He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 6/12/19

Prof: In other sports news (I know, I know), I’d like to give a hearty congrats to the St. Louis Blues for winning their first Stanley Cup in team history. My mom and her brothers grew up in St. Louis, and they are Cardinals fans. (I am not.) If they liked hockey, they’d probably be Blues fans. I’ve always had a soft spot for the team because even when they were decent, they were the underdogs. I’m a sucker for an underdog story. I hope StL enjoys this championship, because I would never in a million years send the same congrats for those birds on the bat. Haha. Today my choice for music is English emocore band Bring Me the Horizon.

Scouty is out today, on the IL.

Scouts: Sorry all, I’m feeling pretty under the weather today.  I hope to be back tomorrow.  Thanks to Prof for getting the post up.

Reds 7, Spiders 2 – Prof: Hey, remember when I said that Nick Senzel is shaping up to be Cincinnati’s MVP? I wasn’t lying. The powerhouse rookie joined veteran Sassy Canadian Joey Votto for back to back home runs right from the jump. The Reds got two more homers from their squad and the Tragical Land of Cleve loses at home.

Cubs 10, Rockies 1 – Prof: Cole Hamels is a nice looking gentleman. Dark, handsome, GQ looking dude. But on this day? It wasn’t just his face that looked good – Hamels was dead sexy on the bump and at the plate as well. What’s that, you say? Yes… Cole Hamels not only went seven innings and struck out nine, but he also had two RBI singles. When pitchers help themselves out, Lord, it gives me the vapors. Oh, and Javy Baez and Baby Babe Ruth both went yard.

Blue Jays 8, Orioles 6

Pirates 7, Braves 8 F/11

Tigers 3, Royals 2 – Prof: Same crap, different day. Once again in this series, a contest ends up 3-2. Granted, yesterday it was the Royals winning, but on Wednesday it was Detroit. Miggy’s sac fly RBI got the party started for Los Tigres. Shane Greene bags his 20th save.

Brewers 6, Astros 3 F/14 – Prof: Verlander struck out fifteen, gets a no decision. Baseball.

Mariners 9, Twins 6 F/10

Padres 2, Giants 4

Athletics 6, Rays 2 – Prof: A kid named Ramon Laureano had himself a day. First, he had an RBI single, then he hit his first career grand slam to rally Oakland to victory. Liam Hendriks got the win after holding off Tampa in late innings.

Rangers 3, Red Sox 4 – Prof: Mookie Betts won this game in the weirdest way – a bases loaded walk. In the ninth inning. Who does that? Guys, that’s just dumb.

Diamondbacks 2, Phillies 0

Cardinals 0, Marlins 9 – Prof: What kind of wizardry happened down in Miami? A rookie pitcher went seven innings and shut out a solid St. Louis lineup. Not only did Jordan Yamamoto win his MLB debut, but Garrett Cooper (who?) hit a grand slam. The Feesh are no longer on the skids, as this breaks a six game losing streak.


4 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 6/12/19

  1. So now we know Jordan Yamamoto can pitch but he is gonna have to learn to jump the dugout rail a bit more cleanly. If you check out the end-game festivities video on the Feesh MLB web site, he almost falls on his nates trying to get his leg over. Coulda been worse.
    So what happens to him now? Was this just his cup of Galapagos shade-grown-in-volcanic-soil Arabica (he definitely earned a better class of joe than Starbuck’s) while filling in fror the amiable Jose Urena, or did he win hisself a longer visit? If he gets sent down, does he go back to AA or earn, at least, a promotion to AAA for the time being?

    Speaking of coffee, by the way, I picked up a jar of Kenya Gold instant for my flat downstairs at Sainsbury’s. Best instant I’ve ever tried, and a lot better than most of the percobrooze from Publix or even Whole Foods. Also got a couple of fillets of freshly smoked and peppered mackerel for breakfast. Almost makes up for my T20 fixtures being rained out at Guilford. Almost. I may have to make a day trip to Nassau or Kingston when I get home if I want to see any cricket played this summer. Also sat near a couple from Shanghai at brunch yesterday, the husband wearing a Red Sox cap. He had studied at Boston College as an exchange student some years back and was infected therewith by Red Sox disease. An odd venue to talk baseball, eh wot?

    Posted by Old Gator on Jun 13, 2019 | 6:55 AM reply


  2. After having a Wednesday night off (weird), the Nats tonight begin an eleven game homestand – four each with the Snakes and Phillies, then three with the Braves.

    Feels make-or-break to me; a good showing can mean that they move from the periphery of the NL East race into actual contention, while a faceplant should mean that the For Sale sign gets turned on and Rizzo gets to try and convince the Lerners that it’s time to tank.

    See we shall…


  3. Glad the Blues won. Not because of any affinity for St Louis, but it kept Boston from winning another title. They’ve had 12 since 2000, that’s enough.

    Also: Verlander gave up 3 HR’s, gets a no decision. Baseball.

    Get well soon Scout.

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  4. Nice to see the Blues win their first Stanley Cup. As someone who spent my childhood years worshiping the Montreal Canadiens of the Guy Lafleur / Ken Dryden / Yvan Cournoyer era, I loathe the Boston Bruins almost as much as I despise the Yankees. And I’ll likely get to see the Cup in person at some point in the next few months as it makes its rounds, as St. Louis goalie Jake Allen is from here.

    As for the Battle of the Bottom-Dwelling Birds™, the blue and white birds win round two, on the back of the young’uns — Guerrero Jr., Gurriel Jr., Cavan Biggio, and especially Rowdy Tellez (the first rookie in Jays’ history with two grand slams to his name).

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