He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 6/9/19

Scouts:  School’s almost out, and Summer has almost officially begun.  Vacations are planned, and the office starts to look like a ghost town at 3pm on Fridays.  Of course Mondays are even more difficult to suffer through, but that’s how it goes I suppose.  So who’s got a great vacation planned this year?  Give me some good ideas!


Cardinals 1, Cubs 5Scouts: Kyle Hendricks stepped on the bump with a chance to give his team the second sweep of the hated Cards on the season, and he delivered, holding the Cards to just a single run over 7 innings.  Adam Wainwright didn’t do much to help his club, unable to make it out of the 5th, after giving up three runs and 7 hits.

Rays 6, Red Sox 1Scouts: Blake Snell hasn’t gotten much run support on the season, part of why he’s 4-5 and a perfect example of the win stat being just a terrible measurement of performance.  Snell got support today as the Rays racked up 4 homers.

Reds 4, Phillies 3Prof: We haven’t been talking about Joey Votto a lot lately, and he felt left out. So he tied up the game in the seventh inning to set up a Eugenio Suarez game winning RBI. Way to go, World’s Sassiest Canadian!


Diamondbacks 8, Blue Jays 2Scouts: Arizona’s had a bit of an up and down season.  They seem like they should be better than they are, and we occasionally get a good look at what they can be.  Robbie Ray held Toronto to a pair of runs across 6.2 innings, the bullpen pitched lights out and the offense exploded for a 8 run third inning that featured two homers and a triple.

Rockies 1, Mets 6Prof: Big win in the Big Apple. Thor went seven innings, striking out seven and allowing only one hit, while Todd Frazier homered and drove in four runs.

Twins 12, Tigers 2Prof: Wow, this was a crush-a-thon. Four Minnesota homers and a good run from Jake Odorizzi were the highlights of this game. Oh, and Nelson Cruz has mashed one in four straight games. Fire emoji.


Yankees 7, Spiders 6 F/10Scouts: New York just refused to lose this one.  After blowing a early 5 run lead, they took and blew a lead in the 9th, only to retake it for good in the 10th thanks to Aaron Hick’s go-ahead RBI double.

Braves 7, Marlins 6 F/12Prof: Lord, this was rough. Both teams trotted out about a dozen pitchers, give or take, or at least it felt like it. The Feesh were well on their way to victory, but then the ninth inning happened. A balk led to a Tyler Flowers run and Matt Joyce getting to second, then a couple of players later, Ronald Acuna Jr. hit a three run homer to tie it up. Then a little back and forth in the tenth, and finally a Matt Joyce RBI single broke the tie for good.

Orioles 0, Astros 4Scouts:  I mean, who better for the MiLB’s home run leader to make his debut against, other than the team that’s giving up homers in bunches?  Yordan Alvarez, MLB’s number 3 prospect, crushed a two-run homer in just his second MLB at-bat.  Meanwhile, Dylan Bundy’s career trajectory makes me incredibly sad.


Pirates 2, Brewers 5Prof: It’s a good time to be a Brewers fan, friends. It makes me a little bit sad that I’m missing it all now that I don’t live in the Frozen Tundra anymore. Miller Park was always more fun when the team was fun, too; even if they weren’t winning. But they are winning, and it’s glorious. Not only is the team winning, but fans are winning, too! In fact, the Moose – Mike Moustakas – crushed a Francisco Liriano pitcher into the Tundra Territory, and when the home run bounced off the roof of the SUV parked above right center field, a lucky Brewers fan won the car! It was also Yelich Bobblehead day – and he hit a homer, too – so I’d say that everyone was blessed.

White Sox 5, Royals 2Scouts: Some games, you have to cover, despite having absolutely nothing interesting to talk about.  I’ve found that seems to happen a lot to me with Royals games.  The O’s are bad, but at least they are comically bad.  The Rays are not only bad, they are boring.  Can anyone here even name 2 Royals players without looking it up?

Athletics 9, Rangers 8Scouts: I feel like the Athletics are one of those teams that if they can hang around long enough, can cause some serious damage come playoff time.  Getting Khris Davis back in 100% working order will be a large part of that, and he took a pretty good step yesterday, racking up 3 RBIs on a pair of hits, including a 3rd inning homer to center.


