1. Starting this coming weekend The Weekend Edition published on Saturday will be replaced by the Sunday Sermon Edition published on Sunday. That way I can blabber about the games played on Friday and Saturday and not just Friday. And I won’t have to worry about getting it done before my weekly trip to Walmart for grocery essentials, hopefully before it gets too hot and the start or the Twins afternoon game. Let me think about things over a Saturday night and I just might be entertaining on Sunday. Baseball is God’s favorite sport.


  3. I’ll address this in the Monday post, but thank you Scouty. 🙂 All my favorite guys and many of my favorite songs in one post!!! I feel blessed to have such great friends.


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