He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 5/19/2019

Scouts: I’m still getting caught up on Game of Thrones, but for those who were huge fans, the final episode aired last night.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens to HBO’s subscriber base now that the show is concluded.  Is everyone pretty happy with the ending overall?



Cubs 6, Nationals 5Prof: A day after an odd display from manager Joe Maddon, Chicago had a big game against Washington. Anthony Rizzo hit a home run and Albert Almora Jr. went 3-3. Kyle Hendricks gets the win again, although this one wasn’t as decisive as his last one. However, he did get a sacrifice hit to score Jason Heyward in the sixth inning.

Astros 3, Red Sox 4Scouts: With Houston riding a 10 game win streak, and Boston facing down the barrels of a sweep at home, Chris Sale and Xander Bogaerts came up big for the Sox.  Sale didn’t get the win, but he did get 10 strike outs over 5.1 innings nad kept the team in the game long enough for Xander Bogaerts to double in Bookie Betts for the winnings run in the 7th.

Rays 5, Yankees 13Scouts: A 7 run 6th, set the injury filled Yankees atop the Al East.  The Yanks somehow continue to win, despite missing just about their entire roster to injury, and now are 11 games above .500.

Rockies 5, Phillies 7Prof: JT Realmuto went yard. So did Charlie Blackmon, Trevor Story, and Ryan McMahon (twice). But it was Bryce Harper’s two run homer in the sixth inning that made all the difference as Philly swept the Rox.


Orioles 0, Spiders 10Prof: Baby, baby, baby, O! Shane Bieber struck out fifteen Orioles in this nasty complete game shutout. Baltimore was lost without a map, and throwing errors added to the misery.

Athletics 5, Tigers 3 – Suspended for Rain – will resume on 9/6


Dodgers 8, Reds 3Scouts: All of Hyun-Jin Ryu’s wins on the season have come at home, but everyone knew it was only a matter of time before he was able to translate his 5-1 record to success on the road.  Finally, against Tanner Roark and the Reds, Ryu was able to get the job done, pitching a 5 hit shutout across 7 strong innings.

Brewers 3, Braves 2 F/10Prof: EVERYONE GETS A DINGER! That’s right, SunTrust Park in Atlanta was the scene of a massive air strike, where five home runs were hit. Christian Yelich mashed number nineteen while Freddie Freeman hit career homer #200. However, it was the tenth inning bomb from Ben Gamel that won the game for Milwaukee. Josh Hader gets the win, not the save; the pitching situation for Atlanta was sad and Folty looks like he’s injured once again, while the bullpen continues to be an unholy mess.

Blue Jays 5, White Sox 2Prof: Vlad Jr. strikes again! A two run homer in the eighth helped lift Toronto over Chicago. Big save for Ken Giles, his tenth of the year.


Cardinals 4, Rangers 5 F/10Scouts: Texas took what should have been the final lead in the 8th, only to blow it in the 9th.  After giving up another run in the top of the 10th, it would have been easy for them to completely give up.  Instead they pulled it together with a rally in the 10th.  Willie Calhoun tied it up with a single, and Nomar Mazara finished it out with a sac fly.

Giants 3, D’backs 2 F/10Prof: Big moves from a big Panda. Pablo Sandoval had a pinch hit home run that lifted the Giants above the Gritty Snakes in extra innings.


Royals 5, Angels 1Scouts: Danny Duffy held the Angels in check for 6 innings, before turning it over to the bullpen to hold out the victory.  Duffy’s win snapped a team wide 4 game losing streak.

Pirates 6, Padres 4Prof: Joe Musgrove should be proud of himself; he was a San Diego boy and it’s always hard to play against the team of your youth, but he did and he did it well. Musgrove gets the win against the Pads with a little help from the bats of third baseman Colin Moran (a three run homer) and first baseman Josh Bell (an RBI single).


Twins 4, Mariners 7Scouts: After watching the Twins smack the ball all over the yard the previous three games, Seattle decided to get in on that action.  Mitch Haniger, Daniel Vogelbach, and Edwin Encarnacion all homered, putting an end to a 5 game Twins winning streak.

Mets 0, Marlins 3Prof: NEWS OF THE WEIRD. There was a pitchers duel in this game. cleans glasses In THIS game? The Marlins? Yes, friends, the Marlins, and the Feesh came out smelling like a rose and not like…er….fish. Sandy Alcantara pitched a two hit, complete game shutout. This game was played at an incredibly brisk pace – under two hours. Why, that’s nearly Madduxian in length.



7 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores and Highlights for 5/19/2019

  1. The final season of Game of Thrones was kind of a hot mess, but I don’t regret watching it till the end.

    Great choice on Buck Owens for today’s music selections; it’s too bad that “Hee Haw” ever happened, because it really lessens the man’s legacy.

    Best thing that happened to the Nats this weekend was Saturday night, when Joe Maddon threatened to play the game under protest due to an issue he has with Sean Doolittle’s delivery. Doolittle’s lead foot scrapes/taps the ground between the time he lifts it and the time he actually plants it, and Maddon claims it’s an illegal delivery, because his pitcher Carl Edwards had the same called on him in March. Edwards’ foot plant was much more egregious than Doolittle’s, and the umps didn’t have any issues with it, and Maddon never did file the protest, but it prompted Doolittle to give this quote Saturday night:

    “In that moment he’s not trying to do anything other than rattle me,” Doolittle said of Maddon. “And it was kind of tired. I don’t know, sometimes he has to remind people how smart he is and how much he pays attention to the game. So he put his stamp on it for sure.”

    19-27, 8GB, and the back part of the rotation has moved from Sanchez and Hellickson to Fedde and still Hellickson, unfortunately. Boswell thinks that things can turn around for them, starting now because they’re getting healthy, and the schedule is less challenging, and the bullpen can’t really be this bad, can it? Gonna take 71-45 the rest of the way to have a shot at the playoffs, and I don’t see it.

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    1. I love Buck, my dude and I were listening to some old country and made me think of the Buckaroos. Tiger By the Tail is an all time face.

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      1. My father was a Hee Haw fan, and that was my exposure to Buck while I was growing up.

        In high school, I was (and still am) a classic rock fan, and when I heard John Fogerty sing about “listening to Buck Owens” in CCR’s “Lookin’ Out My Back Door”, I was brought up short, wondering why this guy I thought was cool would listen to this guy from Hee Haw.

        Oh, the things I didn’t know then…

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        1. As cheesy as Hee Haw was, I still rather like “you met another and PFFT you were gone”. Lol

          Buck was a gem. He deserved better.

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    2. Speaking of Hee-Haw, wild donkeys and burros are in deep trouble in Hair Hitler’s dystopia, where there are no environmental issues. There’s a wonderful abused donkey rescue organization where you can put your ass where your mouth is (so to speak) and help these sweet, noble creatures catch a break: https://donkeyrescue.org/

      Okay, I’ve done my mitvah for today. Only a few thousand more to go to attain lamedvovnik status. Meanwhile, the Feesh completed a sweep of the death-spiraling Mutts this past weekend. For a hilarious start to your week, go abroad in the moronverse and google up some Nyorcan spawrts meedia for the lynch-Calloway frenzy. It’s so ugly, it’s beautiful.


  2. Buck Owens fans all have their favorites, but Bridge Over Troubled Waters is guaranteed to clear the room of any but the most dedicated. Awesome.


    1. Found it on YouTube, and in the comments, I see:

      “Buck Owens and Anne Murray are the only 2 people that can own this song.”

      I mean, it’s a good rendition of the song, but Messrs. Simon and Garfunkel did a pretty fair version in their own right…

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