He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 6/23/19

Scouts: Summer is officially here, and at least in my area, along with it a massive amount of heat and humidity.  Some people go to the pool.  Some people go to the beach.  I tend to stay in doors with my trusty air conditioning.  What’s your favorite way to beat the heat?  What summer activities are staples for you and your family?

Angels 6, Cardinals 4Scouts: Can you believe this was the first series that Albert Pujols has played in St. Louis since he left the Cardinals to sign with the Angels?  I would have figured for sure he would have made a return by now.  Albert and the Angels dropped the first two games to the Cardinals, but were able to get one final win in St. Louis for one of the cities greatest players.


Tigers 3, Spiders 8Prof: The Magical Land of Cleve swept Los Tigres, and in this game it hinged on an explosive offensive drive in the second inning. Five runs, including an RBI ground rule double.

Blue Jays 6, Red Sox 1Scouts: Things aren’t looking so great in bean town.  Boston scored their only run thanks to a fielding error by the pitcher in the 9th.  Boston dropped 2 of 3 vs Toronto and New York is looking pretty far away at the moment.

Marlins 6, Phillies 4Prof: Jordan Yamamoto won his third game in as many starts. The Feesh were on a roll, handing Philadelphia their seventh straight loss. The NL East is just punch drunk these days, it seems. Three Miami homers, including a two run smash from JT Riddle.

Braves 4, Nationals 3 F/10Prof: The Braves started out hot, with Josh Donaldson and Ronald Acuna Jr. hitting solo homers to put them up on the Nationals. Washington struck back in the seventh, with a solo homer of their own from Juan Soto, and an RBI single to tie it up. Off to extras we go, where pinch hitter Johan Camargo hit a two run homer to lift Atlanta to win this important in-division series.

Padres 10, Pirates 11 F/11Scouts: Pittsburgh just wouldn’t quit.  They rallied to for three in the 9th to tie things up, and after San Diego took what many would have thought to be the game with a 3 run 11th, Pittsburgh pulled themselves up by their boot strapps and went out and scored 4.  The winning run came in on a Kevin Newman walk with two outs.


Astros 9, Yankees 4Scouts: The Yankees drop what seems to be a pretty rare game, and for once were treated the way they have been treating the rest of the league.  Jose Altuve, Tyler White, Yordan Alvarez, and Yuli Gurriel all homered, with White’s being of the Grand Slam variety.

Reds 5, Brewers 7Prof: Huge game for Brew Crew hurler Brandon Woodruff, who struck out a career best twelve on the day (and got the W). Travis Shaw and Orlando Arcia both homered in the win.

Twins 1, Royals 6Prof: By far, the best dressed game of the day. It was throwback day, and both teams and spectators got involved. Fans came dressed in suits, dresses, and vintage clothing. On the field, Minnesota wore St. Paul Gophers uniforms from 1908, while the Royals paid homage to the Negro Leagues with 1942 Kansas City Monarchs gear. Big game for Hunter Dozier, who hit a three run dinger in the third inning. Homer Bailey gets the win.


Mets 3, Cubs 5Prof: Big day for both franchises and important players in each. First, Pete Alonso set the Mets record for most homers by a rookie in a season, beating Daryl Strawberry’s long held honor. Then, Javier Baez smashed his 100th dinger, a three run no-doubter to break the hearts of New York.

White Sox 4, Rangers 7 – Scouts: Adrian Sampson needed a good game in a bad way.  After a pair of forgettable outings, Sampson stepped on up and provided Texas with 7 strong innings in which he held Chicago to just one run.  Texas helped him out with 4 in the second that they were able to make last.

Rays 8, Athletics 2Scouts: The team that is still currently housed in Tampa got the bats moving in Oakland.  Tampa may or may not be currently investigating playing a portion of their home games in Oakland.

Rockies 3, Dodgers 6Prof: We have a walk-off, ladies and gentlemen! In fact, this is the third walk-off in the last few games for Los Angeles. This time, it was a three run, tie breaking home run off the barrel of Will Smith.


Giants 2, Diamondbacks 3 F/10Scouts: It’s been a bit of a rough stretch for Arizona, losing 6 in a row.  Sometimes all you need to break out of a funk is a 10 inning walk-off.  Tim Locastro provided the joy with a single, and got Arizona back into the win column.

Orioles 3, Mariners 13Scouts: Baltimore

That’s…….A lot of red.  Seriously, can’t someone please just put them out of their misery already?

5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 6/23/19

  1. Nats had their chances this weekend to take at least two of three from the Braves, pissing away two four run leads on Saturday in front of a nationwide audience.

    Saturday’s game marked the end of the Trevor Rosenthal Experiment for the Nats. He got a key out in Friday’s game, so was given another chance with an 8-4 lead in the 7th on Saturday, and he walked all three guys he faced, and they’d all later score, so he was cut from the roster on Sunday, and he’ll be Rizzo’s $8MM mistake.

    The Nats next twelve leading to the All-Star Break are at the Feesh for 3 (with Corbin, Scherzer, and Strasburg all starting) at Detroit for 3, then home for 3 more with the Feesh and 3 with the Royals. Prime opportunity to get above .500 before the break, and stay in contention for the second wild card, at least.


    1. And the Feelies couldn’t be more helpful, nosediving like Bugs Bunny’s plane in “Falling Hare.” 32 feet per sec per sec. Gabe Kapler’s butt must be pretty warm right now after being dusted by the Feesh.

      Back from the mother country, jetlagged and happy.


    2. That won’t be the end of Trevor Rosenthal, though. Someone will pick him up as a “bargain” by paying MLB Minimum Wage. I wonder, though, if he needs time. In recent years the recovery time for Tommy John surgery has shortened. More and more pitchers undergo this procedure and recovery time gets shorter and shorter. However, every patient is different and Major League pitching is fine art. Even the wildest are pinpoint-accurate compared to many who did not make it.

      Still, while respecting him, Chris Davis (OPS+45, $23,000,000), and Albert Pujols (OPS+100, $28,000,000) for stoically going onward while the achievement level drops, I believe the honorable act would be to refuse further payment and walk away. Rosenthal may indeed need further physical recovery time, or to simply get his head straight. Sometimes, though, a person needs to let go. A Pujols interviews was broadcast during the rain delay in St Louis. He said words to the effect that he was continuing on to help his the Angels win a world series. LAofA would have a much better chance if Pujols money could be spent on three or four good pitchers, giving Mike Trout a chance to be a winner.


      1. I think he’s fine physically; was still able to throw 100mph in spots.

        His problem was that he just had no idea where it was going, and command is usually the last thing to return after TJ.


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