Weekend Edition Graduation Edition

I attended my granddaughter’s high school graduation last night. And she turned 18 on Thursday (are we feeling old yet?). I’ve told you about her before. if you recall the Church of Baseball post I made during the off season, she’s the one who took the hot coffee cup burning my shaking hands during her family’s church service. This service occurred mere weeks after the resolution of her dad’s mental health crisis. It was the third crisis and near crisis she’s had to deal with during her teenage years. Last November when I found him in the tent city for the homeless, I had her on my phone and tried to get him to talk to her as she was at the time the only one he would listen to. When he refused I blew my stack and he barked back. She heard it all. I found out later that as she listed she wrestled with whether or not to call 911 because her dad might be about to attack her grandpa, or whatever else might have happened in that shit hole. A little bit tougher decision than what to wear to the prom.

Anyhow she didn’t just stay on the rails she graduated “with distinction” meaning with a grade point average of 3.66 or higher. She enters college this fall. The dream season

This is from my generation instead of hers but I don’t think she’ll mind

Cubs 3 Cardinals 1

Cole Hamels. Eight innings, three hits, ten K’s, zero runs.

Phillies 4 Reds 2

The unluckiest team in baseball leads into the fifth and loses it to a Phillie three spot. False hopes are raised by a Reds run in the 8th. Reds fans please allow me.

Diamondbacks 8 Blue Jays 2

T Cron hits his first dinger of the year in the fourth – a three run one in the midst of a D Back five spot which pretty much settles the game. Tough times for the Jays who are two and eight over their last ten.

Braves 7 Marlins 1

Prof’s boys stay close to the Phillies. R Acuria hits this 13th, Freddie Freeman his 17th. But that Soroka guy must be pretty good. Eight innings – one run. He’s 7 – 1 with an ERA of 1.38

Rays 5 Red Sox 1

Chirinos throws eight scoreless. Good thing the Rays decided to go after the Twins with bullpen games and “bulk pitcher” stuff. They’re only half a game behind the Borg. So cool.

Twins 6 Tigers 3.

I didn’t get home from my granddaughter’s graduation until the seventh inning but I did get to see the Twins thirty year old rookie Ryne Harper get his first major league win. He of the 88 max mph fastball and 67 mph loopy curve ball has an era of 1.75. The Minnesota Lumber Yard goes yard three times and I got to see the one which salted it. Dream season.

Rockies 5 Mets 1

Good job by both starters, both of them lasting six and only giving up one and two runs respectively. But the Mets bullpen poops out three runs while the Rockies bullpen is continent.

Indians 5 Yankees 2

Well the Indians are good for one thing, helping out the Rays. Plesac holds the mighty Yankees to two for seven. Minneapolis native lets hope proverbial son by the deadline Brad Hand strikes out the side in the ninth for his 19th save. He has an era of 1.01 and would be utterly dashing in a Twins uniform. Come on Indians, for the glory of the division!

Athletics 5 Rangers 3

This went into the ninth tied three – three whereupon Seimen hits a two run donger in the Athletic half.

Astros 4 Orioles 3 (F/11)

One of the best teams in baseball beats one of the worse ones but it takes 11 innings. So basebally. The Astros got one more hit, one more run and one less error than the Orioles. And Houston pitchers struck the Oriole hitters out seventeen times. Either that or the Oriole hitters struck out seventeen times. Anybody seen Stex? Maybe he knows which it is.

Brewers 10 Pirates 4

Gotta love it. Brew Crew running neck and neck with the Cubbies. When I saw that the Brewers got ten runs my first thought was wonder what Braun did. Yep he hit number ten dong. Yelich went three for four driving in one, scoring twice, and…stole a base. The Pirates used four pitchers with season era’s ranging from 5.28 to 10.64. That might have helped too.

Royals 6 White Sox 4

Let’s see, what’s interesting about this one. Not the teams. Both of them are bad but not interestingly – adorably bad. Not a pitching duel, not a bomb fest. Oh I know, no home runs by either team.

Mariners 6 Angels 2

A guy named Santana for the Mariners (aren’t there about fifty guys named Santana in MLB right now?) Hit two dongs and made the play of the night. Oh excuse me for a moment. I’ve got to watch the replay of the over the shoulder, running into the centerfield wall catch that Buxton just made. Anyhow Santana ran over to the stands to catch a pop foul going into the stands. Reaching into the stands he had his glove under it when an Angels fan put their glove over his catching it before it could get to Santana’s glove. So Santana grabbed the fans glove with his glove while yanking it away from the fan thereby catching the ball albeit already in a glove. Out! Yes he did give the fan his glove and the ball back once the play was officially over.

Padres 5 Nationals 4

Austin Hedges hits a two out walk off tater to win this one for the home team. And this happens after the Nats take the lead in the top of the ninth. Someone give someguy a hug.

Giants 2 Dodgers 1

Which pitching performance is more valuable to a team? Pomeranz allows zero runs but only goes five for the Giants. Kershaw allows two runs but takes his team through the seventh. Well anyways Kershaw gets his first loss of the year.

Anybody else got someone you’re really feeling proud about right now. Somebody who makes you think “damn I guess I must of done at least a few things right during all these years”





5 thoughts on “Weekend Edition Graduation Edition

  1. Congrats to your granddaughter, Happy. My daughter graduates from high school in 11 days, also with honours (she placed 2nd in a class of 288). She doesn’t turn 18 until the postseason. I may not be as old as you, but I am closer to 60 than 50.

    I’m glad to see your Twins doing so well, after the seasons they (and you) have endured recently. My Jays, on the other hand, are giving Dyson a run for their money in suckage.

    One the upside, the Raptors are one win away from their first NBA title.

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    1. When the Twins fall the Jays will rise because that’s how it works. The coastal mutants can’t keep us both down at the same time because then they wouldn’t have nobody left to be evil against.

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  2. You’re not feeling old yet, kid. I, however, am feeling old. They’ve stopped sending me penis pill spam.


  3. Greetings from England, that shining jewel set in the silver sea. We did things a bit differently this year and took a later flight (10:40 PM) on Brrrritish Airways instead of our usual AA38 at 7 PM, which used to get us into Terminal 3 at Heathrow just after a pair of Etihad and Emirates A380s with 450 people each on them. We breezed through passport control and customs and were dining on feesh bisque and exquisite Dover sole – and I do mean exquisite – for brunch by 2PM just downstairs from our timeshare flat in South Kensington.
    We strolled in the rare English sunshine a bit, did some food and libatory shopping at Sainsburys to stock our kitchen (local favorites like Scotch eggs, black pudding, Spanish avocados, smoked Irish salmon, cheese croissants, Kenyan coffee) and then deflated like a pair of jetlagged balloons.
    So here we are wide awake at Five AM, me checking the Feesh’s late-inning implosion against the Barves yesterday (I missed Bark at the Park, dammit).
    Time to loll with my copy of Don Quixote till the local cafes open up and we begin hooking up with friends and family.
    No T20 cricket locally – both Lords and the Oval are lumbered, as they say, with the Cricket world cup this month, international fixtures with the cheap seats going for 99 quid (roughly $130). I may train it to Guildford on Wednesday for Surrey v Yorksire to make sure I get in my fix.


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