He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 5/28/19

Prof: Today’s artist is Highly Suspect. I started getting into them because the station I listen to plays them quite a bit, and I’ve really enjoyed the songs I’ve heard so far. Have y’all discovered anything new to you lately?


Tigers 3, Orioles 0Prof: Wow, this was pretty dang stinky. Dylan Bundy went seven, gave up three, and inflated his ERA to 4.58. Pretty much every Oriole went hitless, except for Jonathan Villar and a guy so new that when I clicked on his name on ESPN it basically 404’d me.

Cardinals 3, Phillies 4Prof: Adam Wainwright went six innings, struck out ten, only allowed four….and got the loss. That’s how good this Phillies team is; you get struck out ten times and you still end up a winner. Cesar Hernandez hit a two run homer  in the fourth inning to seal the deal.

Spiders 7, Red Sox 5Scouts: The Sox bullpen really blew this one, giving up 5 runs in the 9th allowing the Spiders to deliver a stunner in Boston.  Greg Allen tied it with a two-run homer and Jordan Luplow put Boston out of their misery thanks to a two-run double.  If only there were some sort of pitcher available who could enter the game in the late innings with the game on the line and get a few outs.

Blue Jays 1, Rays 3Scouts: Avisail Garcia hits an inside the park homer that might not have been the worst defensive play of the year, but sure is top 5.


Giants 3, Marlins 11Prof: My lord. The Shark has jumped himself. Four innings, five earned runs. Our old friend Old Gator called it in the comments yesterday, but man this is just sad. I mean, it started out pretty good for San Francisco – Joe Panik hit a solo homer. And then it just turned into a steamroll. What’s bad is that a lot of the Marlins’ scores weren’t really because of bad Shark pitching but bad Giants fielding.

Nationals 5, Braves 4Scouts: Strasburg allowed 2 over 7, and Sean Doolittle was able to pitch a scoreless 9th to shut it down.  It was almost a proper performance if not for Kyle Barraclough’s 2 run 8th.  Still it was enough for a victory, so there’s something.  Austin Riley homered once again for Atlanta.


Cubs 6, Astros 9Scouts: Chicago homered 5 times, but it wasn’t enough to stop Alex Bregman and the Astros.

Royals 1, White Sox 2 (a continuation of the postponed game from Monday) – Prof: This game had been postponed in the fifth inning due to rain and was played before Tuesday’s regularly scheduled contest. It was won by Yomer Sanchez’s RBI single in the bottom of the ninth.

Royals 3, White Sox 4Prof: The actual Tuesday game had more White Sox runs, this time a score due to a throwing error from Kansas City’s Whit Merrifield. Lucas Giolito went eight innngs, struck out ten, and only allowed three runs in the win.


Brewers 3, Twins 5Scouts: As if they aren’t already good enough, Devin Smeltzer had his major league debut for Minnesota last night, and all he did was strike out 7 over 6 innings of shutout ball.  He wasn’t able to get the win however, due to MLB’s terrible win rules, but we all know who the winner of this one was.

Diamondbacks 2, Rockies 6 – Scouts: Colorado keeps their hot streak going, winning their 5th, in the last 7 thanks to Chris Iannetta, a late fill in smacking a two-run homer in hte 7th.


Padres 4, Yankees 4Prof: San Diego scored nearly all of their runs in the first inning off Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. Eric Hosmer alone brought home three of those runs with a home run. The Yankees tried and nearly succeeded to get close in the seventh inning but they just missed.

Pirates 6, Reds 11Prof: Derek Dietrich is the new Scooter Gennett. Nah, not really, no one could be my precious small child. But in lieu of a Scoots Magoots, Double D will do. Dietrich hit three dingers in this win – all three were two run homers. Bad news for Pittsburgh, though; pitcher Jordan Lyles left the game due to injury.


Rangers 11, Mariners 4Scouts: Three games in a row Texas has opened with a reliever, and three games in a row they’ve won.  Of course a 7 run 5th inning didn’t hurt either.

Angels 6, Athletics 4Scouts: Oakland homered three times, but in the end it was a Shohei Ohtani single that made the difference.

Mets 7, Dodgers 3Scouts: Cody Bellinger hit his 20th homer of the season.  Yes, you read that right.  But it was Michael Conforto who made the biggest splash with a grand slam in left center in the 7th.



10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 5/28/19

  1. I just read a story from SI https://apple.news/Ad5ACHZO3SauxzkYhtCAUxQ about the most exciting play in baseball.

    I see the logic of these choices. But I’m personally impressed every time I see a basic double play. Short-second-first or second-short-first shows amazing coordination and precision timing. The first throw is often made before the recipient is in place. The second throw is made like a quarterback – even if the first out isn’t actively trying to kill the thrower he’s a definite distraction. I always like a well executed DP.


  2. My transition to old person who listens to music from back in the day has begun. In fairness, I listen to quite a bit that was before my day. I just don’t get the chance to check out new stuff. Music is more available now but harder to get into. It takes so much time that I do not have or technology that I am not good with, I guess.

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    1. I’ve been the same way for a little while now. I found more joy over the past winter in collecting all the random songs and artists I listened to back in High School than I did anything new. Sure I’ll occasionally find something newish I like, but now adays there seems to be just a ton of noise out there, and not a lot of actual quality that I can get into. I just don’t have the patience to keep up with it all anymore, I prefer to return to my old, familiar blanket.


    2. I remember my good friend Deborah, back back back in the day, playing the Black Eyed Peas. Me just looking confused (dance? rap? What is it). Today I can’t say I love them, but I “get it” more than I did then. We put Deborah’s ashes in the Pacific years ago but I hope she can still hear the music she loves.

      Don’t abandon new music – let your Pandora or whatever choose for you occasionally and keep your mind open.


  3. Great music choice today Prof. I got into Highly Suspect after the release of their second album at the end of 2016. I haven’t heard them for awhile. I’ll have to add them into my Spotify rotation.
    Historio- Spotify is a great way to enjoy music of all genre’s and era’s. My playlists go from ragtime to FFDP. It plays all day looking for me with no commercials or talking.

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  4. I’m really looking forward to this Twins/ Tampa series. They are 80-75 overall with Tampa edging out the Twins. For the most part the home team enjoys the advantage. This year’s Twins team is different though. They have played very well on the road thus far. Tampa is a good team and this should be a fair test of my Twins’ mental fortitude. With the Smeltzer start on Tuesday they have set up their rotation for this series.


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