Mariners 9, Angels 3Prof: Guys, Edwin Encarnacion hit two home runs yesterday, and is now at 400 for his career. That’s quite the accomplishment! Congrats, Edwin! You know who else hit home runs for Seattle yesterday? Tom Murphy (twice), Dan Vogelbach, and Kyle Seager. Yeah, it was a full on air show in Angels Stadium.

Dodgers 1, Giants 0Prof: Longtime readers of this blog know there’s one player in baseball that I truly loathe, and that’s Madison Bumgarner. So that’s why I am pleased to inform you that Max Muncy crushed an absolute no doubt dinger off this cranky old man (who is like ten years younger than me, riddle me that) in the first inning, and Walker Buehler and the Dodger bullpen combined to shut out San Francisco. MadBum whined and pouted and got sand in his britches about Muncy, but that’s ok. Keep being a toddler, Madison. I hope that the next time Muncy rips one into the Bay off MadBum, he moonwalks the bases and then nae-naes in front of the mound.

“I told him if you don’t want to watch me watch the ball,” said Muncy, “you can go in the ocean and get it.


Nationals 5, Padres 2Scouts: The Nats were shut down hard facing the Padres bullpen day.  That is until the 8th inning where Howie Kendrick, Trea Turner, Adam Eaton, and Anthony Rendon his consecutive homers.  Wanna see?


15 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 6/9/19

  1. The Nats were the last team to do the back-to-back-to-back-to-back thing, back in 2017 against the Brewers. That day, it was Brian Goodwin, Wilmer Difo, some guy named Harper, and Ryan Zimmerman, none of whom are currently on the active roster for this team. I seem to remember that I was on a family vacation in Arizona that week, and the game started at like 12:05PM DC time, and so it was a weird feeling for me knowing that my team had won a game that day before I’d even thought about lunch. As for the more recent past, a Sean Doolittle blown save on Friday night kept the Nats from winning this series, but a four game split isn’t nothing, and they’re still close enough to the Phillies to at least dream.

    Yesterday’s game also was a watershed moment for Davey, as he managed to not use Sean Doolittle in a save-ish situation. Strasburg pitched seven strong innings, Kyle Barraclough threw a scoreless 8th, and Matt Grace started the 9th and gave up a walk. That brought in Javy Guerra, who basically traded outs for bases, allowing the inherited runner to score but getting three outs in the process, and Doolittle (and Suero and Rainey) didn’t have to pitch. For comparison’s sake, Davey brought in Doolittle Saturday night with two outs in the 9th, up three, and the bases empty to face pinch-hitter Fernando Tatis Jr. Doolittle got him on one pitch, but it still felt unnecessary.

    The Nats decided to give Trevor Rosenthal one last chance to stick with big club, recalling him on Saturday since he’d hit the limit on his minor league rehab time. They’re looking for subterranean level leverage situations to use him in at this time, so we’ll see how that goes.

    Two in Chicago with the White Sox, where the Nats will again miss former phenom Lucas Giolito, and then home for an extended stay against middlin’ competition. Time to make the move is now.

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  2. Have y’all noticed Mad Bum is a mucus making phenom? Great gobs of snot blown and wiped more or less constantly. By the second inning his uniform is slimy with the stuff. Pity the pitcher who follows him to the mound. According to vague rumor, the Yankees are interested in renting Mad Bum for the rest of the season. And maybe they will get it done. But hiring a pitcher (assuming he’d wave his no trade) to put on a revolting fountain of snot extravaganza every time he pitches would seem to be outside the buttoned down Yankee box.

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  3. My 2 Royals: Paul Splittorff and Pete LaCock. Oh, current Royals………does Ned Yost count?

    Pete LaCock trivia (cuz I know you were dyin’ for some). His dad is Peter Marshall, host of the old Hollywood Squares gameshow.

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    1. Absolutely. There’s still so much that’s unknown, but all I do know is Papi has got my prayers.


    2. Latest update is he’s in stable condition after sustaining multiple shots. He had to have some pretty serious surgery and was flown back to Boston by the Red Sox. They have one in custody, but he was severely beaten at the scene and is unable to be questioned. Police are looking for a second accomplice. This is looking more to be a cheap hit rather than a robbery.


  4. Starting tomorrow night, if the rains don’t interfere, the worst pitching team in MLB will hookup with the best hitting team in MLB, on the best hitting team’s homefield, should be fun.


  5. That was a bad Baseball day for me since the Red Sox and Giants lost. But I thought it was kind of funny what Muncy said to Madbum… Bum used to be our hero, but now he’s just a snotty kid, literally, LOL!


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