Weekend Edition Lounge Edition

Here’s the entertainment – no charge but you’ll have to handle your own bar tab. You’ve already seen the Abbott and Costello one.

Mets 5 Cubs 4

The first of eight one run games yesterday. Jeff McNeil homers and drives in three for the Mets.

Marlins 2 Phillies 1

The Phillies are 2 – 8 over their last ten and now trail the Braves by 4 1/2. Not only that Bryce Harper didn’t make the all star game. Pitcher’s duel. Alcantara throws 7.2 – 1 run for the Phillies and Nola goes 8 allowing 2.

Nationals 4 Braves 3

Dallas Keuchel’s debut with the Braves. The Braves welcome him with open arms spotting him to a three run lead by the end of the third. But it looks like the second time through the order was a little too much too soon for him as the Nats touch him for three in the fourth and one in the fifth. Even so the Braves have a lot to feel good about as they may be pulling away from the Phillies and mid season form shouldn’t be expected from Keuchel in his first start.

Pirates 2 Padres 1

Lauer goes seven for the Padres allowing one earned run, and Musgrove does the same for the Pirates, but guess which one of them suffers an unearned run. Manny Machado earns his paycheck with his 15th dinger.

Yankees 4 Astros 1

The Yankees have won seven in row and the Astros have lost six in a row. Oh well, if not for the bad we wouldn’t know the good when it happens.  And here it is – Judge, Stanton and Encarnacion all had O’fers with seven strikeouts between them.

My posts are usually better when I’ve been drinking. Maybe you should only read them if you’ve been drinking.

Red Sox 7 Blue Jays 5 (F/10)

I changed my mind. This one counts as a one run game giving us a total of nine for the day because it was a tenth inning walk off. The Red Sox have won eight of their last ten and might be starting to play up to pre season expectations. It had to happen sooner or later I guess because that’s the way life is. Vazquex wins it with his ninth dong in the tenth.

Indians 7 Tigers 6

J Jones of the Tigers goes two for four plus a walk and scores twice. The Tigers Castellanos went two for five, scored one and drove in one. I don’t want to talk about the Indians.

White Sox 5 Rangers 4 (F/10)

Zack Collins got a homer for his first MLB hit which is nice even if it was for the White Sox. The game wrap at mlb.com doesn’t bother to mention what happened in the tenth, because it’s only the White Sox.

Reds 11 Brewers 7

Yelich hit his 29th homer. Is he going to top sixty. He went two for five, scored twice and drove in three. His OPS to date is 1.201. But Gator thinks his nose is too long and that he looks like Mr. Ed. Call me Wilbur!

Twins 8 Royals 7

The Twins thirty year old rookie gets the win and your beloved Twins avoid what would have been their first losing streak of more than two games.

I am proud to present you, in his first live appearance since his death,


Cardinal 5 Angels 1

Wacha allows only one run over six. How come he’s got an ERA of 5.59. Ozuna goes three for four scores twice and drives in three. Mr. Trout scores the Angels only run and the Cardinal fans show Albert their love.

Giants 11 Diamondbacks 5

The D Backs starter allows six. The Giants starter allows five. This gets away from the D Backs cause the D Backs bullpen allows five while the Giants bullpen allows zero.

Rays 5 Athletics 3

There go the Rays again. It looks like it was a bullpen game with the Rays using seven pitcher with none of them throwing more than two innings. I disagree with everyone. I’d love to see them in Montreal. Instead of a homefield they’ll have a it’s still not too hot here April – June field and a hey it’s really just right here field from July – September and the people here are sure a hell of a lot nicer than where we just came from field.

Mariners 10 Orioles 9

The Orioles have lost ten straight. Nobody else touch this. This is for Scouts

Dodgers 4 Rockies 2

The Dodgers have the best record in MLB and seem to be getting better. Am I the only one who’s starting to dread the possibility of a Dodgers – Yankees world series? At least we’d get to watch Cody Bellinger play. He hits his 25th homer, is hitting 356 with an OPS of 1.163.

Okay then, discussions below may include whoever you think should not have been or should have been included in the final round of all star balloting, Don’t expect me to join in much because I don’t care much. I just hope all of the Twins pitchers get the whole all star break off and that the we like see ball go far league gets homefield advantage.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Edition Lounge Edition

  1. That ice cream hurts me — especially as I had too much dairy yesterday and spent the evening resting in the car while hubby and his visiting family took in a play. Getting old sucks.


  2. I reached lasting sobriety in 1995. Still sober, with a good support system. However, for some strange reason I like your weekly report regardless of your blood alchohol level.

    But then again I’m quite odd.


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