He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 5/28/19

Scouts: And I’m back!  Thank you to Prof for holding down the fort while I enjoyed the long weekend.  I took the opportunity to get caught up on the Kingsmen series of movies, and was left very impressed.  I honestly don’t know how I missed out on it the first time around, but between the Kingsmen, the John Wick series, and How to Train Your Dragon, I had some serious catching up to do.  I think I’m just about all ready for the rest of 2019’s movie slate.  Well, except that last terrible X-Men movie, which I guess I have to watch to be ready for Dark Phoenix.  How did you celebrate the holiday weekend?

Spiders 5, Red Sox 12Prof: A wild day for Boston. First, let’s talk about what happened outside of the game. Bill Buckner passed away at aged 69, and Dustin Pedroia told reports that he may never heal properly and play baseball again. With such heaviness that had to be weighing on Red Sox Nation, the current team had to play against the Magical Land of Cleve and keep their wits about them. And they certainly did. Rick Porcello went six and 2/3 innings, J.D. Martinez hit two home runs, and Sandy Leon hit a three run homer after Cleveland pitcher Oliver Perez had some issues with his shoes. No, really. They had to delay the game in order for Perez to get new shoes. Like I said, wild.

Brewers 5, Twins 4Scouts: Unable to hold onto a 4 run lead, Minnesota gave up a game deciding two-run blast to Orlando Arcia in the 8th, which completed the Brewers come back.  What are the odds these two teams meet again in the playoffs?

Pirates 8, Reds 5 (Game 1); Pirates 1, Reds 8 (Game 2)Prof: No, that’s not a typo! The Padres and Reds both had eight runs in wins against each other in this doubleheader. Game one featured some back and forth doubles and singles, but the Bucs broke it open in the eighth inning with a three run triple and a Sterling Marte two run homer. In game two, Sonny Gray went six innings and only allowed one run, striking out seven. Derek Dietrich and Yasiel Puig hit back to back dingers.

Mets 5, Dodgers 9Scouts: This was the Cody Bellinger hour, with your host Cody Bellinger, throwing out fools and destroying baseballs.  Seriously, just watch the highlight below.  I cannot properly do this justice.


Rangers 2, Mariners 6Scouts: When was the last time you can remember a player stealing every base in a single game.  Well, Mallex Smith did it, capping off his 4 stolen bases by walking in the 8th, taking second, then third, then home.


Marlins 3, Nationals 2Prof: I don’t know how SomeGuy does it. I’d be at Nats Park picketing the bullpen if I were him. Max Scherzer gets a no decision, and he even tried to help his own cause by hitting an RBI single. Fun (?) fact – In Scherzer’s starts this season, the Nationals bullpen has averaged a 12 plus ERA. That’s beyond terrible. Mad Max has pitched well, but you’d never know it from the Curly Dubs’ win-loss record. And allowing the Marlins to roll up on you, JOSE URENA to roll up on you? Jose Urena, with his 4.11 season ERA, gave this team hell for seven innings, and the Nationals were supposed to be fighting it out with Philly and Atlanta for the NL East crown. The only crown this team will be wearing this year is one from Burger King.

Padres 2, Yankees 5Prof: The guys in pinstripes played a pretty good game – Clint Frazier, Brett Gardiner, and Gary Sanchez all homered. Manny Machado – who many baseball insiders thought was a lock to join them in New York – made his Padres debut in the Bronx and promptly got razzed. In a testy post-game presser, Machado said that great players get booed everywhere. That might be true, but New York boos are special boos. You should know that from your years in Baltimore. And speaking of Baltimore…

Tigers 3, Orioles 5Scouts: The Orioles win for what I’m pretty sure is just the second time this month.  And they managed to not give up a homer for the first time since 2006.  I’m guessing.


Blue Jays 3, Rays 8Scouts: Good hitting, good fielding, and great pitching.  Yup, that’s a pretty good recipe for success.  Yonnie Chirinos pitched 5 hit-less innings, Kevin Kiermaier made a spectacular play against the wall, and Austin Meadows provided the bat going 3 for 5 with a homer.  He even threw in a stolen base for good measure.


