Holiday He Said, She Said for 5/27/19

Prof: It’s just me today, and as promised, it’s late. Because I had to work this weekend and I have to work tonight, and I wanted to actually get some sleep! However, on Saturday my steady date and I went to the beach for a day. Your girl got some sunburn. What have you been up to?

It’s the beginning of summer so we’re having summertime mood today. Don’t forget the reason we have today off (well, some of us) is because we’re memorializing our fallen soldiers. Keep them and their families in your thoughts today when you’re chowing down on hot dogs and hitting up a mattress sale.

Padres 1, Blue Jays 10 – Welcome to the show, Cavan Biggio! Yes, that’s the son of Hall of Famer Craig Biggio.

Of course Cavan isn’t the only son of a legend on this Blue Jays team:

Tigers 3, Mets 4

Rays 6, Spiders 3

Marlins 6, Nationals 9

Dodgers 11, Pirates 7 – Chris Archer is now 1-5. Is it time to worry? Is it the pitching coach in Pittsburgh? Is it Archer himself? Is it unhappiness with the team, or not being in Florida anymore? All I know is that someone needs to figure this out.

Red Sox 4, Astros 1

Phillies 1, Brewers 9 – Christian Yelich smashed his 21st homer of the season. It’s not even June yet.

White Sox 0, Twins 7 – The Twins are now 36-16. I knew they’d be really good this year but I didn’t expect them to be this good. Keep doing what you’re doing, Eddie Rosario and Max Kepler! Three run homers go a long way.

Yankees 7, Royals 8 F/10

Reds 10, Cubs 2 – I don’t know what’s happening with the Cubs lately but, as the kids say, this ain’t it, Chief. Letting the Reds drop ten on you is not great. But it’s really showing off how the Reds have improved their team tenfold from last year. Keep an eye out for Nick Senzel.

Orioles 7, Rockies 8

Diamondbacks 6, Giants 2

Rangers 6, Angels 7

Mariners 1, A’s 7 – It’s so sad that Seattle hasn’t been able to keep that momentum. They have fallen pretty far under .500 now.

Braves 4, Cardinals 3 F/10 – My favorite fact from this game is that the losing pitcher and winning pitcher are both named Webb. That just cracks me up. Also, Brian McCann won the game with a based loaded walk. That’s not the Cardinal Way.

8 thoughts on “Holiday He Said, She Said for 5/27/19

  1. I’m liking the young position players on the Jays so far. Jansen behind the plate has a cannon arm, Rowdy Tellez has shown he is ready for prime time at first, Cavan Biggio looks good at second, Freddy Galvis is holding down SS, but will likely be giving way to yet another son of a major leaguer — one Bo Bichette — once his hand is healed, Vladdy Junior is Vladdy Junior, Gurriel looks okay in the OF.

    Jays seem to have a surplus of second-generation players in the system. In addition to the aforementioned Biggio, Guerrero and Bichette, they also have the scions of Jeff Conine, Mark Leiter, and Roger Clemens in the minors.


  2. Thank you Dear Sweet Baseball Gods. As I beseeched you the Twins are now a full ten games ahead of the baseball team formerly known as the Indians.

    But please do give some of your divine generosities to others too. I hope that this silly mortal’s next post will not need to be entitled The Weekend Edition Boring Edition as the term “AL Central race” becomes a punch line.

    I merely beseech ye one thing. Could you make it stop raining here before the scheduled game time start of 6:10. If I am deserving.


  3. Oh Dear Sweet Baseball Gods, you have moved the raindrops back into the ether and the start of the game is momentarily. You may know that I to do not mind if you grant a win to, and one of our obligatory 30 – 40 more losses of our remaining 110 games to, our Greyhound World Series partner. The baseball team formerly known as the Indians by your grace is behind and I leave it to your good graces as to whether they shall be ten or eleven games behind on the morrow.


  4. I still live. I was orf on another one of my conference trips (American Literature Association, in Bahston) and other diversions nor’easterly this past week. Got home just in time to watch the Feesh take unkind advantage of the Gnats’ “Me love you long time” boolpen.
    The Teal Terroirs return to Macondo Banana Massacre Field tomorrow to face the gelatinous residue of the Giants, with Jeff Samaj…Samraj…Samdja…uh, you know, him toeing the rubber (stupid phrase!). Me, I’m gonna get a good night’s sleep.

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    1. No fear, Jeffy S. will give up three homers in the first and get “pulled” by the second. The Jints FO sold their souls for three rings in five years. Now the devil is coming for his paycheck.


      1. Cah? Over Memorial Day weekend I should rent a cah? The cheapest base rate for a subcompact was $87, plus insurance, plus tax…and the Westin Copley Place wanted $65 a night (!) to pahk the thing…rounded out to $237 a day. I got around on the T using my Charlie Card (well, the transit authority up there has a sense of humor – their electronic fare card is named for “Charlie of the MTA” from the song whose chorus is “And did he ever return? / No he never returned / and his fate is still unlearned / He may ride forever neath the streets of Bahston / he’s the man who never returned”).

        But still, even though it was a good trip it was nice to exchange the sparkling waters of the Charles for the sparkling waters of Macondo once again (even if the sparkling of the waters in Bahston is caused by oil slicks and grease from duck feathers).


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