He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 6/13/19

Prof: Back on my grind with the return of Girl Power Friday. Sometimes it’s hard to remember who I’ve chosen, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t gone down this path yet. Let’s get introspective.


Blue Jays 12, Orioles 3Prof: Poutine versus crabs, who ya got? Me? I might live here in the Baltimore area now but if you told me you had a good old fashioned poutine with freshly sliced russets for the fries and right out of the cow squeaky cheese curds from a small farm in Wisconsin, I’m there. It was a bad night all around for the Orioles. The only Charm City player who earned a mention is Anthony Santander, who went 3-4 with 2 RBI. Otherwise, it was all Toronto, all the time. The G Unit was in full effect, with a little help from Biggio V.2.0. In fact, Cavan Biggio hit two solo homers. Gurriel, Galvis, and Guerrero combined for seven RBI.


Diamondbacks 5, Nationals 0Prof: As you know, my favorite current pitcher is Zack Greinke and he still hasn’t let me down. I know he’s a grumpy Gus and he’s straight up weird but guess what? I am, too. That’s why I heart him. Anyway, my dude ZG took a no-hit bid against the Curly Dubs into the seventh inning and then the Gritty Snake bullpen helped finish out the shutout. Arizona scored all of their runs in the first four innings, including two dingers.

Angels 5, Rays 3Prof: Here’s a stat that I love.

Ohtani is also the first Japanese-born player to hit for the cycle. Ichiro never did it – as hard as it is to believe. And he did it all even after a lengthy delay due to a power outage. Because, as you know, the Trop is the most prestigious of venues.


Cardinals 4, Mets 4 – Suspended due to rain – will resume Friday evening.

Rangers 6, Red Sox 7Scouts: David Price did NOT have a great afternoon, unable to make it out of the second inning, getting smacked around to the tune of 6 runs.  However, the Red Sox have enough offense and once the bullpen came in and locked things down, the Sox went on a homer spree, knocking in 5 total homers, and pulling out a win.

Tigers 3, Royals 7Scouts: Rookie second baseman Nicky Lopez his his first career home run, which was cool.  ESPN’s truck broke down, and didn’t get it on video, which is not cool.  The Royals however, caught the homer on their own internal tape, which is really cool, so the team was able to get a copy to Lopez and his father.

Pirates 5, Braves 6Prof:  The Royal Rumble in Atlanta. Hustle-mania. It’s the Remix, y’all, and DJ JD won the rap battle. Josh Donaldson contributed the tie-breaking run against Pittsburgh nemesis Joe Musgrove (who he had a dust up with a few days ago). My dude FF5 tripled and singled, and Ozzie Albies hit a two RBI double.


Mariners 5, Twins 10Prof: What a difference a few months make. When we started the season, the Twins seemed like they were going to be middle of the pack, and the Mariners looked like the runaway favorites. Look at them now. Minnesota are 45-22 and Seattle hasn’t even won 30 games yet. And they didn’t win this game, either. Nelson Cruz hit a solo homer, and had three RBI. CJ Cron also had a two RBI home run.

Yankees 4, White Sox 5Scouts: Chicago came storming back down 4-0, thanks in large part to a 4 run 5th inning.  The winning run came as a result of a Leury Garcia homer in the 7th, bringing the White Sox to within a game of .500.

Padres 6, Rockies 9Scouts: Do you like homers?  Do you like multiple homers by the same guy?  If so, this was the game for you.  Both Manny Machado and Charlie Blackmoon went the distance twice, with Trevor Story following up with one on his own.  Blackmoon’s homers were part of a 4 hit, 4 RBI evening.


Cubs 3, Dodgers 7Scouts: Cody Bellinger slugged a pair of homers, backed up my one each by Max Muncy and David Freese as the Dodgers just powered their way past Chicago.


9 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 6/13/19

  1. Don’t ask me much about the Nats’ inauspicious start to their Eleven Game Homestand That Is Pretty Important (hereinafter referred to as “EGHTIPI” and pronounced “Egg Tippy”); I was watching golf.

    I did hear that Greinke was flirting with a no-no and a Maddux, and the fact that the game started at 7:05PM, ended at 10:23PM, and included a rain delay of just over an hour tells you how non-competitive the Nats were. The rain delay occurred in the bottom of the 8th, and it’s the only reason that Greinke (75 pitches in 7 1/3 innings) didn’t finish matters his own self

    After watching Tiger finish up his round at Pebble Beach, I did manage to flip over to the Nats game in time to see Trevor Rosenthal put on another display of competence – 1 IP, 14 pitches, 12 strikes, 2 Ks, no baserunners – so perhaps the worm is turning for him, and he’ll be a valuable piece of someone’s bullpen come August.

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  2. The blue and white birds prevailed in emphatic manner in the rubber game of the Battle of the Bottom-Dwelling Birds™. As Prof stated, it was the G-Unit and Baby Biggio doing the damage. Marcus Stroman had another good pitching performance and actually got some run support for a change.

    For Toronto sports fans, this was the appetizer to the main course of the Raptors putting an end to the seemingly annual Golden State Warriors championship, and bringing both the Larry O’Brien Trophy and Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP Award back north of the border to the 6ix.

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    1. In honour of Toronto, but I do have to quibble with the whole “We the North” thing as both the Trail Blazers and T’Wolves are further north than Toronto latitudinally speaking.


        1. I was thinking of a post with nothing but Toronto bands, but I’m not sure there’s room. But yes, Mike and Margo and the rest of the Junkies would be front and center, along with my pick for Canada’s most underrated band (at least in the U.S), Blue Rodeo.

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        2. The Hip would be right up there, Spartan, but since I was only referring to Toronto-based groups, I would have to really stretch the Greater Toronto Area to include Kingston, over 160 miles to the east.

          Now on a list of Canadian bands, especially a list of “Canadian bands who were criminally underplayed or downright ignored south of the border”, the Hip would probably be right at the top.

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