Weekend Edition Summer Edition

Surreal dream season by the Twins – surreal memories. It’s almost like I’m drifting off. You remember watching the Andy Williams show when you were a kid dontcha?

Pirates 9 Brewers 4

It’s nice to see that getting a lot of hits is still a good thing. The Pirates get nine runs off of thirteen hits with zero dongs. The Brew Crew has to settle for four runs off of six hits including two dongs.

Yankees 4 Red Sox 1

For us self righteously jealous (except for this year) smaller market fans the good news is that the Red Sox lost. The bad news is that the Yankees won. Looks like second time through the order blues for Chris Sale as he gives up three in the third. J Happ gives up one over five. Isn’t he the guy that Proudly Canadian over at HBT couldn’t stand when he pitched for the Jays a few years back?

Orioles 9 Giants 6

Both starters got bombed in the first in this one. The Giants Pomeranz gave up six while getting four outs. Cashner gave up five in the first, another in the second but managed to stay in the game through the fifth. I guess that was the difference. Oh wait, I almost forgot. Yastrzemski’s grandson hit his first dong. In fact last night every rookie hall of famer offspring went yard. More on that later.

Reds 9 Nationals 3

Well at least the National’s bullpen didn’t blow it. Corbin gives up eight runs over the first three innings. Good for the Reds. They made multiple moves to improve in the off season and now find themselves in last place even though going by their run differential they should be tied with the Cubs for first. Only big market teams should be permitted to have bad luck.

Twins 5 Rays 3

The Twins untie it with two in the ninth by means of a two out hit and I should be very happy with that but it shouldn’t have been necessary. Earlier in the game Killebrew hit what should have been a two run homer but it bounced off that damn catwalk thing or something and fell into the fielder’s glove to end the inning. Is there any other sport which allows crap like that  to materially affect the outcome of a game? I mean it’s just so…well we’ll just call it basebally. BTW your beloved Twins lead now stands at ten and a half games over the second place…Chicago White Sox.

I should take a break before I get too worked up

Tigers 8 Braves 2

All hail Tiger shortstop Goodrum. Five for five with two dongs, three RBI. four runs. All hail Tiger starter Turnbull. Six innings, two runs (one earned). But he only struck out two so he was probably a little lucky. On the other hand he does have a season to date ERA of 2.84 which probably makes him the best pitcher the Tigers got. How’s my condescending tone working for you? Are you starting to hope that the Twins inexplicably implode as astonishingly as they suddenly became a top team?

Rangers 6 Royals 2

The Rangers are one game above 500 and that puts them in a three way tie with the Red Sox and Athletics for the second wild card spot. Interesting times. Six in the sixth. Royals starter Duffy cruises for five and then boom. Third time through the lineup I suppose. Joey Gallo gets his 16th dong.

White Sox 6 Indians 1

Trevor Bauer goes seven innings allowing only two earned runs while fanning eight. Pretty good huh. Too bad the Indians gift the White Sox four unearned runs with four errors. The way things are going by the all star break if not well before I’ll no longer care how the Indians have been doing of late because they’re back too far to be a threat. And I can’t see the White Sox becoming a threat. If you look at their team stats even their one game below 500 record has involved a good deal of luck. As much as I’m enjoying this I do feel for Indian fans. When the window closes in a smaller market it’s likely to stay closed a pretty good while.

Cardinals 2 Cubs 1 (10)

Looks like the best game of the night. Darvish goes six and only allows one. Mikolas goes seven only allows one and his bullpen allows none. Let’s stop and notice that there were no fielding errors by either team over ten innings. Given games like the one above not to be taken for granted. Matt Carpenter wins it with a walk off single in the tenth which is just as good as a walk off homer. No kidding, literally as I type that Gonzalez goes yard for the Twins. Oh Dear Sweet Baseball Gods.

Rockies 13 Blue Jays 6

Vlad Jr hits the home run that breaks the record for the most home runs by MLB hitters in a single month EVER. This one was pretty much over by end of the third by which time the Rockies had ten. Trevor Storey hits his 14th and 15th long flies.

Mets 5 Diamondbacks 4

The Diamondbacks get two dingers, the Mets get zero, and win. I thought the Baseball Gods have made that against the laws of physics.

Astros 3 Athletics 2

Speaking of homeruns the Athletics get both their runs from a dinger by Chapman and the Astros get two of their three runs off of dingers by Reddick and Fisher. Peacock six innings two runs / Fiers 6.2 innings two runs.

Mariners 4 Angels 3

Speaking of homeruns Buxton just hit one. Last night Ohtani and Mr Trout both homered but a couple of guys for Seattle whose names look to hard to type  also hit ones. Oh my, Sexy Maxie almost just hit one.

Padres 9 Marlins 4

When I first looked at the box score for this one I thought oh my, Marlins 2 Padres 1?  But I was looking at the wrong column. It was Marlins two errors Padres one error. That makes more sense. Are the Marlins back to their losing ways after their mini hot streak?

Dodgers 6 Phillies 3

The Dodgers continue to play power ball with four dongs. They’re in a virtual tie with the Twins for best overall record and they scored more runs than anybody except the Twins.

I’ll leave you with this thought



3 thoughts on “Weekend Edition Summer Edition

  1. Must have been the southern cookin’ helping the Tiggers last night. Goodrum is from Fayetteville, GA and Turnbull is from Demopolis, AL. An emotional night for sure for Turnbull as he just rejoined the team after bereavement leave following the passing of his grandfather and he had a lot of friends and family in attendance.

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    1. Didn’t know that about Turnbull. I’m glad that my lazy ass effort to summarize 15 games happened to include him. Dear Sweet Baseball Gods!


  2. Until the rain, I got to listen to AJ announcing on the Cards game. Love him. He’s so much better than Buck and all those other boneheads they have. A-Rod pales in comparison. Then we switched to the Seattle game, and couldnt take more of that after the announcer said of the batter coming to the plate: that body says power! Paper said: that body says buffet, after we stopped laughing.

    BTW, I know I’m the only one who follows NCAA baseball, but OSU is in the hunt again this year. And little Central Connecticut got what was probably their first tourney win ever. The both of us ganged up on Harvard, and C Conn has to beat TCU today, so their appearance may be brief. But still.

    As for the women, do yourself a favor and Google Cowgirl bat flip. You will see Show showing off with a hammer drop. Let the girls effing play!


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