Cubs 5, Astros 6Prof: I try to keep my thoughts to sports only, you guys know this. But I just had to say that this game featured a scumbag versus scumbag moment. Noted wife beater Addison Russell hit a home run off of noted wife beater Roberto Osuna. No one wins in this one, everyone’s a damn loser. But if you take the d-bags out of this, Gerrit Cole had twelve strikeouts and the Astros made hamburger meat out of Cole Hamels in the third inning, where they scored the majority of their six runs.

Diamondbacks 3, Rockies 4 F/11Scouts: Colorado has the walk-off fever and there is no cure.  Ian Desmond doubled off the top of the right-field wall to setup Raimel Tapia to single in the third walk-off win in four days for Colorado.

Angels 5, Athletics 8Prof: This makes ten straight wins for Oakland, and eleven saves for Blake Treinen. Jurickson Profar, Josh Phegley, and Matt Chapman all homer in their victory.

Royals 1, White Sox 1 – PPD (will resume Tuesday)

9 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 5/28/19

  1. Nats’ bullpen blew another Scherzer start, ’tis true (Nats are 2-11 when in his starts now), but the bullpen’s ERA went down after this outing, because both runs they surrendered were unearned, due to errors committed on the infield.

    The loss snapped the Nats’ modest three-game win streak, the first such streak of that length that they managed to achieve this season.

    In other news, Trea Turner’s right index finger still ain’t right; he’s barely hitting .200 since coming off the IL, and there’s a wildness to his throws that wasn’t there in years past. I’m sure if the Nats had anyone capable of playing SS at the MLB level, Turner would’ve taken a week or two longer to come back.

    Meanwhile, in Fresno, home of the Grizzlies, the Nats’ AAA affiliate, this happened:


    22-32 9.5GB, and the first meetings between the Nats and Braves on tap tonight.

    P.S. The game was already tied at 5 when the ball rolled through Buckner’s legs; if he makes the play, best case is the Red Sox come to bat in the top of the 11th. Also, McNamara was an idiot for not having Dave Stapleton at first as a defensive replacement, as he’d been doing all year.


    1. I don’t think it remarkable that there might be a pea-brained right wingnut asshole working as a video editor in Fresno. High school biology students sometimes find them darting between the tardigrades on their pond water slides.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This Thai stick fueled drive on Farmers Loop Road is getting even more surreal.

    To begin with: last night the Twins finally lose – a one run loss to a good Brewers team, who they no doubt look on as a little brother in need of a break…and they are better off today then they were yesterday because the baseball team formerly known as the Indians have one less game left to get to work on the Twins ten game lead.

    Now today, unforeseen by all the Twins pull a blossoming starting pitcher out of their butt to join the team. Devin Smeltzer, who I first heard of about three hours ago, sporting a .60 ERA in four starts at double A and a 1.82 ERA in four starts at triple AAA will make his no doubt historic major league debut tonight against our Greyhound world series partner to be. The Twins fifth starter – Pineda- goes on the injured list where he will probably remain until one of the Twins other starters is actually injured.

    And today there appeared a spark of a chance that I will be able to convince Mrs Happy to join households with my son’s family so that we can all help each other with our respective shortcomings. We help them through their current and coming trying days and they help us through our final ones. I may yet get the chance to drive from my grandson his basketball heresies.

    I hope I don’t crash into a pink moose.


    1. No it doesn’t, Here comes Devin. My first look of him. He’s a sort of scrawny guy by baseball standards and wears glasses. Fastball looks to run about 90. MLB debut – ten pitches three outs.

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        1. oh oh lead off triple in the second.

          on the other hand my son and I are at this moment are texting about getting a house together. I wear cheater glasses these days


        2. The pitch count is up but the guy on third doesn’t come home. whether we like it or not God is always with us.


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